Touhou Lost Word Tier List September 2022 Best Characters

Touhou Lost Word Tier List September 2022 Best Characters

Touhou Lost Word Tier List

If you’re wondering what each character in Touhou Lost Word is worth, look no further than the character tier list. There are five tiers in the game, with each level representing a different type of character. These are the most powerful characters, as well as the most common ones. Read on to find out which characters you need to train to reach the top of the list! Touhou Lost Word character tier list includes the names of the five strongest characters, as well as the common types of characters.

Suika Ibuki

Listed from worst to best, the Touhou LostWord tier list ranks characters from S to D based on their fighting performances and versatility. While the list is not perfect, it does give a good indication of how the characters compare in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. Suika Ibuki is currently ranked as the third best character in the game, and you may want to consider using her.

As one of the smaller oni in the series, Suika has greater trickery and plotting abilities than other oni. She claims to have not been sober for hundreds of years. Suika can grow enormous or shrink to tiny sizes, and she can even knock someone unconscious using her powers. Suika is considered an S+ Tier Friend. But if you’re looking for a more balanced character to help out your team, Suika is definitely worth considering.

Misato Aki

Touhou Lost Word has many characters, but the best ones are all listed here. The official tier lists are based on their DEF and ATK values, and their upgrade potential. You can learn more about each character’s strengths and weaknesses by reading this guide. You’ll be able to determine which of the characters is the best choice for you in the game. This guide has been updated frequently to take into account the latest additions to the game.

Misato Aki is the top-tier character of Touhou LostWord, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. This game has a small character pool, and the chances of acquiring a powerful friend are slim. After the game’s April 2020 release, it will grow in size and support. With more character types and more spell cards, you’ll be rewarded for investing in depth.

Benben Tsukumo

If you haven’t seen Benben Tsukumo in Touhou Lost World, you’ve definitely been missing out. His Spell Card plays a musical note-themed tune, which is inspired by the classic military epic, Tale of the Heike. The tune reminds us that everything is not permanent, and even prosperity must fall at some point. And Benben is no different, as he has a music-themed Spell Card, and a musical staff shaped like a bow.

While there are a variety of characters in Touhou LostWord, there are a handful of key players who can help you dominate the game. Marisa Kirisame, for instance, is an excellent choice if you want to have a strong character with a lot of potential for upgrading. Her last word is devastating and can deal massive damage even in the shortest fights. Her access to Elemental Break is also unrivaled in the game.


There are a number of ways to increase the level of your Touhou Lost Word character. You can either use the ‘Bonus Point’ system, or you can choose the ‘Perk Point’ system, which rewards you with a bonus when you complete a certain task. The best way to gain more levels is to keep battling and leveling your Touhou character. In addition to increasing your level, you can also level up your character’s stats. This can be done by improving your character’s defense, attack, and agility.

The Touhou Lost Word Tier List is a great resource for players who want to get the most out of their characters. The game has several tier lists, each of which ranks characters based on their skills and abilities. The Tier List will tell you which characters are at the top of each level, and what you can do to increase their level. You should also check out the “Reroll” guide to see how to increase your character’s level. Touhou Lost Word is a fun and lively gacha role-playing game with cute and adorable characters.

Touhou Lost Word Tier List – Global Version >>

Image 61 Touhou Lost Word Characters Tier List
touhou lost word characters tier list

Tier S – These are the most powerful characters in the game. These characters are very powerful and can easily defeat opponents. With some buffs they can be ranked on Stier characters.

Tier A –These characters represent the best Touhou lost word characters. They can be used together with other characters easily and have great stats. They are great as replacements for in-game characters.

Tier B –These are the standard characters in Touhou Lost Word. They are able to be helpful in certain in-game niches and have a strong stat.

Tier C – These characters are below average in Touhou Lost Word. They have poor stats and aren’t very well. These can be used during the Touhou Lost Word’s early stages. You should be aware that they will eventually need to be replaced in order to progress.

Tier D –These characters are the worst in the game. These characters should not be invested in. These characters are worthless. You can only use them if they appeal to you or you want to challenge you in the game.

Touhou Lost Word Japanese Tier List 2022 >>

This is the Touhou Lost Word JP tier list. It applies to the Japanese version. The Japanese version contains more incredible characters than the global version.

In the future, many of these Touhou Lost Word characters may be available in the global version. See the ranking of the new Touhou Lost Word characters.

Easy Steps To Touhou Lost Word Reroll >>

If you get a bad character in the Touhou Lost Word game then don’t worry you can simply change your character through the reroll. Below is a guide for Android and IOS users to simply roll their characters.

Android Players:

  • Go to your android phone home screen, and then hold down the Touhou lost word game icon
  • Click on the App Info button.
  • Next click storage and now clean data
  • Final step: Return to the Touhou lost word game and complete the tutorial on rerolling

IOS Players:

  • First, delete the Touhou Lost Word Game
  • ReInstall the Touhou Lost Word Game
  • Now, complete the tutorial and reroll.

Conclusion >>

Touhou Lost Word, an incredible game, shines because of its summoning feature. Roll rates don’t matter as players do not have to worry about them. They are the same for all Friends you can collect.

The game starts with strong units already in play, so you’re sure to enjoy it.

Next, you should do is to understand your friend’s elemental affinities and stats – both of which are key to building a good in-game team that will have a sure chance of defeating the opponents and progressing in the game story.

Touhou Lost Game Game is now available. You can download the game on both iOS and Android devices. Google Play now!

Yuuka Kazami

If you’re wondering which character in Touhou Lost Word is best for you, the following tier list will help you determine the best choice. The rankings are based on ATK and DEF values and the upgrades that each character can obtain. The B tier contains characters that are weak but balanced, but have some useful abilities, but they’re not as powerful as the A tier characters.

Marisa Kirisame is an incredible unit at enemy event farming and can easily enable a couple of main plot boss farms. She has two All-targeting Magic Cards, is remarkably strong, and has access to Elemental Break that is unmatched in the game. Marisa is a fantastic option for team support. She has a lot of team help and is incredibly effective against bosses.

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