The Forest Game

The Forest Game Guide

The Forest Game Guide

Endnight Games created The Forest Game, a survival horror video game. The game is set on a peninsula surrounded by dense woods. Timmy’s father must battle cannibalistic animals to save him. Its storyline and difficulty make this game appealing. Continue reading for more information on The Forest Game. You can also read our review of The Forest Game, which focuses more on its story.

Survival horror

Endnight Games has developed The Survival horror Of The Forest Game. Eric Leblanc must battle cannibalistic animals and survive in the forest to save his son Timmy. This is an intense and dark game. This game is not suitable for the fainthearted. The game is not for mature audiences.

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Base building

Forest Game’s base building system uses both building materials and customized items. This gives players the opportunity to create impressive structures. However, the more complex the base, it’s less likely that it will be destroyed. This unique feature makes base construction more enjoyable. The absence of cutscenes can make it difficult to follow the storyline. Even though the game doesn’t cover all of the key elements, cutscenes can be helpful in understanding some aspects.


The Forest’s cannibals might not be suicidal but they are extremely alarming. Although they appear to be trying kill, their AI is convincing. They will run away from you if they are approached. They can be defeated with many different tactics and weapons.


The Forest is finished. Game developers might make adjustments to the story as they go. This guide attempts to chronologically present The Forest’s main events, but it is possible for some parts to be left out. The survival guide notes don’t need to be read. If you are looking for an overview of what to expect, this is a good place to start.


The Forest runs on modern computers. This game isn’t as hard as you might think, despite its complex graphics and hardware requirements. Forest needs at most 4GB RAM, and a very powerful processor. Windows 7 or greater is recommended. Windows XP has been released. The Radeon HD 5585 AMD’s equivalent to a GeForce GTX 570 is the Radeon HD 5585. This may be worth considering if your goal is to play The Forest with an older computer. 4GB RAM is required.

Release Date

Endnight Games has created The Forest, which is a survival horror-style game. It takes place in dense woods on a peninsula where Eric Leblanc must defeat cannibalistic animals to save his son Timmy, who was killed by a plane crash. The Forest Game will be released in 2019. These are the most awaited 2019 video games.

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