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How to Use Techland GG Codes in Dying Light 2? Helpful Guide

How to Use Techland GG Codes in Dying Light 2

In order to use Techland GG codes, you must first log into your TechlandGG account. Once you do so, you can transfer your in-game rewards across different platforms. You can connect as many platforms as you want. You must remember to sign in when connecting to another platform.


Dockets are codes that allow players to earn bonus content. These codes are available in the official Dying Light game. These codes are made available for both the Xbox One and PlayStation platforms. There is a list of these codes that are currently active. The list will continue to be updated over time.

To get the codes, go to Techland’s website. You can do this with your Gemly account or with a Techland account. You may be prompted to change your password. If so, click the “Forgot your password” button. You can also connect your Techland account to your Xbox Live, PSN, or Steam account. Now, you can use your Techland GG codes for free in-game items and wallpaper packs.

Techland GG codes for Dying Light can be obtained by earning XP and linking your account to Techlandgg. Registering an account with Techlandgg is free. You must verify your email address to complete authentication. You should also link your account to your Steam, Epic Games, or Xbox account to access Techland GG codes.

Bonus content

Techland GG Codes

Techland GG codes are codes that gamers can redeem for extra in-game content and rewards in their favorite games. These codes are revealed by the developers of the games on various social media platforms. However, players should note that Techland does not provide any warranty regarding these codes. The company’s games include Dead Island, Dying Light, and more.

Techland continues to go all out when it comes to bonus content for its games. They first introduced redeemable Docket codes for the original Dying Light to thank players who preordered the game and helped spread the word on social media. In the second installment, Techland decided to open up the codes to anyone who played the game.

In addition to this, TechlandGG offers downloadable content. To download these items, users need to register an account and sign in to their other platforms. Once registered, the site will send them an activation e-mail. They must then connect the other platform to their Techland account.

All About Dying Light PC Codes September 2022

To get unique objects such as weapons, gear and other items, you can use Dockets In Dying Gentle 2 to provide codes to your Quartermaster. This stuff are revealed by means of the dev’s social media channels and through particular occasions. Weapon dockets unlock unique and often eccentric weapons that are not possible to create in your game using junk or spare parts from the city.

How to Get Dockets in Dying Light PC Codes

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Dockets In Dying Gentle 2 is possible by joining your Dockets account and registering with the platform where you wish to redeem the rewards. This is possible by using the official developer webpage (TechlandGG). Select your platform from Steam or Epic, PS, Xbox, or Xbox. It is important to select the appropriate platform, particularly if you have multiple copies of the game on various platforms. (This will not be common, but it is possible).

The Docket may be available in your sport depending on the profile you choose. This means that if more than one profile is using the Xbox or PlayStation to play the game, each player must redeem their Docket on the TechlandGG website.

You can take your docket to Quartermaster to exchange it for the reward. You should not immediately redeem all weapon dockets. Because your docket reward is only capped at the current stage in which you redeem them, it’s important to do this. As you progress through the ranks, make sure you redeem every weapon docket once you feel you are required. These codes are subject to expiry so make sure you test them before they expire.

When will DL2 Docket codes be available?

As Dying Gentle 2 was launched on February 4th, it’s too early for docket codes to turn out to be obtainable. However, we might be surprised if the developers decide to quickly drop these codes. These codes can be obtained via the Dying Gentle YouTube channel or other social media accounts. You can bookmark this page to obtain them. (Ctrl+D)You can check it again later. We’ll combine the codes from multiple media and put them together in one place.

There are still free rewards that you can earn in Dying Gentle 2. You can do this by linking your account and incomesXP.

2 Free Dying Gentlemen Rewards

Here are the Dying Gentle 2 specific Aiden Rewards you can get for linking your sport platform Techland GG account:

  • 0 XP (Outsider) – The Hussar Sword
  • 10500 XP (Farmer) – Aiden’s Bracers
  • 115500 XP (Scavenger) – Aiden’s Footwear
  • 138000 XP (Scavenger) – Paraglider Pores 1
  • 150000 XP (Scavenger) – Aiden’s Greave
  • 162500 XP (Nighthunter) – Paraglider Pores & skin 2
  • 175500XP (Nighthunter) – Charms Pack
  • 189000 XP (Nighthunter) – Paraglider Pores & skin 3
  • 27500 XP (Builder) – Aiden’s Torso
  • 76500XP (Dealer) – Aiden’s Gloves
  • 95000 XP (Dealer) – Aiden’s Headwear

Dying Gentle Techland: GG Rewards

These are the Dying Gent rewards for linking Techland GG accounts:

  • 500 XP (Outsider) – Final Hope(DL2 Weapon in the DL1)
  • 1500 XP (Outsider) – World’s Greatest Pet
  • 3000 XP (Outsider) – Lightning Swan
  • 5000 XP (Outsider) – Ye Olde Trusty
  • 7500 XP (Farmer) – Dragon’s Breath
  • 14000 XP (Farmer) – Grim Scepter
  • 18000 XP (Farmer) – Bolted Mace
  • 22500 XP (Farmer) – Neon Storm(Buggy Pores, skin)
  • 33000 XP (Builder) – C4
  • 39000 XP (Builder) – Deadeye’s Bow
  • 45500 XP (Builder) – Spectral Bat
  • 52500 XP (Builder) – Deadeye’s Crossbow
  • 60000 XP (Dealer) – Little Rising Solar(Buggy Pores, skin)
  • 85500 XP (Dealer) – Ratty (Outfit)

Dying Light 2 Redeem Codes

In Dying Light 2, there are several ways to earn XP and redeem codes. The first way is by linking your account with Techland GG. To do this, you need to create a free account. Then, verify your account using the email confirmation link. Once you’ve verified your account, connect your account with Steam, Playstation, Epic Games, or Xbox. The reward will then show up in your inventory or item stash.

Dying Light 2 is coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. The developer is also working on a cloud version for Nintendo Switch. With all these exciting announcements, fans have been wondering how they can get these codes. To do this, you need to make sure your Techland account is linked to other accounts you may already have, such as Xbox Live, Brume, and PSN. You can also change your calendars using the Quartermaster.

You can also redeem Dying Light 2 docket codes for bonuses, including top-tier weapons and wallpapers. You can also redeem these codes to unlock special items in the game, such as junk parts and new weapons.

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