The Characters and Personalities of Makoto in the Anime Bad Ending

Makoto is different to his classmates despite his self deprecating exterior. Makoto, despite his optimism, is polite, kind, and supportive. He is also more compassionate than his peers. Makoto is an ordinary man with an extraordinary outlook. This article will discuss Makoto’s personality as well as his personal traits.

Relationship between Kyoko und Makoto

The second plotline is about Kyoko’s affair with Makoto. Although Kyoko wasn’t involved in Makoto’s death, her support helped him come to terms. Kyoko was shocked by the news and shared evidence Sayaka refused to share with Makoto to try to console him. She tried to send Makoto a encouraging message. As the series progresses, Kyoko and Makoto’s bond strengthens. Kyoko is the Future Foundation leader but she doesn’t reveal her feelings toward Makoto.

Makoto may be skeptical about Kyoko’s motives but he doesn’t believe her. Makoto admires Kyoko’s positive outlook, cool personality and positive outlook. Kyoko is his motivation. There are many characters that appear in the series. Kyoko teases her husband many times. Makoto’s best moment is when Kyoko encourages Makoto to help his father end the conflict.

His relationship with Kyosuke

Their relationship is complicated, tense and fraught. However, Yuki’s and Yuki’s love remains strong. In the first episode Kyosuke kisses Yuki right on the cheek. This could be a sign they are still together. He tells Yuki later that they will be going to counseling together. Yuki finds this comforting.

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The episode “The World is a Magical Girl” is the first time they have met. Kyosuke leaves the school and invites Sayaka into a CD shop where she can find a song. Kyosuke declines Sayaka’s invitation because she is too distracted by her own worries. She recognizes the person in the store. Kyosuke tries to deliver Sayaka’s CD, but Sayaka isn’t there.

He was on the hunt for the perpetrator of this horrible act of violence and he found him.

Makoto’s confused state at the start of the novel is due his discovery that, in fact, he was amnesiac. The murders of his classmates by Great Gozu probably traumatized Makoto. He later discovers that the killer was not a mole, but a classmate. He decides to act.

Makoto was happy to receive positive news from police. Makoto is greeted by Komaru when he takes his taxi home. He said that he received a letter from Hope’s Peak Academy. Makoto is both exasperated and guilty. He quickly realizes that it is an inhumane act, and that he alone can stop it.

Toko is Toko’s partner

Despite not living together, Byakuya appears to feel for Toko even though they don’t live together. While holding Toko’s photo in The Bad Ending, he smiles. Despite his inability to feel, it seems that he feels for Toko. They never go out on dates. Kyoko mentions that “someone” is waiting for him when he returns. He then talks with Yuta or Byakuya.

Toko’s feelings about Makoto are complicated by his actions. Toko is not the only one to feel guilty about Makoto’s anger. Toko is anxious about her abilities, and she fears that she will be less capable. Toko feels guilty about not being able see the flaws in others. She supports her friend and tries to befriend.

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