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Escape from Tarkov Quest Items to Keep Helpful Guide 2023

Escape From Tarkov Quest Items to Keep Guide

There are many ways to earn experience in Escape From Tarkov. Scav runs do not provide any experience, but you can earn some by using a PMC, which will give you a 50% XP boost upon extraction. Another fast way to earn XP is by killing enemies. While this can be risky, it is also a good way to level up fast. The two best early game maps are the Factory and Reserve.


In this Exploration of Escape from Tarkov Quest Guide, we’re going to cover some of the most important items to collect and keep in the game. Each of the quests has a different emphasis on what you should collect. In general, the best quests will give you key items or containers that will save you money in the long run.

The game has more than two hundred quests, and each one requires the player to collect an item from a specific trader. These quests can be challenging, but they are also some of the best ways to progress quickly in Escape from Tarkov. You can view a complete list of quest items by visiting the game’s official website.


Escape from Tarkov Quest Items

One of the best ways to unlock special items and XP in Escape from Tarkov is to complete quests. These missions can earn you tens of thousands of points, and they also grant improved trader reputation, unlock new loyalty levels, and reward you with prize money and valuable loot. Quests can also help you purchase new items, as some of them only spawn during active quests.

A guide can be useful in guiding you through the quests and trades in Escape from Tarkov. While the game has a large variety of items, finding them can be tricky, and there are few tutorials available. You can use the wiki to find more information about the game.


You’ve probably noticed that there are many different items that you can keep in Escape from Tarkov. Getting the right ones is essential if you want to progress quickly through the game. The good news is that there’s a guide that can help you do just that! You’ll find a list of all of the items to keep in Escape from Tarkov and where they can be bought or sold.

The most common task in the game is the Punisher quest line, which requires a lot of dogtags and kills. However, the rewards aren’t always worth your time and effort. In general, you’ll get items like a weapon case, lab cards, and folders of intelligence. However, these items are often located at the end of the quest line, so you might want to consider other ways to earn money.

Medical kit

You can pick up a variety of health items that will restore your health and repair injuries in Tarkov. The most important of these are those that restore blood and fix fractures, but there are also items that can help you with ancillary effects such as losing hydration. As the world of Tarkov is constantly under development, it’s best to hoard them until you’re not in need of them anymore.

There are two types of medical kit that can be purchased in the game: a newb’s kit and a top-of-the-line medical kit. A newb’s medical kit is cheap, but it will not completely stop bleeding. You’ll have to use bandages and a higher-grade medical kit to get the full benefits.

Why you will need to have a listing of tarkov quest objects?

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Quest in Escape from Tarkov is the quickest option to earn XP. Even a single quest can reward you 1000’s of XP, so it’s best to play them every time you’re prepared. By gathering objects for Merchants you’ll be able to enhance Dealer Popularity. This can unlock new loyalty ranges with the dealer, every time to unlock one you should buy a lot of new objects.

Additionally, some objects are restricted to a single dealer. Some quest removes this limitation permitting you to buy objects from completely different merchants. You’ll earn objects and cash on the finish of the search as rewards. To progress quick in Escape from Tarkov enjoying quest is likely one of the finest methods. So lets start with all quest objects it’s essential to at all times hold.

Tarkov Quest Objects Record:

Right here is Escape from Tarkov quest objects checklist sorted on the idea of various merchants.


  • One equipment key
  • One customs workplace key
  • One manufacturing unit eit key
  • One transportable cabin key
  • One room 214 key
  • One room 203 key
  • 10 – decrease half-masks
  • 10 – Bars A-2607 knives (dropped by scavs)
  • 10 – M67 Hand grenade
  • 3 – MR-133 12gage shotguns
  • 3 – M4A1 5.56×45 rifles
  • 5 – AK-74N 5.45×38 rifles
  • 6 – 60 spherical 6L31 5.45×39 magazines
  • 10 – PM 918PM Makarov pistols
  • 15 – degree 20 or increased USEC dogtags
  • 15 – degree 20 or increased BEAR dogtags


  • One – blue 206 key
  • One – blue OneOne4 key
  • One – crimson San.306 key
  • One – gray Storage key
  • One – metallic checkpoint key
  • One – metallic ZB-0One4 key
  • One – metallic 303 key
  • 3 – gunpowder bottles
  • 3 – LED – pores and skin transilluminator
  • 4 – gasoline analyzers
  • 4 – automobile batteries
  • 5 – salewa kits
  • 5 – ophthalmoscopes
  • 8 – spark plugs
  • 10 – morphine injectors
  • 30 – Tushonka crimson beef stew cans


