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The Four Belfries Elden Ring 2023 Helpful Guide

The Four Belfries Elden Ring

The Four Belfries Elden Ring are a location in the Lands Between. After you find this place, you will be able to travel to the Chapel of Anticipation. The Chapel of Anticipation is a place where the Spirit Ash can be obtained. This is a location of great importance to the Elden Ring.

Waygate of the Four Belfries in Elden Ring

The Waygate of the Four Belfries is one of the many locations in Elden Ring. These four tower-like strictures have massive bells atop each one. Three of the towers have a waygate at their base, while the fourth tower contains a chest. Inside the chest, you’ll find the Imbued Sword Key, which can unlock all four tower waygates.

The Waygate of the Four Belfries in the game allows players to travel to the different areas of the Lands Between. In Elden Ring, the player can travel quickly by using portal-like altars and Waygates. The Four Belfries are large and castle-like structures with four bell towers, and each of them houses a single Waygate.

Location of the Four Belfries in Elden Ring

The Four Belfries Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, there are several ways to gain access to the Four Belfries, a location with four bell towers. The location is located northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes. The quest to access the Four Belfries will require the Tarnished adventurer to travel to the western shore of the lake. This area is guarded by a ferocious Troll Spirit Knight.

The Four Belfries is a huge castle-like building that features four bell towers and a single Waygate. This Waygate teleports you to various areas of the Lands Between.

Map of the Four Belfries in Elden Ring

The Four Belfries is an area in Elden Ring. This area contains four large towers. Three of the towers are equipped with teleporters and the fourth contains a chest. In order to reach these towers, you’ll need a special key to unlock them. You can find these keys in a treasure chest at Four Belfries.

The Four Belfries are located in the northwestern portion of Liurnia of the Lakes, just northwest of the Raya Lucaria Academy. To reach them, take the road north from the Village of the Alburnaurics, then take the fork right at the Foot of the Four Belfries. You’ll arrive at the Four Belfries, which is part of the Temple Quarter.

Getting to the Four Belfries in Elden Ring

The Four Belfries are one of the most mysterious locations in Elden Ring. They can serve as jumping-off points for late-game areas, but you need to get to them using a special key, called an Imbued Sword Key. The key only works for one of the four towers, so you must have one of them in order to proceed.

The Four Belfries can be found on a high ridge northwest of the Academy in Liurna of the Lakes. The area has four “belfries” or towers, and one of them holds a key and a portal. Players can only activate the portals in the Four Belfries with the Imbued Sword Key, which is located in a treasure chest in Nokron.

How to get 4 Belfries in Elden Ring

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  • Visit the Course in the northwestOnce you reach the Raya Lucaria Academy. The 4 Belfries are located high up on the hill.
  • ThreeEach of the 4 Belfries has the ability to teleport you at different times to different places.
  • The Fourth BelfryAlternativly, you can also get an Imbued Sword key.
  • You will need this key to unlock those Belfries’ portals or waygates.
  • But the most important thing vanishes when it isn’t used as soon as possible. We must discover the opposite. two Imbued Sword keysTo unlock the doorways.

Imbued Sword Key Places

  • You can see the Fourth Belfry as you enter it. Treasure chestAn ingredient that contains an Imbued Sword key.
  • The second key is located at the top of the page. Raya Lucaria’s Academy. Find the key to success. EastClose to a corpse.
  • Go to the northeast Sellia, The City of Sorcery. The important things will be found in small buildings.
  • It is essential to gently lighten the flame high up in the tower, as magic seals the building. You can break the seal.
  • This tower will be found to the southwestYou can find the Sellia. You can now open the treasure chest and retrieve the key item by returning to the small structure after you have destroyed the seal.

Elden Ring 4 Belfries Portals

Three of these portals or waygates, as we have already mentioned, teleport you into completely different places. Each of these portals or waygates are located at the feet of completely different Belfries.Below are the Belfries’ recommendations for you.:

First Belfry

  • This is the closest waygate to the hill.
  • Once you have reached the situation, you can drop on the destroyed buildings to get the Pearldrake Talisman.
  • To spice up your meals, you will need to use this condiment. non-physical harm negation.
  • You can only see the Crumbling Farum Azula when you are there.

Second Belfry

  • It drops the after you defeat it Golden Beast Crest defend Decorative straight sword.
  • You can make a quick getaway to the 4 Belfries for your return.

Third Belfry

  • You can’t find more of this area, just like in the First Belfry.
  • It is possible to accumulate the Mottled necklaceThis may increase your strength, immunity, and focus.
  • Be careful Lesser Crucible KnightWe are ready to fight for you.
  • We advise you keep away from combating, as he doesn’t drop something apart from some runs.

Defeating Godrick at the Four Belfries

Defeating Godrick at the Four Beltries is one of the hardest bosses in the game, and if you’re looking to make your first run, it’s best to take your time. The boss fights are incredibly tough, and it is crucial to use all your skills to succeed. If you’re having trouble, we’ve got some tips that will help you beat the boss.

First, you’ll have to defeat Godrick’s descendant, Godefroy the Grafted, on the Divine Tower Bridge. This boss has a much longer attack sequence and unusual timing, but it’s still one of the toughest fights in the game. You’ll have to dodge a lot of his attacks and use your timing well to beat him.

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