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The Floor Is Healing Deck Problem In Conflict Royale 2023 Solution

The Floor is Healing Deck in Conflict Royale

If you’re looking for a deck that’s easy to play, The Floor is Healing Deck challenge may be the right choice for you. This deck features a few cards that are repeated throughout the game. Some of the cards that are repeated include the Goblin clock, Dragon with the Inferno, E.K.K.A., Symbol of the sea, and The Holy Ghost. Below are some suggestions for decks that work best in this challenge.

Lava Hound deck

The Floor is Healing deck in Conflict Royale is a great option for players who like to use their healing essence to heal entire arenas. However, you should be aware that it has some limitations. You need a specific number of cards in your deck to be successful at this challenge. The best deck for this challenge is one that is composed of at least eight cards. Among them, Legendary playing cards are important. These cards have special skills but cost little in elixirs.

This deck is a perfect match for players who want to dominate the Arena. With a win rate of 61.4 percent in Grand Challenges, this deck is a must-have for anyone who wants to play a deck with high chances of winning. Its healing ability allows it to deal a lot of damage to opponents, so this deck should be used in combination with other decks.

Inferno Dragon

The Floor Is Healing Deck

If you’re looking to earn more gold and experience with your deck, you’ll want to check out the Floor is Healing challenge in Conflict Royale. This challenge takes place on a healing battlefield, and it requires you to use an eight card deck with cards that you’ve unlocked. The goal is to have the best deck possible to win the tournament.

The Floor is Healing Deck in Conflict Royale is a deck that heals your troops on the battlefield. There are several variations of this deck, and you’ll be able to build an 8-card deck. Some decks feature Legendary cards, which are rare but have specific skills and cost very little in elixir.

Mini Pekka

The Floor is Healing challenge is one of the many tournament challenges in Conflict Royale. It requires players to build a healing deck using eight cards. Once built, the Floor will heal players while they deploy their cards. Legendary cards are the most desirable rarities in this challenge because they contain special abilities and require relatively little elixir to deploy.

This deck contains two low-cost attack units that deal low-cost damage. This makes it a great option for spamming. Its low cost cards add up over time, which is great for healing low-HP towers. Inferno Dragon can also be used as a support card. If you don’t want to use a tank, consider using a Mini Pekka or Night Witch.


If you want to win a Clash Royale tournament, you need to learn how to use The Floor is Healing Deck. This tournament challenge will let you build a deck that continuously heals your opponents as you deploy cards. The Floor is Healing challenge will require you to develop an 8-card deck that is full of Legendary playing cards, which have special abilities and cost little elixir to deploy.

This deck is a great choice for anyone who wants to win a Grand Challenge. This deck has a high win rate in Grand Challenges and Arenas. Its single-target attack deals huge damage and has plenty of hitpoints. It can also summon a Cursed Hog, which attacks the Archer Tower and Archer. This deck synergizes well with almost every other deck and can be a powerful strategy in the right situation.

The Floor Is Healing Deck in Conflict Royale

image 169 the floor is healing deck

The Ground is Therapeutic Problem is a 10 wins Problem with out eliminations, you’ll be able to proceed from the place you left off. Simply win 10 video games and earn the entire Gold. The Problem is in a Perpetual Heal Spell that heals every thing within the Area, which works for the Towers as effectively. The thought of creating a Deck across the Problem is to make use of Playing cards which have a good quantity of Well being. So the usage of playing cards like Bait & Fireballies needs to be averted. The Greatest Decks for the Ground is Therapeutic in Conflict Royale are:

PEKKA Double Prince w/Sparky

  • PEKKA, Darkish Prince, Prince, Executioner, Sparky, Princess, Fireball, & Twister. (4.6 Elixir)

E-Golem Healer Sparky

  • E-Golem, Healer, Sparky, Skeleton Dragons, Princess, Rocket, Arrows & Twister. (4.0 Elixir)

For this Problem, Playing cards like E-Golem, Healer, Sparky, & Rocket are going to be widespread right here. Tanks will even be seen like Golem, Big, & PEKKA. Utilizing the above decks will for the Ground is Therapeutic Problem in Conflict Royale provides you with the most effective probability of successful. Utilizing the Rocket right here is important because it one-shots most troops. Fireball & Poison are dangerous to make use of as any troops that can survive them will heal up. Lightning might have been an possibility nevertheless it solely hits three targets. Sparky can survive a Lightning strike however not a Rocket. The Playing cards that it’s best to carry:

  • Sparky
  • Rocket
  • Twister
  • Princess
  • Arrows
  • Executioner

Mom Witch

One of the most popular challenges in the game of Conflict Royale is the Floor is Healing challenge. This challenge allows players to gain gold while playing on a healing battlefield. To participate, you must create an eight-card deck that includes all the cards you’ve unlocked. Your goal is to create the best possible tournament deck, so you can win the challenge and receive gold.

You can complete the Floor is Healing challenge to earn gold and speed improvements in Clash Royale. To unlock this challenge, you must complete 10 in-challenge battles. You must complete the challenge before the deadline to earn the rewards. The Floor is Healing challenge will be open until May 23 and will reward players with gold and faster improvements.

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