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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Cheats: Tips for Xbox, PS4 & PC Players

Gangsta Cheats for Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

Cheat Like a Boss from the Alderaan Block in the Battlefront

Yo yo yo, what’s up hommies? Welcome to, the most gangsta site in the galaxy! Today, we’re gonna show you how to cheat like a boss in the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta. If you’re a true fan of the star wars battlefront, you might be looking for some serious cheats to dominate this game. Don’t worry, we got you covered.
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Now that you’ve got all the sub-keywords you need to know, let’s get ready to cheat like a boss!

Star wars Battlefront Beta Cheats for Xbox One and PS4

If you’re playing Star Wars Battlefront Beta on Xbox One or PS4, you’re in luck. These cheats work flawlessly on both consoles. Now let’s dive straight into the cheat codes.

Invincibility Cheat Code

You know what they say, the best offence is a good defence. That’s why invincibility is sine qua non when playing Star Wars Battlefront Beta. To activate the invincibility cheat, just follow the instructions given below:

  • Pause the game.
  • Hold the left bumper and left trigger buttons simultaneously.
  • Press the right joystick button three times.
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This code will activate invincibility mode, making you invulnerable to enemy opponents. Now you can run around the battlefield like a boss, collecting power-ups while they waste their bullets on you.

Unlock all Weapons Cheat Code

Star Wars Battlefront Beta has a wide range of weapons, from blasters to pulse rifles. It’s essential to have all the weapons at your disposal when you’re fighting in the battlefront. The unlock all weapons cheat code will give you access to all the weapons in the game. To activate the cheat, follow the steps below:

  • Pause the game.
  • Hold down the left bumper and left trigger buttons simultaneously.
  • Press the right bumper and right trigger buttons simultaneously.
  • Input the code: up, down, left, right, up, left, down, left, right, down

The code will unlock all weapons, and you’ll have access to every weapon in the game. This cheat will help you to switch weapons quickly in the game, depending on the situation you’re in.

God Mode Cheat Code

If you’re a true gangster, you know that God mode gives you the ability to dominate your enemy with ease. To activate the God mode cheat code, follow the steps given here:

  • Pause the game.
  • Hold the left bumper and left trigger buttons simultaneously.
  • Input the code: up, down, left, right, up, down, left, right, left, left, right, right, up, down, left, right

This code will activate God mode for your player, and you’ll become invincible, immortal, and invisible against your opponents. As a result, you can annihilate your opponents without breaking a sweat.

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In conclusion, cheating the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta is all about dominating the game with ease. With the above cheats, you can cheat like a boss and become the ultimate ruler of the galaxy. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and kick some rebels or empire ass like a true gangsta. Feel free to share your thoughts and cheats with us in the comment section below! May the force be with you!