Tears Of Themis Characters Age, Height, Birthday & Voice Actors Latest List 2022

Tears Of Themis Characters Age, Height, Birthday & Voice Actors Latest List 2022

Tears of Themis Characters

Tears of Themis is a detective game with a romantic theme. The game features many different Tears Of Themis Characters that have their own special characteristics. Some of these Tears Of Themis Characters include Marius von Hagen, Artem Wing, and Vyn Richter. The different characters of this game will help you solve a mystery and find the truth.


The four main characters in Tears of Themis are very different from each other. Some of them are quite mysterious, and some have juicy secrets to reveal. They have distinct personalities and contrasting occupations. The four main Tears Of Themis Characters are all different, but they share one common trait: they are all human.

MC (Major Character): MC is a junior lawyer in Themis Law Firm, and a childhood friend of Luke Pearce. He is also the co-worker of Artem Wing and Marius von Hagen, and Vyn Richter’s NXX partner. He has a fair complexion and light yellow-green eyes. He usually wears work clothes, though his attire varies from card to card.


Image 1 Tears Of Themis Characters
tears of themis characters

In the book Tears of Themis, you will find four characters who are all different from each other. Some have very generic names, and others have new, original ones. Nevertheless, all four share some common characteristics, such as their occupations. Some have very unusual occupations, and their names reflect that.

Standard Tears Of Themis Characters

For example, Vyn is a psychiatrist. As one of the world’s foremost experts on psychology, Vyn was offered several different jobs, but ultimately decided to settle down and become a psychiatrist in Stellis City. She exudes an air of elegance, and her presence in her patients and office attracts a lot of people. But Vyn never imagined that she would become one with human emotions.

Another difference between Tears of Themis and other RPGs is that the storyline is more episodic, allowing players to go back and forth between chapters at their leisure. This is great for a game that requires player action, but also requires some thinking. Tears of Themis is not for everyone, and its gameplay isn’t designed for the casual gamer. However, for those who enjoy more complex stories and deep gameplay, Tears of Themis offers many enjoyable features for players to enjoy.

Tears of Themis Characters

Tears Of Themis Characters
tears of themis characters

This guide will teach you how to identify each character in Tears of Themis.

Vyn Richter Tears of Themis

  • Vyn Richter, 27, is a visiting professor at The School of Psychology of Stellis University.
  • He holds many degrees and is charming with his students.
  • Tears of Themis is a charming character because of his charming demeanor.
  • Despite all of his charm, Vynn’s life story is one that has to be seen at more than just face value.
  • His mysterious past makes him one of the most intriguing characters in the game.

Luke Pearce

  • Luke Pearce, private detective and your long-lost childhood best buddy, is also Luke Pearce.
  • He is now 24 years old, and is skilled in fighting, survival and tracking.
  • Luke’s past makes him unconfident when it comes to communicating with girls.
24Male05-Dec180cmOPrivate Investigator

Marius von Hagen

  • Marius von Hagen is a young heir-apparent from the Pax Group.
  • Marius, only 21 years old doesn’t seem concerned about following the rules. Marius is rebellious, a playboy.
  • This makes him look less appealing than his first impression. This is compounded by the fact you will be defending him against murder allegations.
  • As his defender, you will need to gather evidence to prove that he is innocent.
  • Marius is a character with more to him than meets the eye.
21Male21-Jun188 cmBHeir to PAX Group

Artem Wing

  • Artem Wing is a dedicated and humble attorney. But he’s also mature.
  • Despite being 29, Artem’s lack of any personal relationships because of his devotion to work and studies makes him awkward and intimidated during romantic interactions.
  • You will start your journey as a junior lawyer in the game. Artem will serve as your direct supervisor.
29Male26-Apr182 cmAAn attorney

This is the end of this guide on Tears of Themis characters. As you can see, each character has its own unique characteristics. They come from different backgrounds and work in various fields.

Tears of Themis Voice Actors List

Japanese Voice Actors

  • Yuki Kaji – Luke Pearce
  • Junichi Suwabe – Artem Wing
  • Kaito Ishikawa – Marius von Hagen
  • Jun Fukuyama – Vyn Ritcher

Chinese Simplified Voice Actors

  • Titus Jin – Luke Pearce
  • Zhao Lu – Artem Wing
  • Yang Tianxiang – Marius von Hagen
  • Jiang Guangtao – Vyn Ritcher

Traditional Chinese Voice Actors

  • Chen Hung Yu – Luke Pearce
  • Yin Xiang – Artem Wing
  • Chiang Chih Lun – Marius von Hagen
  • Yu Cheng-Shen – Vyn Ritcher

Korean Voice Actors

  • Kim Jiyul – Luke Pearce
  • Jang Minhyuck – Artem Wing
  • Han Shin – Marius von Hagen
  • Hwang Changyung – Vyn Ritcher

Tears of Themis Characters Names

Chinese Names

  • Luke Pearce – 夏彦 (Xià Yàn)
  • Artem Wing – 左然 (Zuǒ Rán)
  • Marius von Hagen – 陆景和 (Lù Jǐng Hé)
  • Vyn Richter – 莫弈 (Mò Yì)

Japanese Names

  • Luke Pearce – 水无瀬夏彦 (Minase Natsuhiko)
  • Artem Wing – 左京静真 (Sakyo Shizuma)
  • Marius von Hagen – 和泉景(Izumi Kei)
  • Vyn Richter – 森月黎(Moritsuki Rei)

Korean Names

  • Luke Pearce – 강혁 (Gang Hyeok)
  • Artem Wing – 백은후 (Baek Eunhu)
  • Marius von Hagen – 유신우 (Yu Sinu)
  • Vyn Richter – 윤노아 (Yun Noa)

Tears for themis Zodiac Signs

  • Luke Pearce – Sagittarius
  • Artem Wing – Taurus
  • Marius von Hagen – Cancer
  • Vyn Richter – Libra

Episode rewards

In the game Tears of Themis, you have to work your way up to become a lawyer. You can either work on cases related to the main story, or on cases that are completely unrelated to it. In either case, you must do your job effectively to get rewards. Moreover, you’ll work with the energy system, which refills slowly over time.

You’ll receive rewards for completing the story in different episodes. As a player, you’ll receive an additional one tear of themis, tenk stellins, and ten oracles of justice per episode. In addition, you’ll also get a few other in-game items.

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