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How To Find And Kill The Oil AC Valhalla – All Clue Locations in 2023

How to Find and Kill the Oil in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

How To Find And Kill The Oil AC Valhalla? You will find Oil in the game. You can locate him in Fearnhamme, a location in the game that is on the border of Suthsexe and Hamtunscire. The good news is that you can easily kill him. Read on to find out how.


In the AC Valhalla expansion, players will encounter the Order of the Ancients. These ancient cults have always battled against one another in the AC series. However, in AC Valhalla, the Order of the Ancients is the primary opponent, and players will have to defeat them before they can move on.

The Oil is a member of the Order of the Ancients. The first clue to his location can be found in a pig farm near Readingum Abbey. The second clue can be found in a festival near Henge Farm. The third clue can be found at a pig farm near Readingum Abbey, but you will have to wait until he turns his back to find it.


How To Find And Kill The Oil AC Valhalla

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you must find and kill the Oil. In order to do this, you must gather three clues. Once you have found them, you can go to Fearnhamme, a named location in Hamtunscire. Alternatively, you can simply go to Fearnhamme and meditate there until the AC Valhalla NPC spawns.

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The third clue is found in a well located near the pig farm in Hamtunscire. The well has a wooden covering, and the player must break it in order to enter. Once inside, the player will find the final clue. The Oil is hidden in Fearnhamme, so it is important to stay low.


The Oil is a semi-bald man with a beard. He wears a black robe and a large cross around his neck. You can kill him at any time during the game. It is possible to find and kill The Oil even if you don’t look for clues. However, you will need to find him before you can kill him. The first clue that will lead you to his location is from Zealot Hrothgar, who you can find in Crawleah or west Suthsexe.

The third clue to find and kill The Oil can be found in a sealed well in a pig farm in Readingum Abbey. It tells you that The Oil is a member of the Order of the Ancients. You will also be able to find him at a festival near Henge Farm, which is near the pig farm at Readingum Abbey. This one is not as easy to find, however.

Murderer’s Creed Valhalla: The place to Discover All The Clues for The Oil

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You can find the primary clue after . That is when all the trouble of discovering the Oil will start. Beating the Hrothgar will start a cutscene the place he gives you the primary clue, which can lead you to the subsequent clue location. Entry this clue from the “Orders” menu. It reads, “Examine the Competition close to Henge Farm within the HIlls south of Stonehenge.”

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The situation the place you’ll want to go is to the precise east of the Henge Farm. You possibly can confer with the beneath picture for assist with the precise location.

There’s a competition happening right here. All you’ll want to do is head there and search for a clearing with a picket desk. The second clue is mendacity on the desk, head there, and skim it for a touch concerning the subsequent location.

The second clue reads, “Search the Pig Farm at Readingum Abbey in Hamtunscire,” and that’s precisely the place you’ll want to head. Confer with the beneath picture for assist with the situation.

As soon as on the Pig Farm, search for a properly close to an enormous tree. The properly will probably be sealed with a picket overlaying, merely break it along with your ax and enter the properly to get the closing clue to seek out the Oil. The clue will probably be in the direction of the proper of the chamber that you just attain after coming into the properly.

The right way to Discover and Kill The Oil in AC Valhalla

You’ll discover the Oil in Fearnhamme. After gathering all of the clues, head to the stated location to assassinate the Oil. Fearnhamme is a mistrust space; therefore, it’s best to remain low on the space and keep away from any consideration.

You can find the Oil standing in entrance of one of many buildings right here, proper subsequent to the Templar flag. Merely sneak behind him and press F on PC, R1 on PS4 or PS5, and RB on Xbox One or Xbox Collection S/X consoles to him. As quickly as Eivor places the hidden blade proper into the Oil, the Order of Ancients’ quest for defeating the Oil in Murderer’s Creed Valhalla will probably be accomplished.

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That’s every little thing you’ll want to find out about methods to discover and kill the Oil in AC Valhalla. A number of different Order of Ancients members must be killed in Murderer’s Creed Valhalla. You possibly can learn a few of our guides on the areas of all Order of Historic members’ areas. Together with that, you also needs to think about studying our guides on methods to discover and kill , , , and in AC Valhalla for assist with simply finishing quests associated to these Historic members.

Order of the Ancients target locations

If you’re having trouble finding and killing Order of the Ancients targets in Broken Steel II, there are several techniques you can use. The first method involves tracking down clues to a target location. Then, you can use these clues to get to the target location directly.

Firstly, make sure that you have high quality equipment. You’ll need good weapon and armor to kill the Zealots. Zealots are a powerful enemy that roam England on horseback. If you see them, you’ll be able to see their location using the white helmet icon.

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