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How To Get Sweetened Mistress Genshin Impact Dish? Helpful Guide 2023

How to Get Sweetened Mistress Dish in Genshin Impact

How To Get Sweetened Mistress Genshin Impact? One of the best parts of Genshin Impact is its beautiful scenery and excellent quest system. It’s a joy to skip around the world, slaying enemies in front of the most stunning scenery. In addition to the usual quests, you’ll also occasionally receive requests to cook a simple dish. These little side quests are a welcome change of pace from the usual grind. One such cooking request is the Sweetened Mistress Dish.

Sweetened Mistress Dish

How To Get Sweetened Mistress Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a fantastic RPG with beautiful scenery and a great collection of quests. You’ll have a lot of fun bouncing from area to area and slaying enemies against a beautiful backdrop. You’ll also enjoy the cooking quests, which often require a small dish to be prepared. These are a nice change of pace from the usual quests.

The first quest to complete to unlock the Sweetened Mistress Dish is called “Old Tastes Die Hard”. This quest takes place in the Liyue region, near the Luhua Pool. You’ll meet Mr. Zhu, who is very eager to try his old favorite dish. To complete this quest, you need to find the recipe to make this dish.

To get the recipe for this dish, you’ll need two ingredients. The first ingredient is Sweet Flower, which can be found almost anywhere in the wild. Once you’ve obtained one, talk to Mr. Zhu again to complete the quest. He’ll give you another recipe.

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Zhongyuan Chop Suey recipe

In Genshin Impact, you can get the recipe for Zhongyuan Chop Suey by completing the quest “Old Tastes Die Hard”. It is a 3 star recipe and requires three pieces of meat or fish, three bags of flour, and two servings of salt. This dish decreases the amount of stamina lost while sprinting or climbing, and it also gives you 900 seconds of speed. However, this recipe will only benefit your party, and other players in the game will not get affected.

The ingredients needed to prepare this recipe are common items that you can find all over the world. Harvesting these items will provide you with great benefits. You can find these ingredients on the ground, in barrels, and chests. You can also make them using recipes in the game.

To get the Zhongyuan Chop Suey, you must first go to the south part of the Liyue Plains, where you can find an inn. Then, you need to talk to Mr. Zhu, who will ask you to cook him this dish.

Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle

In Genshin Impact, there is a hidden domain in Luhua Pool. In order to open it, you must activate three totems. When you’re done, you’ll receive a Sweetened Mistress Dish. It’s an extremely useful item to have in the game. In addition to its cosmetic value, this item also increases your level.

To make Sweetened Mistress Dish, you’ll need two basic ingredients – 1 sweet flower and 1 piece of fowl meat. You can obtain Fowl Meat in the game by killing birds, and Sweet Flowers are abundant throughout the game map.

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Once you’ve collected these items, you can begin the Luhua Landscape quest. Once you’ve completed this quest, you’ll be able to unlock the Hidden Palace of the Guizang Formula domain. In order to complete this quest, you’ll need to have Amber as your teammate.

The way to cook dinner Sweetened Mistress dish in Genshin Affect

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The Sweetened Mistress Dish is named the Scrumptious Candy Madame. To cook dinner this dish all you’ll need are two primary and customary elements. You’ll need 2 portions of Fowl Meat and 1 Candy Flower. Fowl Meat is out there while you kill birds within the recreation. Candy flowers are plentiful within the recreation map and you’ll find them simply.

The Sweetened Mistress Dish is a part of the Previous Tastes Die Laborious World Quest. You’ll first should find Mr. Zhu. You’ll find him sitting at a desk overlooking a waterbody which is to the south-east of the Luhua Swimming pools in Liyue. This activity normally is complicated because the dish is definitely known as the Scrumptious Candy Madame and never Sweetened Mistress. Be sure you have the sources beforehand.

When you attain Mr. Zhu you will notice that there’s a cooking setup proper subsequent to him. Work together with it and put together the dish. Now you’ll find the dish in your stock and you’ll give it to Mr. Zhu who provides you a reward in return. You’ll be able to even use this dish for your self as it’s good for restoring well being.

World Quest that requires it

Genshin Impact is a very nice RPG with some excellent scenery and an enjoyable collection of quests. While it is mostly a game about fighting enemies and destroying bosses, it is sometimes fun to get a little variety with quests that require you to cook a simple dish. One such quest is the one that requires you to cook the Sweetened Mistress Dish.

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When the quest begins, Mr. Zhu will ask you for a Sweetened Mistress Dish. You’ll need to remember the exact name of the dish, but you can easily find it in any cooking pot behind him. Once cooked, you need to hand it to him to complete the quest.

To complete the World Quest that requires Sweetened Mistress dish in Genshin Impact, you will need two items. These two ingredients are Fowl Meat and a Sweet Flower. You’ll be able to obtain Fowl Meat from killing birds in the game and Sweet Flowers are plentiful throughout the game map.

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