Best Way to Play Kael in Tarshon

Kingdom Guard Tier List

In Raid Shadow Legends, the best champion to use is Arbiter. It takes on all damage head-on, which will allow other party members to focus on other aspects of the game. This champion is also good at taking damage, which can be advantageous if you’re working with a small party. But you need to be careful not to choose it too early. You’ll find bosses in the game that are nearly impossible to kill without one.


As a Spirit affinity epic, the Arbiter is the perfect champion to bring to your team. This champion is a strong support with his high HP and DEF%, and will fill your turn meter, increase your defense, and boost the damage of your defense-based champions. The downside to his AOE weakening is that he attacks just one enemy. Despite this, you can still use him for support while your team is concentrating on other champions.

The Arbiter in Tarshon raid shadow legendarys is a fantastic choice for team composition. This champion has an incredible skill set that will fit right into anyone’s team. Compared to other champions in the game, he has a speed aura that will make most people think he is the best speed lead. Furthermore, he also has excellent healing, turn meter boost, and full team revive. While his weak points may be the Clan boss and the Arbiter’s speed aura, it is still a great choice to have on your team.


Nethril is an Undead Hordes champion with a Spirit affinity. This champion is useful in the early to mid game because of her Spirit Affinity, a powerful passive skill that increases the Speed of all allies. Her Blood Harvest ability can be a good support champion, as it boosts HP and damage while attacking one enemy at a time. The main drawback is her low AOE, and her high speed, so if you are looking for a support champion, she’s a good choice.

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A champion from the A Tier is easy to use and has useful abilities against most enemies. As a support hero, she can also be useful against some more powerful opponents. Raid Shadow Legends tier lists are updated regularly, so you’ll be able to see how much damage her abilities do when you’re playing this game. However, she may not be as powerful as other A-tier Champions, so she’s better for lower-tier team compositions.


If you’re looking for the best way to play Kael in Tarshon, the next step is to find out what his weaknesses are. In RAID: Shadow Legends, he is a Spirit affinity epic who belongs to the Demonspawn faction. He is best at filling up turn meter and boosting damage and speed of champions that are based on defense. Despite his weak AOE, he’s a great support champion.

When it comes to raiding, Kael in Tarshon has a decent damage output. He can deal a decent amount of damage, and he can even do debuffs on his own. As for tanking, Kael is one of the best healers in the game. He can also deal a lot of damage, but his ranged attacks aren’t as good as his physical ones.

Kingdom Guard Tier List


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