Tarkov Lighthouse Map 2022 Map Info!September 2022

Tarkov Lighthouse Map 2022 Map Info!September 2022

The Best Loot Locations in Tarkov Lighthouse Map 2022

It might be difficult to remember the exact location of the lighthouse, but luckily learning Tarkov lighthouse map is much easier than it sounds. Compared to the other maps you’ve seen in the game, this one is right next to the giant dangerous compound, huge houses, and long highway. So, not only will you know where to go in the game, but you’ll also be able to get the best loot.

Loot density

The Tarkov Lighthouse Map 2022 contains many locations that you can use for loot. The area around the lighthouse has several loot spawn points and includes 5 buildings and 2 garages. You can also find some keys in these areas. This guide will show you where the best loot spawns are. Listed below are the most popular loot locations in the Lighthouse Map 2022.

The Documents Case contains high value items that can be used for looting. This will increase your per-raid profit. You can also use this for safe extraction. Similarly, the Techno shop should contain the most advanced technical equipment. Other key locations include the Reserve and the Shopping mall. The Loot density in each of these locations varies, and the best ones will give you a great mix of loot.

Scav bosses

The new patch includes fixes for the Scav bosses, improved spawn locations and reduced network latency. This should make the game more enjoyable for players who regularly play this map. It also addresses a number of problems with the Lighthouse map. Let’s take a look at some of these fixes. You should now be able to kill Scav bosses easily in the new Tarkov Lighthouse Map 2022.

The lighthouse map features a large wooded area. It borders the cult classic Shoreline location. The map has new content, including ex-USEC private AI operatives guarding a water treatment compound. The maps also offer new weapons and items and feature long-range engagements. In addition, the new map features an enhanced version of the Lighthouse. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3 for PC.

Loot spawn points

The new Tarkov Lighthouse Map 2022 is jam-packed with loot spawn points. It is easy to get lost in this new area, but with a map you can easily find the right loot spawn point for your character. This map contains 5 buildings, two garages, and a large number of loot spawn points. It also has a conference room, where you can find rare military spawns.

The Gas Station has a large amount of loot spawns, including a duffel bag with a jacket, a crate, and a small weapon box. You can also find two green vans. One van has its trunk open and contains valuable loot and technical supplies. The second van contains military spawns and a duffle bag filled with loose loot.

Image 308 Tarkov Lighthouse Map
tarkov lighthouse map

Tarkov Lighthouse Map >>

This is the Tarkov Lighthouse Map, with all details

Tarkov Lighthouse Map
Credit – JustinPai

The Cape Dalniy lighthouse served as a strategic landmark on the journey to Tarkov. It served as the main entry point for USEC units during Contract-in-game Wars and was their base of operations.

Scavs were attracted to the spot during the conflict. Until the old owners returned, they decided to remain in Tarkov and create their own order. That is Tarkov’s description of the lighthouse.

Tarkov Lighthouse Features >>

Lighthouse is only map in Tarkov that includes the Rogues faction. Rogues can be found at the water treatment facility on machine guns emplacements or grenade launchers. They also have patrols throughout the area. All opponents that come too close to the water treatment plant will be shot down by guards.

However, the USEC faction will not open fire on gamers unless they are part of a group that includes a BEAR. Instead, the Rogues will ask the gamer to leave the region and shoot at them if the latter does not leave. USEC gamers who fight the Rogues will be treated hostile for the next few ingame raids.

The lighthouse itself is not accessible – the bridge connecting the mainland to the lighthouse is covered by a sniper which will shoot and kill gamers if they try to actually cross.

If you win Tarkov lighthouse be aware that there are Minefields and Border Snipers.

Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse Map >>

Here is the Tarkov Lighthouse escape map. Vectornine gets the credit for the raw 3D map. It has been slightly reworked to make it more visible. If there are any future changes, they will be included on the map.

Tarkov Lighthouse Map

Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map extract point that is from SCAV or PMC, BOTH

  • Side Tunnel – Extracting together requires both Scav (and PMC)
  • Armored Train – As on Reserve Train Extract
  • Road to Military –Requires Roubles and Car extraction
  • Industrial Zone Gate – Rusty metal doors
  • Path to Shoreline – This extract works every time no matter where you spawn, you can look at Shoreline’s swamp in the actual distance
  • Northern Checkpoint –A truck is rammed through the wall at the end of the game road.
  • Scav Hideout at the Grotto –To get to the beach, you will need to jump through the hole.
  • Southern Road – At the beach, or at the fence. This is the same area as Southern Road Landslide For Scavs.
  • Under the Landing Stage Hideout – Under the home, next to the Jaeger’s buried barrel stash
  • Mountain Pass – Above Resort is located at the end of the map and requires Paracord + Red Rebel
  • South Road Landslide – It looks like it shares the same zone with Southern Road for PMCs at the beach and fence

Click here to view additional items highlighted on the map. The map contains hidden items, hidden stashes and other assets, in addition to the extracts.

Conclusion >>

We hope you enjoy our Tarkov Lighthouse Map Post. In this post, we covered all aspects of the Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse. Also, would you want to get more Escape from Tarkov map updates then follow the game’s official Twitter account – @tarkov.


The Landmines on Tarkov Lighthouse Map in the game, Escape From ‘Tarkv’, are a serious threat to the player’s safety. Located on the north side of the map after the river that divides the lighthouse into two parts, these mines are present both inside and outside of the water treatment plant. In addition, they are positioned in the mountain trails to the east and south of the road extract to the military base.

The Minefield is inaccessible from the lighthouse, and there are also Border Snipers. To find the extraction zone, you can use a map. It will help you navigate the map and find the extraction zone. To do so, go to the room to your left once you’ve entered the tunnel. You can also use maps to find hidden areas and to find hidden resources. It’s a good idea to check the map often to stay on top of enemies and avoid their attacks.

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