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How To Use Subnautica Cheats in 2023? Helpful Information

Subnautica Cheats

Subnautica cheats are useful in the survival game. They allow you to spawn items and trigger important story events. Some cheats also advance your infection level to stage 4. You can also use Subnautica cheats to manage your inventory. These cheats can help you spawn items that you want to have in your inventory.

Teleport to Cyclops

Subnautica Cheats

To teleport to Cyclops in Subnautika, type “/teleport to Cyclops” and then enter the corresponding command in the console window. You can then enter specific commands to spawn creatures or items. You can also use the console to manage your inventory and delete unnecessary items.

While most of the cheats in Subnautica work on consoles, not all of them work on PC. To change the console command, go to the console’s Developer tab. There, you’ll find three sub-tabs for the game’s console commands. The Give tab will allow you to give yourself items and the Teleport tab will allow you to relocate from one area to another. The Subnautica cheats can be used on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

To access these cheats, you’ll need to be playing Subnautica on a console with a Game Center. To do this, go to the developer options on your console. The seventh option is “Developer Options” and if you want to use cheats in Subnautica, you’ll need to enable this option.

How do I enable Developers console for my PC?

As a transparent message box, the Developers Console is located on your left-hand side. You can use different commands to instantly execute Subnautica activities. To enable Subnautica’s developer console on PC press F3. This will open a sub-menu. To activate the mouse cursor press F8. Remove the tick from the Disable Console. Exit by press F3 and then press the tilde key “~” to open a grey box, the command console. To disable the Developers console, you must press F3 every time you open the game. Subnautica cheats can be used by pressing F3.

How to activate Developers Console on One

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Different consoles are available to developers. To view the input box for Xbox One press LB+A+RB. Next, press Menu to remove the tick from disable console options. Then, press +LB+RB. The game will display a Start menu. Scroll down until the seventh option. You can use Subnautica cheats with Xbox One by activating the Developers option.

How can I activate the Developers console on my PS4?

For PS4, press the L1 +R1 +X key to open the input field. Next, you will need to follow the exact same process to reach the developer options. The process for PS4 is similar to Xbox One. Subnautica Cheats are available to enable the feature and get Xbox One.

Some commands might not work on consoles or PCs. Some commands work on consoles, but others won’t. Below are the Subnautica cheats, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Although cheats support was disabled in recent updates, you can still try the correct combination to get into the command box. If you are able to get into the command box, it is easy to use.

Subnautica Cheats – Most common cheat codes for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

  1. Invincibility – nodamage
  2. Unlimited oxygen – oxygen
  3. Faster building – fastbuild
  4. Unlock all blueprints – allblueprints
  5. Free crafting or building – nocost
  6. No radiation – radiation
  7. Get useful items for free – madloot (Get glass, titanium, computer chips, batteries, survival knife,
  8. Habitat scanner and builder
  9. Adjust movement speed – speed
  10. Spawn Cyclops – sub cyclops
  11. Spawn Exosuit – spawn exosuit
  12. Spawn Seamoth – spawn seamoth 1
  13. Spawn specific item – item [name] [amount]
  14. Switch to Day – day
  15. Switch to Night – night
  16. Speed of Time – daynightspeed
  17. Reload all assets, except terrain – entreset
  18. Load Last Save – gamereset
  19. Change view distance – farplane [value]. 1000 is the default
  20. Toggle Fog – fog
  21. Toggle free cam – freecam
  22. Display FPS – fps
  23. Spawn a particular Item: Enter ‘tem (name) (amount)’
  24. Unlock habitat builder, survival knife, scanner and repair tool in Inventory – bobthebuilder
  25. Increase plant growth speed – fastgrow
  26. Unlimited fabricator, habitat builder, vehicle bay, etc – nocost
  27. Enable or Disable power usage of vehicles, tools, and seabases – noenergy
  28. Disable food and water requirements – nosurvival
  29. Increase water underwater time – nitrogen
  30. Turn Invisible, no creatures can see you – invisible
  31. Hatch eggs quickly – fasthatch
  32. Reduce scanning time – fastscan
  33. Reduce time for water filtering – filterfast
  34. Turn off Radiation – radiation
  35. Fix Aurora’s radiation leaks – fixleaks
  36. Unlock all doors, except those that requires laser cutter – unlockdoors
  37. Cure yourself and all creatures within meter range – cure [range]
  38. Infect yourself and all creatures in a range – infect [range]
  39. Enable Aurora countdown timer – countdownship
  40. Destroy Aurora – explodeship
  41. Restore Aurora back – restoreship
  42. Starts Sunbeam story event – startsunbeamstoryevent
  43. Starts Sunbeam countdown – sunbeamcountdownstart
  44. End Sunbeam – precursorgunaim
  45. Launch escape rocket without turning off quarantine enforcement platform – forcerocketready

