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Temtem Tier List : September 2022 Best Characters Ranked!

League of Legends Temtem Tier List

Temtem is one of the many team building options available in League of Legends. This tier list will show you the best choices for building your team. To learn more about these options, watch some replays or play the game. If you can, try to play the game and watch some competitive matches to learn how the best players use Temtem.


The Oceara is a water-type Temtem, with high base stats in special attack and speed. It also has access to devastating water moves like Tsunami. As one of the most common Water-type Pokémon, it can be useful to have in your team. But you must be careful when using it in battle. A Tsunami can hit multiple Temtems at once, so you need to use it wisely.

Not all Temtem are tied, though. Some of them get booted into the U tier or disappear entirely, so keep that in mind. You’ll also notice a few differences between the Types. Some of them are more powerful than others, and some are more expensive than others. Besides, there are some tiers that are more common than others.


The Barnshee in the Temtem Tier List is a beast that belongs to the element of wind and water. It is extremely strong, but it is also susceptible to electric attacks. This beast can also be taught to use mental moves to deal additional damage to the enemy.

Barnshe is one of the earliest and rarest Temtems. It evolves from the female Towly and is one of two final evolutions. It is predominantly fuchsia in colour, with orange claws and sharp blue eyes. It also has two small dots on its eyebrows. The Barnshee usually prefers to stand on the ground, and it can be used as a weapon when needed.


The Temtem Tier List is a guide to the best Tems for PvP and PvE. It is based on the selections of players like ChopHawk, NekoBlakii, and Qlazik. For more information, visit the Temtemstrat website.

The best Temtems are those that fit the needs of different teams, and work well on their own. They can build a strong core, and provide solid checks and counters. They also are versatile, with their own strengths and weaknesses.


There are several Temtem Tier Lists in World of Warcraft. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Here we take a look at some of them: Saipat on Temtem Tier List, Kinu on Temtem Tier List, Nagaise on Temtem Tier List, and Xayn in Temtem Tier List.

While the above Temtem tier list is based on Base Stat Total, they are not necessarily the highest Tier. The availability of a particular Temtem can make the difference between a higher Tier and a lower one. In particular, the availability of high-damage moves is crucial for the success of a Temtem in PVP.


The Gyalis is a very rare Temtem. It has a good base stat and decent HP and speed. It also has a high attack stat, which means it is likely to go first in combat. The other stats are a little middling, but its attacks are solid. This Temtem will hit enemies hard, but its stamina is low, which means it will use up quickly if you are using a higher-level move.

This Temtem is a good choice if you’re looking for a physical Temtem that can take damage from a range of enemies. It also has decent HP and Defense, but it is fairly slow. Luckily, this Temtem has two great traits that will help it tank against different types of attacks. First of all, it’s immune to toxic moves, so you don’t have to worry about being outmatched by other creatures. Second, it has a decent set of moves that will help you get the most damage from your enemies.

Temtem Tier List (Best Temtem’s)⇩

Here is the complete Temtem Tier List that helps players to choose the best temtem so without wasting time now let’s start.

SS Tier – Temtem Tier List

The Tier SS Temtem is versatile and can be used in many different ways. These Temtem may be used by many different teams.

S Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier S Temtem which works well on its own and can be used to build a powerful team core; They can be used on a wide range of teams and provide solid checks & counters, but are not nearly as heavy.

A Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier A Temtems are well-balanced in all their roles and offer suitable options for teams to consider. Each has its strengths as well as weaknesses.

B Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier – B Temtem with medium-level team reliability and a specific application. Although they are not as flexible and powerful as those at the top, they can still be highly effective with the right strategies.

C Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier – C Temtem with a small space that can allow them to fit into a team, but they are often impractical and may not function as well in their specialty.

D Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier – D Temtem which has some significant weaknesses that make them difficult to play or develop. These Temtem can pose a problem for your group.

Temtem Game (Wiki).⇩

Temtem, an Online Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying Game for Massively Multiplayers, was created by Crema (Spanish developer studio) or published in Humble Bundle. Gameplay of Temtem is mainly influenced by the Pokémon video game franchise.

The environment is controlled by NPCs, so players can command titanic Temtem beasts to fight NPCs and other Temtem-controlled opponents.

Tamer is a novice Tamtem and embarks on an adventure to discover six floating Islands in the Airborne Archipelago. He is also faced with the Belsoto clan, a group of evil people who want to take over the islands. Temtem is a vibrant and colorful world that players have the opportunity to explore. There are 133 Temtem animals players can catch.

Temtem were specially trained to become fellow passengers on the Airborne Islands. Popular pastime is Temtem collection. Temtem are also fond of war, which can also be considered a form or sport. Tempedia, a database that provides information on a variety of species, is called Tempedia.

There are many variants of every Temtem. Each technique has its own variant. The type of attack that you use to damage your Temtem will determine the extent of the damage.

These are: Neutral, Earth and Water. All of these advantages and disadvantages should be kept in your Temtem Squad. That’s where our Temtem Tier List can help you pick the best ones.


This was our TemtemYou can help select the best Temtems among the Tier List of creatures. When dealing with different species of creatures, you need to consider team synergies. You should also consider how they interact as a team. Although it might seem sensible to collect all the SS or S-level creatures, it’s important to consider which characters you like. Remember that fun is the ultimate goal in all games!


Volarend, the final evolution of the Zephyruff, is a powerful Toxic/Wind Temtem. Its Trait of Speed is particularly devastating. Although Volarend has a reputation for being temperamental, it is one of the strongest Tems available. Its dual type makes it a great choice for PvE content.

As with any new Temtem, it is important to remember that Temtems are still in early access, and changes could be made to its stats and moves at any time. This could change its value in PVP. Temtem tier lists, however, are based on the popularity of each temtem in competitive play, as well as market prices in the “competition ready” state. They also take into account each temtem’s traits and strengths relative to other Temtems.

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