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Tarkov Stuck on Matching: Solutions for 2022

Why Does Tarkov Stuck on Matching and How to Fix it?


Yo hommies, it’s your boy at and today we are talking ’bout tarkov stuck on matching issue faced by many fellow cheaters out there. For those of you who don’t know, tarkov is a super popular game that many players spend hours playing on. But what happens when tarkov matchmaking takes too long, and you can’t play the game? Frustration, right? So, what’s the solution? Let’s figure it out in this blog, and I promise that you’ll be out of the ‘Tarkov Stuck on Matching’ trouble in no time!

Reasons for Tarkov Matchmaking Taking Too Long:

There could be several reasons why tarkov matching take so long, let’s see a few of them:

Tarkov Server: At times, servers might have issues where the matching process can’t happen. It’s the most common reason when you see that tarkov is stuck on leaving game instead of matching. In such cases, you need to wait for a couple of hours and try logging in after some time.

Tarkov Maintenance: Sometimes, the tarkov team carries out maintenance on servers, which can lead to the matching process getting stuck. If you try matching up during the maintenance period, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be facing ‘Tarkov stuck on matching’ issue.

Tarkov Settings: Another reason for tarkov stuck on matching could be your game settings. Make sure your game settings are optimized according to your system configuration.

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How to Fix Tarkov Stuck on Matching Issue?

Now that we know the reasons why tarkov matchmaking takes too long, let’s get into how to fix it:

Switch Server: If one server is having issues, switch to another server to see if you can match up without any issue.

Restart Game: A simple restart could go a long way in fixing the ‘Tarkov Stuck on Matching’ issue.

Run as Administrator: Running the game as administrator gives the game high priority to use your system specifications, which could reduce the waiting time for the matching process.

Optimize Settings: Optimize your in-game settings for a better gaming experience.


So guys, we’ve gone through the reasons why tarkov stuck on matching, and I’ve given you some solutions on how to get around this issue. I hope this article has helped you guys out, and if you’re still facing issues, let me know in the comments. I’m always here to help my fellow cheaters.

To sum it up, if you’re experiencing tarkov stuck on matching 2022 or tarkov stuck on leaving game, or simply wondering why is matching taking so long tarkov, follow the solutions I’ve listed, and you’ll be up and playing tarkov once again.

Till then, peace out!

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