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Tarkov Containers: A Comprehensive Guide to Secure and Safe Storage

Tarkov Containers: An Ultimate Guide to Secure Your Loot in Escape from Tarkov Game

Yo, hommies out there! I know you all are upping your game in Escape from Tarkov, trying to win and secure some serious loots. And that’s why we at are here with a complete guide on Tarkov Containers. We know you all need them, but do you know which one should you choose or how to use them? In this blog post, we will go in-depth and answer all your questions.

What are Tarkov Containers?

Tarkov Containers are storage units that you can use to secure your loots in Escape from Tarkov. A container can store anything from guns, ammunition to food and medical supplies. The game has different types of containers with varying levels of security. Some of these can only be accessed by your PMC after the raid, while others can be used during the game.

How to Use a Tarkov Container?

Firstly, you’ll need to find a container. You can search for them in-game, and different containers may require the keys to open. Once you’ve found a container, right-click on it, and you’ll see the open option. Drag and drop the item you want to store in the container, and that’s it!

Tarkov Container Guide

Now let’s dive in a little deeper and explore the various Tarkov Containers.

Tarkov Container Key

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These are keys that allow you to open the locked Tarkov Containers throughout the game. You can find them from players, traders or as loot. But remember, these keys can be used a certain number of times and can get lost if you die during the raid.

Tarkov Container for Food

As the name suggests, these containers are used to store food items. It’s particularly useful if you want to stock up on food for the next raid.

Tarkov Secure Containers

These containers can only be accessed after the raid ends and can guarantee that your loot will be safe. There are different sizes and levels of security, so choose wisely.

Escape from Tarkov Containers

These are containers that are commonly used throughout the game. They can store a variety of items and can also be found in different sizes.

Tarkov Safe Containers

As the name implies, this is the safest container you can use in the game. It can keep your loot safe from hackers, cheaters and other malicious players.


So, hommies if you’re an Escape from Tarkov gamer, Tarkov Containers are a must-have item for you. They can help you secure your hard-earned loot, but make sure you choose wisely. We hope our guide has helped you understand the different types of containers and how to use them. Now go out there and dominate the game like a boss!