Scientology Necklace

The Dangers of a Scientology Necklace

What is a Scientology Necklace? It’s basically a chain that has a logo or symbol from Scientology on it. The symbol is a set of two triangles with the letter S centered in their center. A member of the group is considered a follower if they wear one of these necklaces. It is important to not mistake this necklace for jewelry belonging to another religion. Many of these necklaces were created for Scientology members.

Frankie Jonas’s prank

Frankie Jonas pulled off one of the greatest pranks ever. It was a ‘new age’ prank on a Scientology Necklace. The necklace is made up of two triangles that are overlapping and have the letter “S” woven through them. On the video, a collection of celebrities wore the necklace. The D’Amelio sisters, Olympic Gold Medalist Suni Lee, among others, were all seen wearing the necklace. Fans were confused even though the necklace was a joke and that it was bought for fun. They wondered if the actor believed in Scientology.

Twitter posted a video of the stunt, which triggered a flood of comments. The necklace was seen on several celebrities including Noah Beck and Charli D’Amelio as well as Olympic gymnast Suni Lee and Lil Huddy. Jonas did nothing to comment, but it is unlikely that they did not call them to apologise. The video shows celebrities making funny faces while wearing the necklace. It was taken down from the site shortly after it went viral.

Charli Di’Amelio’s reactions to wearing a Scientology Necklace

Many celebrities have shared stories about wearing Scientology necklaces, and their reactions to them. The necklaces were worn by Charli D’Amelio (pictured above), Noah Beck (pictured below), and Suni Le. These celebrities are well-known in Los Angeles but are not ignorant to the importance of religion. D’Amelio’s fans can be so loud that even the smallest comment can drive her crazy.

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Frankie Maguire used TikTok’s video to post the video Charli D’Amelio in a Scientology necklace. A necklace in the form of a Scientology symbol was worn by her. It consisted of two triangles that overlap to form an “S” and a necklace. The video featured a montage of celebrities, including the D’Amelio sisters. Suni Lee, Olympic gold medalist, also appeared in the video.

Scientology Necklace

Scientology’s dangers

You may have heard of the dangers of wearing a Scientology necktie. The necklace is made up of two triangles that have an S curving through them. It hangs from chains. It’s easy to spot as members of the group are instructed not to communicate with their family and friends. Scientology and its adherents have committed many acts of abuse and deception. These necklaces are dangerous and should not be purchased.

First, the Fair Game policy in this religious organization penalizes those who criticize it. Critics are treated as enemies and those who challenge their leadership and beliefs are dealt with harshly by the church. Scientology has a history of misleading recruiters and denies any abuse of members. There are several things to consider if you’re thinking of purchasing a necklace from Scientology members.

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