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Ancient Greek History – Tertius


Among the Seventy Disciples, Terteus of Iconium acted as amanuensis to Paul, and wrote down the Epistle to the Romans. Although he was probably not a Roman, he was a member of the church of Iconium, and his works can still be found in the margins of ancient manuscripts.


During the Minecraft fifth century AD, Messenia was an independent state. Its name derives from the Greek word’mess’. Ampheia is a small town in Messenia with copious springs of water. It is located on a high hill. It is a free city that does not garrison.

Aepytus was a son of Cresphontes, a chieftain of Messene. Cresphontes married Merope, daughter of Cypselus. He became the chieftain of old Messenians. Aepytus was brought up in Messene. When he reached adulthood, he was returned to Messene by the Arcadians.

He was a good archer. He was given the task of attacking Ampheia. He had the best weapons. He was also considered to be the son of Apollo.

It is also said that an eagle saved Aristomenes from being thrown into the Ceadas. Aepytus was a noble man who gained the admiration of his men. His men held together against the fierce attacks of the Lacedaemonians.

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Among the Greeks, the earliest known poet was Archilochus. His name is composed of the Greek archos (meaning leader) and lochos (ambush). He is a Cycladic islander and the earliest Greek poet known to have used strategos (general).

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Archilochus was a Greek poet, a professional soldier, and an aristocrat. He was one of the early poets to use lyric metres. He lived on Paros, an island in the Aegean Sea. It was one of the islands involved in a violent struggle between the Parians and the Thracians. He was a follower of Ares, the god of war, and the Muses. He also fought as a mercenary.

Archilochus’ poetry is marked by a high level of satire. He pokes fun at high-minded ideals of other great Archaic Greek poets. He uses a mixture of metre and lyric voice to achieve his effect.


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Among the many papyri discovered at the ancient garbage dump of Oxyrhynchus, the Louvre is not short on the surviving pieces. The largest collection is the Partheneia, the aforementioned maiden-song of the female persuasion. The Louvre’s collection also contains a number of other worthy finalists, including the aforementioned maiden-song, and a few lesser known gems.

Some of these are dated as far back as the Hellenic era, while others were discovered at the time of their discovery, including the Partheneia in a jar. Moreover, most of the papyri are now in the hands of scholars, as opposed to the unpaid pawns of a pampered past master. This plethora of material yielded some of the most enlightening insights into ancient Egyptian culture and society. For example, the surviving Partheneia is actually a composite of the larger fragments.

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During the Hellenistic period, Mimnermus circulated his elegiac output as a book. He was part of a tradition of Colophon-aristocrats. He used imagery to express his feelings.

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In the early Hellenistic age, poetry and music came together again. This allowed rhapsodic groups to style themselves as guardians of biographical truth. Mimnermus’ pseudobiography was an example of this performative tradition. It enacted the poetic habit of performing poems in sequence.

His elegy was a sympotic poem, a type of poem suitable for sung performance. The poem was not long enough to fill a papyrus roll. Hermesianax’s katalogos mentions Mimnermus, Musaeus, and Orpheus.

Mimnermus’ imagery is linked to the natural cycle of seasons. For instance, he mentions the spring, the autumn, and the ripe harvest. Moreover, his imagery enforces the idea of the brevity of youth.

messenian war

Probably the most enduring and longest running conflict between two Greek speaking nations in history was the war between Sparta and Messenia. The two kingdoms fought over Meessenia, which is the region encompassing modern-day Greece. The two were rivals for decades before Sparta finally gained the upper hand.

One of the most significant events in Spartan history was the acquisition of Peloponnese from the native Achaeans. In the process, the Spartans became the envy of the Greeks. Their first incursion into Messenian territory commenced in the early seventh century. The ensuing war was a bloodbath, and the Spartans eventually annexated almost all of Messenia.

Despite their success in Messenia, the Spartans were unable to fully integrate Messenia into the Spartan fold. The Messenian army of the day was not a match for the Spartans’ elite, whose tactics included the use of slaves, women, and children. The Spartans eventually defeated Messenia in the battle of Ampheia.

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