Subnautica Cheats – Teleport, escape and spawn in a safe place

  1. Teleport safely to base or vehicle – warpme
  2. Teleport to a specific biome – biome [biome name]
  3. Go to a location – goto [name]
  4. Teleport to specific co-ordinates – warp [x] [y] [z]
  5. Jump a few meters ahead – warpforward [meters]
  6. Respawn to nearest check point – spawn
  7. Want to die and get respawn back in the lifepod use – kill
  8. Return to lifepod – randomstart

Teleportation can also be achieved using any biome name

safe, kelp, kelp_cave, grassy, grassy_cave, mushroom, koosh, koosh_cave, jelly, shroom, sparse, reef, grandreef, dunes, mountains, moutains_cave, deepgrand, bloodkelp, underislands, smokers, inactivelavart, islands, tree, lostriver & lavazone. Biome [name]Instantly teleport to any location in the para

Subnautica Cheats: Get free Spawning Items

The following cheat codes can be used to create Subnautica items on the PlayStation 4: Many items can be free-spawned by simply indicating their capacities.

  • Add items to inventory – item [item name] [amount]. Example – item copperwire 5.
  • Spawn items or creature in front – spawn [item] [number] . Example – spawn seaglide 1.
  • Delete everything from the inventory – clearinventory
  • Spawn Cyclops – sub Cyclops
  • Spawn Aurora – sub aurora
  • Spawn Seaglide – sub seaglide
  • Spawn items like quartz, copper ore, magnesium, salt deposit, gold, and four metal salvage – spawnloot
  • Unlock resources to craft items – resourcesfor [item]
  • Unlock all common vehicle modules for upgrades – vehicleupgrades
  • Unlock all Seamoth modules – seamothupgrades
  • Unlock all Prawn Suit modules – exosuitupgrades
  • Unlock all Prawn Suit arms – exosuitarms
  • Unlock databank entry – ency [name]
  • Unlock single blueprint – unlock [blueprint]

Teleport to Lifepod 5

In Subnautica, teleporting to Lifepod 5 is one of the game’s most useful mechanics. The Lifepod is located in the Safe Shallows biome near the center of the map, and has two seats. However, the Lifepod is missing some vital supplies, including a Nutrient Block, a Filtered Water Bottle, a Flashlight, and other replacement parts.

You can teleport to Lifepod 5 by using the Cyclops. This teleportation method requires you to find the Aurora seabase and teleport to it. To do this, use the map’s coordinates. You can also use the teleport command to get to an abandoned Seabase on Floater Island or the mountaintop Seabase in Jelly Shroom Caves. Another teleportation method is to teleport to a large wreck in the Koosh Zone or the Dunes.

If you need to travel back to Lifepod 5 quickly, you can use the warp command. This teleports you back to the last location where you were, but you won’t have to worry about a quarantine enforcement platform. In addition to warp, you can also use the spawnnearby command to respawn. This command will remove outlaying objects and NPCs from your lifepod and will respawn your character in a new location. However, this command can be dangerous because it will cause irreversible save damage.

Teleporting to Lifepod 5 is one of the most useful cheats in Subnautica. Besides being convenient, this cheat will enable you to spawn items for free in the safe biomes and koosh cave. The cheat is available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and works well on Mac OS and Windows systems.

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