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AC Valhalla Spider Clues – Tallest Tree In Dublin Location Helpful 2023 Guide

AC Valhalla Spider Clues – Tallest Tree In Dublin Location

The AC Valhalla Spider is hiding under the Tallest Tree in Dublin. The third clue is in the southern half of the Connacht region. Aideen is a merchant who works in Dublin. You will have to find her to find the chest.

3rd clue is in the southern half of Connacht region

In the southern half of Connacht region, there’s a named map area called Kiltober. It has a fast travel point and a viewpoint. This is also where the 3rd clue is located. In Kiltober, you can find a white tent. The 3rd clue is also near a large, tall ritual stone.

Tallest Tree In Dublin

The third clue is in the southern central Ulster region, in a town that has been burnt down. To find this clue, you need to investigate the destroyed houses and examine the remains of one of them. Another enemy wanders the streets nearby the third track. You can also find the second clue in a large stone circle in front of a building. Finally, you can find the third clue in a boat near the water.

After you find the first two clues, you need to track The Wren, a small woman in black hair. You can track The Wren through the Children of Danu menu. She’s in the town of Rathcroghan. If you beat her, the 2nd clue will appear automatically. After defeating her, the 3rd clue will appear. The fourth clue will only come when you find the Ritual site.

The second clue is located in the southern half of the Connacht region. You can track this clue by using Odin Vision. You can also use Odin Vision to ping the clue from inside the Ardmel Trading Post.

Aideen is a Dublin merchant

Aideen is a merchant that can be found in the Dublin city markets. She is an excellent target to kill if you are looking for a quick kill. Aideen is a well-to-do brunette woman that wears a jeweled necklace and a navy dress. Aideen is always holding her purse. Killing her is an easy one-shot job.

Aideen is a merchant that can be found near the Kilchrist statue. She is located in the heart of the Market and moves about quite a bit. You can track her whereabouts by using the Order menu. Once you have collected all three of her clues, you can go and find her.

The place can you discover the Tallest Tree in Murderer’s Creed Valhalla?

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You’ll find the tallest tree within the Northeastern a part of Dublin. It may be seen simply north of Skall’s Relaxation and simply south of DUbgaill’s Touchdown. The tree is huge and is simple to identify. Its obtained an enormous cover and has its personal kind of protected space round it.

Now to seek out the observe you’ll have to roam across the base of the tree. There are lots of Pagan gadgets surrounding the tree. Preserve going across the tree till you come throughout a small bench. On this bench, one can find a observe revealing the id of The Spider.

With the assistance of this clue, it is possible for you to to seek out the Spider and end him off. Nonetheless, earlier than this, additionally, you will have to finish the Consuming Champion problem. This problem is out there on the outskirts of the city, southwest of Kilchrist. Doing this provides you with the clue for the Tallest Tree.

The Spider’s chest is under the tree

The spider’s chest in AC Valhalla can be found in a nearby tree, but first, players must find a clue to the location of the chest. The clue can be found on the bench at the western end of the tallest tree in Dublin. This clue will take players to The Spider’s location.

The spider is a woman with black hair, who lives in the southern half of the Connacht region. It’s also located in a ritual site, along with the Treasure Hoard Map. To find the clue, you need to win a drinking competition in Dublin and collect a white horn.

The tallest tree in Dublin is close to the Skald’s Rest Offering Altar. Eivor can find a clue to the identity of the spider at the base of the tree. The clue reveals that the Spider is the merchant Aideen, who lives near Kilchrist.

In the tallest tree in Dublin, you will find a Viking house. The hut has yellow leaves. Go there. The key is located on a branch of a leaning tree. The second clue will be revealed when the Scourge kills the Seed.

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