Stardew Valley Cheats & Unlimited Money & Codes (2022)

Stardew Valley Cheats & Unlimited Money & Codes (2022)

Besides buying items with real money, you can also use stardew valley cheats to earn free money. You can spawn an alien by clicking the letter E 10 times. Then, you can click on the ConcernedApe logo to spawn a duck. To open boxes, you must solve a puzzle. For this, you should click on the letter E again. Once the alien appears, you can simply click on the button and it will open its eyes.

The second Stardew Valley cheat involves renaming your character. This cheat works by inserting the code of an item within brackets. The item will spawn when your character’s name is referenced. Note that this technique only works once, so don’t rely on it. Input the code values one by one in a notebook or notepad, and you can use them again. If you find a cheat that doesn’t work, don’t worry! There are ways to make your game easier.Stardew Valley Cheats

Another Stardew Valley cheat involves naming your character after specific items. For example, you can buy the Galaxy Sword by naming your character with the item codes you want. But this trick isn’t for everyone. The game doesn’t allow you to buy more than one animal at a time, so you need to be persistent. Alternatively, you can also use the cheat to name animals and other items. To use this trick, you’ll need a Green Wallpaper and a Chicken. In order to rename your character, simply enter a code in brackets, and the game will automatically recognize the value and morph the item into the desired item.

Stardew Valley Cheats – How to Get Free Money in Stardew Valley

In addition to using stardew valley cheats, you can learn how to increase your character’s health, level up faster, and get more money. However, you need to understand the game’s time meter. In Stardew Valley, you need to rest during nighttime. If you stay awake too long, you’ll pass out and lose ten percent of your money. To avoid this, try sleeping on the golden piece of paper. You can also use a journal to pause the game’s time.

There are many ways to cheat Stardew Valley. The best method is to catch a sleeping character. You can reach 2AM while standing. If you’re not in bed, you’ll be asleep. You can then drag it home with the help of a helpful soul. The soul will charge you 10g per hour. This is a good way to make money in the game without spending real money. You can even use the trick for farming.

To get unlimited money in Stardew Valley, you must find an NPC who speaks your name. If you have no idea where to find him, you should try talking to him or her to see if he or she will mention the item you need. It’s best to start chatting with the right NPCs and you’ll be able to spawn items in no time. A great way to get unlimited money is to catch a sleeping character and let them drag you home.

Stardew Valley Cheats – Switch Your Name to a Cheat Code

Stardew Valley Cheat Codes

In Stardew Valley, you can save your time and money by making use of cheat codes. Unlike other games, you can spawn items more quickly. All you have to do is name your character in the game’s editor and enter the item code values. These values must be surrounded by brackets. When a player references these items, they will spawn. These cheats are only active once. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to your problem, consider changing your name to one of these codes.

Using a Stardew Valley cheat code will allow you to get rare items more quickly and easily. This cheat works two ways. First, you can type in a new part or facon. You can also use a specific cheat code to unlock a specific objet. The codes are three-digit numbers and correspond to the objet that you’re looking for. Once you’ve used a cheat code, you’ll find a list of all the items you’ve unlocked in your game.

Another cheat that lets you get rare items is a time-saving technique. In Stardew Valley, you need to make sure you have enough time to complete your quests. To save time, you can go to the Saloon on a Monday. Gus will greet you with your full name after your first visit. You can also pause the game by opening your journal. In order to use this cheat, you should use a unique number in each part of the game.

The third Stardew Valley cheat code involves the use of numerical codes. If you want to spawn unlimited quantities of items, you can use numerical codes in the character name. Using the character name in the game’s text is a good example of a cheat. It’s a simple way to increase the quantity of items in your inventory. You can also abuse the Item Duplication glitch by talking to Gus and repeating the conversation with him.