  • 5 thousand {dollars}
  • One SV-98 sniper
  • One Roler watch
  • A million roubles
  • One metallic unknown key
  • One metallic room 220 key
  • One metallic MES key
  • One metallic San. OneOne2 key
  • One metallic 303 key
  • One crimson San. 2One6 key
  • One blue San.308 key
  • One blue San.306 key
  • 2 – flash drives
  • 2 – MBSS backpacks
  • 4 – AVS rigs
  • 5 – respirators
  • 5 – bloodsets
  • 5 – white 3M armor
  • 5 – TOZ-One06 shotguns
  • 9 – gold chains


  • 7,500 {dollars}
  • One metallic mark. key
  • One crimson San.219 key
  • One crimson San.220 key
  • One blue San.328 key
  • One metallic storeroom key
  • One metallic Sanatorium key
  • 2 – SG-C10 radios
  • 3 – Virte – chips
  • 1 – WD-40 canister
  • 3 – Wiper bottles
  • 3 – bleach bottles
  • 3 – crimson propane tanks
  • 5 – alkali washer bottles
  • 5 – MRE packs
  • 8 – hoses
  • 10 – morphine injectors
  • 10 – canine tags


  • One MR-133 shotgun
  • One MP5
  • One DVL-10 sniper
  • One RSASS
  • One M870
  • One AKM
  • One AKS-74N
  • One AK-105
  • One AS VAL
  • One AK-102
  • One MPX
  • One AKMN
  • One M1A
  • One blue customs key
  • 2 – software units
  • 2 – M4A1 Requirements
  • 3 – RFIDRs
  • 3 – VP – drives
  • 3 – GPhones
  • 3 – CPUs
  • 5 – wires
  • 5 – capacitors
  • 5 – cords
  • 5 – T-shaped plugs
  • 6 – rec batteries
  • 8 – circuit chips
  • 10 – Malboro cigarettes
  • 10 – crimson strike cigarettes
  • 10 – blue wilston cigarettes
  • 10 – graphics playing cards
  • 10 – CPU followers


  • One ghost balaclava
  • One Shemagh
  • One RayBench sun shades
  • One RGlass sun shades
  • One Roler watch
  • One metallic log workplace key
  • One metallic Goshan key
  • 2 – ComTac2 headsets
  • 2 – 6B47 helmets
  • 2 – Shmaska masks
  • 2 – Pilgrim backpacks
  • 2 – 6B43 6A armor units
  • 2 – WTRig chest rigs
  • 2 – AVS chest rigs
  • 2 – BlackRock chest rigs
  • 2 – vase
  • 3 – teapot
  • 4 – lion figures
  • 4 – horse figures
  • 4 – cat figures
  • 4 – GZHEL-Ok armor units
  • 6 – Fcond cans
  • 7 – Ushanka hats
  • 7 – Cowboy hats


  • One Firesteel
  • One Axe
  • One E-book
  • One #FireKlean
  • One golden rooster determine
  • One Badge
  • One Beardoil
  • One 1GPhone
  • One Mayo
  • One Sprats can
  • One Mustache
  • One Kotton beanie

The above checklist will enable you to to trace down objects for the Merchants. They may require these throughout completely different questions. So everytime you discover one, do hold this in your stock. It would additionally enable you to to enhance your loyalty ranges with the dealer. To make issues simpler right here is Tarkov quest-based checklist of merchants objects. Mark this half as necessary as a result of right here based mostly on the search you’ll have to collect objects and return to the Dealer.

Prapor – Quest based mostly Objects Record

  • Debut: 3x MR-133 shotguns
  • Ice Cream cones: 6x 60-round AK mags
  • The Punisher Half 2: 10 decrease half-masks
  • The Punisher Half 4: 10 A-2607 knives
  • The Punisher Half 5: 5 AK-74Ns, 3 M4a1s, 10 Makarovs
  • No Offence: 10 M67 grenades

Therapist – Quest based mostly Objects Record

  • Scarcity : 5x Salewa kits
  • Sanitary Requirements Half 1: 1x Fuel analyzer
  • Sanitary Requirements Half 2: 3x Fuel analyzers
  • Painkiller: 10x morphine syringes
  • Basic Wares: 30x tushonka cans
  • Automobile Restore: 4x automobile batteries, 8x spark plugs
  • Belief Regain: 303 key, ZB-014 key, gasoline station key, customs key
  • Non-public Clinic: 5x Ophthalmoscopes, 3x LEDX Pores and skin Transilluminators

