The Legendary Mechanic Leviathan Review

The Legendary Mechanic is a Japanese novel that covers the genres of Action, Adventure, and Comedy. Chocolion wrote the novel in Japanese and has since translated all of the chapters into English. The story follows the protagonist’s experience as an NPC in the game. While he is a powerful character in this book, he is still very vulnerable to his enemies. The author’s goal for the book is to make the reader feel as if he is part of the game.

Author: Qi PeijiaTranslator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios

The Legendary Mechanic

The Legendary Mechanic class is centered around machines and technology. There are two major directions in which the class applies its technology: offensively and defensively. As the main character in the story, the mechanic will play an important role in determining the outcome of the game. The Cannonmaster class, on the other hand, focuses on heavy artillery and long-range bombardment. Their firepower and range are absolutely terrifying.the legendary mechanic

The Legendary Mechanics are defensive focused and can build forts. The best forts enclose the mechanic. Some forts can include missile batteries and cannons on lower levels. Additionally, cannons count as equipment for mechanics. Because cannons are used by Mechanics to fight, cannoneer mechanics favor this style. The best forts can be created by combining several knowledge talents and using experience points.

Legendary Mechanic Leviathan Guide

When the legend of the Legendary Mechanic Leviathan was first released, it was a giant monster with the ability to split itself into countless pieces. The Mechanic Leviathan ate and resounded throughout the universe. The monster weighed in at over six tons, and was the largest known creature to ever inhabit the galaxy. However, it did not survive the release and was extinct in a few years.

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Legendary Mechanic Leviathan 1- The monster’s abilities were all boosted to the highest level and were upgraded to 1.25x. The Black Star Race talent was also increased to 40% Machinery Creation Performance and +30% Mechanic. All Mechanic skills gained in this fight will increase by a level. The Mechanic Leviathan was a formidable foe, and it had a large range. This meant that any enemy that had a chance to damage it would be much more dangerous than it had previously been.

Legendary Mechanic Leviathan

The Margola Void Beast’s meat shield was also very effective, so Han Xiao didn’t need to take a meat shield talent to increase his damage. Instead, he selected a talent from the Tyraces Mechanical Legacy. The Margola Void Beast’s mechanical ability was one of the most powerful abilities in the game. The Mechanic Leviathan was an extremely difficult opponent to face in the beginning, but it was worth it in the end.




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