Stardew Valley Codes
Weeds: [0]Stone: [2]Stone: [4]
Wild Horseradish: [16]Daffodil: [18]Leek: [20]
Dandelion: [22]Parsnip: [24]Lumber: [30]
Emerald: [60]Aquamarine: [62]Ruby: [64]
Amethyst: [66]Topaz: [68]Jade: [70]
Diamond: [72]Prismatic Shard: [74]Stone: [75]
Stone: [76]Stone: [77]Cave Carrot: [78]
Secret Note: [79]Quartz: [80]Fire Quartz: [82]
Frozen Tear: [84]Earth Crystal: [86]Coconut: [88]
Cactus Fruit: [90]Sap: [92]Torch: [93]
Spirit Torch: [94]Dwarf Scroll I: [96]Dwarf Scroll II: [97]
Dwarf Scroll III: [98]Dwarf Scroll IV: [99]Chipped Amphora: [100]
Arrowhead: [101]Lost Book: [102]Ancient Doll: [103]
Elvish Jewelry: [104]Chewing Stick: [105]Ornamental Fan: [106]
Dinosaur Egg: [107]Rare Disc: [108]Ancient Sword: [109]
Rusty Spoon: [110]Rusty Spur: [111]Rusty Cog: [112]
Chicken Statue: [113]Ancient Seed: [114]Prehistoric Tool: [115]
Dried Starfish: [116]Anchor: [117]Glass Shards: [118]
Bone Flute: [119]Prehistoric Handaxe: [120]Dwarvish Helm: [121]
Dwarf Gadget: [122]Ancient Drum: [123]Golden Mask: [124]
Golden Relic: [125]Strange Doll: [126]Strange Doll: [127]
Pufferfish: [128]Anchovy: [129]Tuna: [130]
Sardine: [131]Bream: [132]Largemouth Bass: [136]
Smallmouth Bass: [137]Rainbow Trout: [138]Salmon: [139]
Walleye: [140]Perch: [141]Carp: [142]
Catfish: [143]Pike: [144]Sunfish: [145]
Red Mullet: [146]Herring: [147]Eel: [148]
Octopus: [149]Red Snapper: [150]Squid: [151]
Seaweed: [152]Green Algae: [153]Sea Cucumber: [154]
Super Cucumber: [155]Ghostfish: [156]White Algae: [157]
Stonefish: [158]Crimsonfish: [159]Angler: [160]
Ice Pip: [161]Lava Eel: [162]Legend Fish: [163]
Sandfish: [164]Scorpion Carp: [165]Treasure Chest: [166]
Joja Cola: [167]Trash: [168]Driftwood: [169]
Broken Glasses: [170]Broken CD: [171]Soggy Newspaper: [172]
Large Egg: [174]Egg: [176]Hay: [178]
Egg: [180]Large Egg: [182]Milk: [184]
Large Milk: [186]Green Bean: [188]Cauliflower: [190]
Potato: [192]Fried Egg: [194]Omelet: [195]
Salad: [196]Cheese Cauliflower: [197]Baked Fish: [198]
Parsnip Soup: [199]Vegetable Medley: [200]Complete Breakfast: [201]
Fried Calamari: [202]Strange Bun: [203]Lucky Lunch: [204]
Fried Mushroom: [205]Pizza: [206]Bean Hotpot: [207]
Glazed Yams: [208]Carp Surprise: [209]Hashbrowns: [210]
Pancakes: [211]Salmon Dinner: [212]Fish Taco: [213]
Crispy Bass: [214]Pepper Poppers: [215]Bread: [216]
Tom Kha Soup: [218]Trout Soup: [219]Chocolate Cake: [220]
Pink Cake: [221]Rhubarb Pie: [222]Cookie: [223]
Spaghetti: [224]Fried Eel: [225]Spicy Eel: [226]
Sashimi: [227]Maki Roll: [228]Tortilla: [229]
Red Plate: [230]Eggplant Parmesan: [231]Rice Pudding: [232]
Ice Cream: [233]Blueberry Tart: [234]Autumn’s Bounty: [235]
Pumpkin Soup: [236]Super Meal: [237]Cranberry Sauce: [238]
Stuffing: [239]Farmer’s Lunch: [240]Survival Burger: [241]
Dish O’ The Sea: [242]Miner’s Treat: [243]Roots Platter: [244]
Sugar: [245]Wheat Flour: [246]Oil: [247]
Garlic: [248]Kale: [250]Rhubarb: [252]
Melon: [254]Tomato: [256]Morel: [257]
Blueberry: [258]Fiddlehead Fern: [259]Hot Pepper: [260]
Wheat: [262]Radish: [264]Red Cabbage: [266]
Starfruit: [268]Corn: [270]Eggplant: [272]
Artichoke: [274]Pumpkin: [276]Bok Choy: [278]
Yam: [280]Chanterelle: [281]Cranberries: [282]
Holly: [283]Beet: [284]Cherry Bomb: [286]
Bomb: [287]Mega Bomb: [288]Stone: [290]
Twig: [294]Twig: [295]Salmonberry: [296]
Grass Starter: [297]Hardwood Fence: [298]Amaranth Seeds: [299]
Amaranth: [300]Grape Starter: [301]Hops Starter: [302]
Pale Ale: [303]Hops: [304]Void Egg: [305]
Mayonnaise: [306]Duck Mayonnaise: [307]Void Mayonnaise: [308]
