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Becoming a Subway Employee

Becoming a Subway Employee

Subway employees are available to anyone who is interested in a fast-food career or just for the opportunity to enjoy many benefits. You will be required to make sandwiches and change plates as an employee. All while wearing a Subway shirt. Here are some other important things to remember. Here are some important things you should remember when working for Subway.

Subway employees are obliged to make every change to a sandwich

You’re likely to feel like a family member if you’ve ever visited a Subway restaurant. Subway employees must wear a company-approved uniform so that they don’t look stupid when taking out trash. They are also forbidden from wearing hats and aprons while working. Additionally, employees can’t use portable electronic devices at work.

Subway doesn’t pay sick pay

Subway is not the right place for you if you don’t want to be paid for sick leave. To get the benefit, you must call in sick no later than two hours before your shift begins. Subway will terminate your service if Subway receives more than three sick calls. Before calling in sick, you should get medical attention. Subway won’t pay sick leave without a doctor’s note. Employees who miss more than 4 shifts could be subject to a strike.

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Subway employees must wear a Subway shirt

Subway employees must wear black pants and a company-issued Polo shirt when they work. Employees must wear a polo shirt and a black hat. To prevent hair from falling on food, employees must cover their hair with a hat or keep it up. Employees are permitted to use makeup but it must not fall on food.

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Subway employees need to be clean and well groomed

Subway requires that employees wear proper uniforms at all time. A black shirt, pants, and a Subway logoed cap are required. Closed-toe shoes and a work-appropriate head visor are also acceptable. Employees should also maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Employers with unusual hair colors must also wear hats and visors.

Subway employees must wear non slip close toed shoes

Subway’s dress code requires you to wear black trousers and nonslip, close-toed sneakers if you want to work for them. You may need to wear a black helmet and tight-fitting trousers depending on where you are working. As long as the bracelet or necklace is not too visible, it’s okay. Ask the Area Supervisor to confirm that a uniform is required at a given location.

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