Strongest Biom of Anvil Game Characters 2023

The Anvil is considered the strongest character in Anvil. He can be equipped with multiple weapons and is immune to blinding effects, PEM and damage over time. He can be slow and easily stunned by enemy fire. These are his weaknesses. Anvil's primary skill is Barricade, which is a defensive tool that places a glass mirror barricade, but it can also be disabled by shooting a nitrogen tank.

Strongest Biom of anvil Game Characters

Anvil Game Characters

The most powerful weapon in the arsenal is the MLX Maw.Anvil game. It can inflict severe damage at both short and medium ranges. The standard version contains 60 bullets and the upgraded version contains 90. You can also equip a shotgun or pistol if you'd like, but neither of these weapons fits into your Anvil kit. In addition, you won't be able to change the weapon you're using when a new character joins the team. Refer to the Anvil Vault Breaker Trainertoo.

  1. 1 Liner – Each Shot Matters.
  2. 2 Lightning – Bring The Power. 
  3. 3 Guillotine – In Your Face. 
  4. 4 Jungler – The All-Purpose breaker
  5. 5 Elsa is a Lethal Specialist. 
  6. 6 Uzis – Fast and Dangerous

anvil game charactersThe MLX Maw provides support to vault breakers. The MLX Maw has the ability to inflict significant damage at both medium and short ranges. Gust Wind, Twister Teleport and Twister Teleport can be great ways to help your team. Shuri is an integral part of the Biom of Anvil Team. She is able to keep everyone alive and cause heavy damage. Without her, it's very difficult to win.



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