Acorn: [309]Maple Seed: [310]Pine Cone: [311]
Weeds: [313]Weeds: [314]Weeds: [315]
Weeds: [316]Weeds: [317]Weeds: [318]
Weeds: [319]Weeds: [320]Weeds: [321]
Wood Fence: [322]Stone Fence: [323]Iron Fence: [324]
Gate: [325]Dwarvish Translation Guide: [326]Wood Floor: [328]
Stone Floor: [329]Clay: [330]Weathered Floor: [331]
Crystal Floor: [333]Copper Bar: [334]Iron Bar: [335]
Gold Bar: [336]Iridium Bar: [337]Refined Quartz: [338]
Honey: [340]Tea Set: [341]Pickles: [342]
Stone: [343]Jelly: [344]Beer: [346]
Rare Seed: [347]Wine: [348]Energy Tonic: [349]
Juice: [350]Muscle Remedy: [351]Basic Fertilizer: [368]
Quality Fertilizer: [369]Basic Retaining Soil: [370]Quality Retaining Soil: [371]
Clam: [372]Golden Pumpkin: [373]Poppy: [376]
Copper Ore: [378]Iron Ore: [380]Coal: [382]
Gold Ore: [384]Iridium Ore: [386]Wood: [388]
Stone: [390]Nautilus Shell: [392]Coral: [393]
Rainbow Shell: [394]Coffee: [395]Spice Berry: [396]
Sea Urchin: [397]Grape: [398]Spring Onion: [399]
Strawberry: [400]Straw Floor: [401]Sweet Pea: [402]
Field Snack: [403]Common Mushroom: [404]Wood Path: [405]
Wild Plum: [406]Gravel Path: [407]Hazelnut: [408]
Crystal Path: [409]Blackberry: [410]Cobblestone Path: [411]
Winter Root: [412]Blue Slime Egg: [413]Crystal Fruit: [414]
Stepping Stone Path: [415]Snow Yam: [416]Sweet Gem Berry: [417]
Crocus: [418]Vinegar: [419]Red Mushroom: [420]
Sunflower: [421]Purple Mushroom: [422]Rice: [423]
Cheese: [424]Fairy Seeds: [425]Goat Cheese: [426]
Tulip Bulb: [427]Cloth: [428]Jazz Seeds: [429]
Truffle: [430]Sunflower Seeds: [431]Truffle Oil: [432]
Coffee Bean: [433]Stardrop: [434]Goat Milk: [436]
Red Slime Egg: [437]L. Goat Milk: [438]Purple Slime Egg: [439]
Wool: [440]Explosive Ammo: [441]Duck Egg: [442]
Duck Feather: [444]Rabbit’s Foot: [446]Stone Base: [449]
Stone: [450]Weeds: [452]Poppy Seeds: [453]
Ancient Fruit: [454]Spangle Seeds: [455]Algae Soup: [456]
Pale Broth: [457]Bouquet: [458]Mead: [459]
Mermaid’s Pendant: [460]Decorative Pot: [461]Drum Block: [463]
Flute Block: [464]Speed-Gro: [465]Deluxe Speed-Gro: [466]
Parsnip Seeds: [472]Bean Starter: [473]Cauliflower Seeds: [474]
Potato Seeds: [475]Garlic Seeds: [476]Kale Seeds: [477]
Rhubarb Seeds: [478]Melon Seeds: [479]Tomato Seeds: [480]
Blueberry Seeds: [481]Pepper Seeds: [482]Wheat Seeds: [483]
Radish Seeds: [484]Red Cabbage Seeds: [485]Starfruit Seeds: [486]
Corn Seeds: [487]Eggplant Seeds: [488]Artichoke Seeds: [489]
Pumpkin Seeds: [490]Bok Choy Seeds: [491]Yam Seeds: [492]
Cranberry Seeds: [493]Beet Seeds: [494]Spring Seeds: [495]
Summer Seeds: [496]Fall Seeds: [497]Winter Seeds: [498]
Ancient Seeds: [499]Small Glow Ring: [516]Glow Ring: [517]
Small Magnet Ring: [518]Magnet Ring: [519]Slime Charmer Ring: [520]
Warrior Ring: [521]Vampire Ring: [522]Savage Ring: [523]
Ring of Yoba: [524]Sturdy Ring: [525]Burglar’s Ring: [526]
Iridium Band: [527]Jukebox Ring: [528]Amethyst Ring: [529]
Topaz Ring: [530]Aquamarine Ring: [531]Jade Ring: [532]
Emerald Ring: [533]Ruby Ring: [534]Geode: [535]
Frozen Geode: [536]Magma Geode: [537]Alamite: [538]
Bixite: [539]Baryte: [540]Aerinite: [541]
Calcite: [542]Dolomite: [543]Esperite: [544]
Fluorapatite: [545]Geminite: [546]Helvite: [547]
Jamborite: [548]Jagoite: [549]Kyanite: [550]
Lunarite: [551]Malachite: [552]Neptunite: [553]
Lemon Stone: [554]Nekoite: [555]Orpiment: [556]
Petrified Slime: [557]Thunder Egg: [558]Pyrite: [559]
Ocean Stone: [560]Ghost Crystal: [561]Tigerseye: [562]
Jasper: [563]Opal: [564]Fire Opal: [565]
Celestine: [566]Marble: [567]Sandstone: [568]
