The Legendary Mechanic Leviathan Review

The Legendary Mechanic Leviathan Review

The Legendary Mechanic, a Japanese novel, covers the genres Action, Adventure, Comedy. Chocolion translated the entire novel into English after Chocolion had written it in Japanese. The story is about the protagonist’s experiences as an NPC in the video game. He is an extremely powerful character, but he is also very vulnerable to his enemies. The book’s author aims to make the reader feel like he is part the game.

Author: Qi PeijiaTranslator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios

The Legendary Mechanic

Technology and machines are the core of the Legendary Mechanic class. The class can use its technology in two main ways: defensively or offensively. The mechanic, as the protagonist in the story will play an important part in determining how the game ends. Cannonmasters, on the contrary, are focused on heavy artillery as well as long-range bombardment. Their firepower is incredible, as well as their range.The Legendary Mechanic

Legendary mechanics are defensive-focused and can build forts. Forts that surround the mechanic are the best. Forts may include missile batteries or cannons at lower levels. Cannons can also be used as equipment by mechanics. Cannoneer mechanics love cannons because they are used to fight. Combining multiple knowledge talents and using experience points can create the best forts.

Guide to the Legendary Mechanic Leviathan

Legendary Mechanic Leviathan, a gigantic monster that could split into countless pieces, was the first time the legend was published. The Mechanic Leviathan could eat and resound throughout the universe. The monster, which weighed over six tons and was the most massive known alien creature ever to inhabit the galaxy, weighed more than six tons. It was released but it died soon after and became extinct.

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Legendary Mechanic Leviathan 1 The abilities of the monster were all increased to the highest level and upgraded to 1.25x. Black Star Race talent was also upgraded to 40% Machinery Creation Performance, and +30% Mechanical. The fight will see all Mechanic skills increase by one level. The Mechanic Leviathan, a powerful foe, had a great range. It was therefore more dangerous than ever to attack it with any kind of enemy.

Legendary Mechanic Leviathan

Han Xiao did not need to learn a meat shield talent because the Margola Void Beast had a very powerful meat shield. He chose instead to use a Tyraces Mechanical Legacy talent. Margola Void Beast had one of the strongest mechanical abilities in the game. Although the Mechanic Leviathan was a difficult opponent in the beginning, it was well worth it in the end.


Standard The Legendary Mechanic



RAR PASS = 123

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