Skier  – Quest based mostly Objects Record

  • Provider: 1x 3M armor, 5x TOZ shotguns
  • What’s on the flash drive?: 2x USB drives
  • Golden Swag: 1x lighter
  • Pal from the West Half 1: 2x MBSS backpacks, 4x ABS vests
  • Pal from the West Half 2: 5,000 {dollars}
  • Nutritional vitamins Half 2: 5x respirators, 5x bloodsets
  • Chumming: Discover and drop 9 gold chains in particular areas
  • Bull: 1x SV-98 sniper, 1x Roler watch

Peacekeeper – Quest based mostly Objects Record

  • Humanitarian Provides: 5x MRE packs
  • Spa Tour Half 3: 1x WD-40, 3x wipers, 3x hose, 3x bleach
  • Spa Tour Half 6: 7,500 {dollars}
  • Spa Tour Half 7: 10x morphine, 5x alkali washers, 5x hose, 3x propane tank
  • Lend Lease Half 2: 2x SG-C10 radios, 3x Virtex chips
  • Moist Job Half 1: 10x PMC canine tags

Mechanic – Quest based mostly Objects Record

  • Gunsmith Half 1: MR-133
  • Gunsmith Half 2: AKS-74U
  • Gunsmith Half 3: MP5
  • Gunsmith Half 4: M4A1
  • Gunsmith Half 5: DVL-10
  • Gunsmith Half 6: RSASS
  • Gunsmith Half 7: 870 shotgun
  • Gunsmith Half 8: AKM
  • Gunsmith Half 9: AKS-74N
  • Gunsmith Half 10: AK-105
  • Gunsmith Half 11: AS VAL
  • Gunsmith Half 12: AK-102
  • Gunsmith Half 13: MPX
  • Gunsmith Half 14: AKMN
  • Gunsmith Half 15: M1A
  • Gunsmith Half 16: M4A1
  • Farming Half 2: Wire x5, T-Formed Plug x5, Circuit x5
  • Farming Half 4: graphics card x10, CPU fan x10
  • Sign Half 2: CPU x 3, Rec Battery x6, Circuit x3, GPhone x3
  • Unhealthy Behavior: 30 cigarettes (10x Malboro, 10x Strike, and 10x Wilston)
  • Import: 3x RFIDRs, 3x VPX drives
  • Fertilizers: 5x Wires, 5x Capacitors

Ragman – Quest based mostly Objects Record

  • Dressed to kill: 7x Ushankas, 7x Cowboy hats
  • Sizzling Supply: 2x ComTac 2s, 2x 6B47 helmets, 2x Gzhel-Ok armor units
  • Sew it Good Half 1: 2x Shmaska masks, 2x Pilgrim backpacks
  • Set it Good Half 2: 2x Gzhel-Ok armor units
  • Set it Good Half 3: 2x Gzhel-Ok armor units
  • Sew it Good Half 4: 2x WTRigs, 2x AVS rigs
  • The Blood of Battle Half 2: 2x Fcond cans
  • Dwelling Excessive is Not a Crime Half 1: 4x lions, 4x horses, 4x cats, 1x Roler
  • Dwelling Excessive is Not a Crime Half 2: 3x teapots, 2x vases
  • Supervisor: Goshan key

Fence – Quest based mostly Objects Record

A049 C026 0101PD – All objects within the checklist of the fence above is required on this quest. To ease your job right here is the checklist.

  • One Firesteel
  • One Axe
  • One E-book
  • One #FireKlean
  • One golden rooster determine
  • One Badge
  • One Beardoil
  • One 1GPhone
  • One Mayo
  • One Sprats can
  • One Mustache
  • One Kotton beanie


In this Escape from Tarkov Quest Items to Keep guide, I’ll discuss a few of the more useful items found in the game. You can use these items to reduce pain, speed up a sprint, remove the Pain debuff, and more. Note that the effects of these items can vary, depending on how fast you use them, their price, and how long they last. Also, it’s important to remember that some of the items have multiple uses in Tarkov, and you may find yourself needing them later.

There are almost two thousand different items that you can obtain in Escape from Tarkov. Some of these items are used for trading, while others are required to complete a quest. Having a guide to what quest items you can keep can make your quests much easier and more efficient.

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