Granite: [569]Basalt: [570]Limestone: [571]
Soapstone: [572]Hematite: [573]Mudstone: [574]
Obsidian: [575]Slate: [576]Fairy Stone: [577]
Star Shards: [578]Prehistoric Scapula: [579]Prehistoric Tibia: [580]
Prehistoric Skull: [581]Skeletal Hand: [582]Prehistoric Rib: [583]
Prehistoric Vertebra: [584]Skeletal Tail: [585]Nautilus Fossil: [586]
Amphibian Fossil: [587]Palm Fossil: [588]Trilobite: [589]
Artifact Spot: [590]Tulip: [591]Summer Spangle: [593]
Fairy Rose: [595]Blue Jazz: [597]Sprinkler: [599]
Plum Pudding: [604]Artichoke Dip: [605]Stir Fry: [606]
Roasted Hazelnuts: [607]Pumpkin Pie: [608]Radish Salad: [609]
Fruit Salad: [610]Blackberry Cobbler: [611]Cranberry Candy: [612]
Apple: [613]Bruschetta: [618]Quality Sprinkler: [621]
Cherry Sapling: [628]Apricot Sapling: [629]Orange Sapling: [630]
Peach Sapling: [631]Pomegranate Sapling: [632]Apple Sapling: [633]
Apricot: [634]Orange: [635]Peach: [636]
Pomegranate: [637]Cherry: [638]Iridium Sprinkler: [645]
Coleslaw: [648]Fiddlehead Risotto: [649]Poppyseed Muffin: [651]
Stone: [668]Stone: [670]Weeds: [674]
Weeds: [675]Weeds: [676]Weeds: [677]
Weeds: [678]Weeds: [679]Green Slime Egg: [680]
Rain Totem: [681]Mutant Carp: [682]Bug Meat: [684]
Bait: [685]Spinner: [686]Dressed Spinner: [687]
Warp Totem Farm: [688]Warp Totem Mountains: [689]Warp Totem Beach: [690]
Barbed Hook: [691]Lead Bobber: [692]Treasure Hunter: [693]
Trap Bobber: [694]Cork Bobber: [695]Sturgeon: [698]
Tiger Trout: [699]Bullhead: [700]Tilapia: [701]
Chub: [702]Magnet: [703]Dorado: [704]
Albacore: [705]Shad: [706]Lingcod: [707]
Halibut: [708]Hardwood: [709]Crab Pot: [710]
Lobster: [715]Crayfish: [716]Crab: [717]
Cockle: [718]Mussel: [719]Shrimp: [720]
Snail: [721]Periwinkle: [722]Oyster: [723]
Maple Syrup: [724]Oak Resin: [725]Pine Tar: [726]
Chowder: [727]Fish Stew: [728]Escargot: [729]
Lobster Bisque: [730]Maple Bar: [731]Crab Cakes: [732]
Woodskip: [734]Strawberry Seeds: [745]Jack-O-Lantern: [746]
Rotten Plant: [747]Rotten Plant: [748]Omni Geode: [749]
Weeds: [750]Stone: [751]Stone: [760]
Stone: [762]Stone: [764]Stone: [765]
Slime: [766]Bat Wing: [767]Solar Essence: [768]
Void Essence: [769]Mixed Seeds: [770]Fiber: [771]
Oil of Garlic: [772]Life Elixir: [773]Wild Bait: [774]
Glacierfish: [775]Weeds: [784]Weeds: [785]
Weeds: [786]Battery Pack: [787]Lost Axe: [788]
Lucky Purple Shorts: [789]Berry Basket: [790]Weeds: [792]
Weeds: [793]Weeds: [794]Void Salmon: [795]
Slimejack: [796]Pearl: [797]Midnight Squid: [798]
Spook Fish: [799]Blobfish: [800]Wedding Ring: [801]
Cactus Seeds: [802]Iridium Milk: [803]

There are several other cheat codes in Stardew Valley. The first one involves the use of the character name. If the game mentions your character name, he or she will spawn the appropriate items. The second cheat is about the use of numerical codes in Stardew Valley. This method allows players to spawn infinite numbers of items in the game. This hack is very simple to do and requires no special knowledge. It’s the most common method for cheating in Stardew Valley.

The third cheat code is a bit more advanced and uses different methods. The first one changes the title screen. It makes the title screen appear different. It allows the player to spawn items at any time. If you want to spawn items, simply type the corresponding number in the right field. This will change the item’s color and the location. There are also many other hacks for this game. You can try them out and see what works for you!



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