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Touhou Lost Word Tier List September 2023 Best Characters & Reroll

Touhou Lost Word Tier List – How to Achieve Higher Tiers With Your Favorite Characters

If you’ve been playing the Touhou Lost Word fangame, you’ve most likely noticed its extensive character roster. There are plenty of characters in the game, and you can earn tiers for each of them with various perks. Listed below are some tips on how to achieve higher tiers with your favorite characters. If you’re not familiar with these characters, here are a few tips you can use to gain access to the list:


There are several ways to improve the combat performance of Toyohime. In the Japanese version of Touhou Lost Word, you can boost her health and speed by using her special ability. You can also use her powerful skills to take down many enemies. However, if you are new to the game, you might find that the Toyohime on Touhou Lost Word is not the best choice for you.

Toyohime is the only character on the Touhou Lost Word Tier List that does not require you to spend money on in-game items. The game is available for Android and iOS platforms. You can play it anywhere, any time. There are also a few other tier lists available for Touhou Lost Word, as well. To view all the Toyohime character tier lists, visit the Touhou Lost Word website.

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Iku Nagae

Touhou Lost Word is a turn-based, gacha RPG game starring a variety of characters. You control a group of detectives who travel across the realms of Touhou to find and restore lost words. There are tons of cards available in this game that represent various characters from the franchise. In addition to the game’s many characters, it also features a unique gameplay system that rewards players for using the right cards.

The Touhou Lost Word Tier List contains the rankings of each character. You can see who is above or below them based on their ATK and DEF values and upgrade potential. If you’re looking for an entry-level character, look no further than the A-Tier. The A-Tier is the best place to start, since you’ll find useful characters that can help your team.

image 278 scaled touhou lost word tier list

Suika Ibuki

If you’ve been playing the turn-based strategy game Touhou LostWord, you may be wondering which characters are the strongest. A good starting point is the Touhou LostWord Tier List. Here you’ll find information on all the characters’ skills, stats, and strengths, allowing you to choose which characters are the most powerful. Once you know the strongest characters, you can use the Touhou LostWord Tier List to determine which characters are the best fit for you.

While you might not see Suika Ibuki on this list at first glance, she’s a solid choice for those looking to build their character around the game’s core strengths. Marisa Kirisame is a very strong unit with two All-targeting Magic Cards, tremendous team support, and a special ability called Elemental Break. While she’s not the best healer in the game, she’s far from a bad choice.

Marisa Kirisame

As you’ll see, Touhou Lost Word features an extensive character tier list. You can easily find out who’s worth investing in and who’s not. The Japanese version has a lot of “Friends” but the global release only has a few. The tier list is an indication of the potential of future characters and a guide to rerolling the game.

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The Touhou LostWord has already become a hit game, receiving over half a million downloads on the Google Play Store. Its massive collection of characters has earned it an overall rating of 4.5 stars, and Marisa Kirisame has risen to the top of the Tier List. While the game isn’t a traditional role-playing game, it’s a great way to get acquainted with the characters and their abilities.

Touhou Lost Word Tier List Guide 2022 – Best Characters September 2022⇩

This Touhou Lost Word Wiki tier list wiki will teach you how to roll, what to reroll, as well as the JP list that features global English characters. This will help you get started with the Touhou Lost games. So without wasting time now get to the main content Touhou Lost Word tier list & reroll guide:

Touhou Lost Word Tier List

C Tier Characters – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Replaying is not difficult if you are an experienced gacha player. For those who are new to gacha games, it is simple to play again. You will need to create a new account and use the resources at the beginning of the game in order for you get the characters you want.

Touhou Lost Word is known to make replaying easier than most gacha games. Each unit has the same rate and there isn’t a rarity aspect. All characters are possible to summon.

Touhou Lost Word has a default tutorial roll that you can use to get a 10 forced roll. Now, if you don’t get the unit you want, simply roll again! Depending on which device you’re using, the following steps can be used to play again.

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Touhou Lost Word Reroll For Android users >>

  • First, go to your android home screen. Next, hold down the Touhou Lost Word icon
  • Click app info
  • Then, press storage and clear the data
  • To easily reroll, return to the game by completing the tutorial.

Touhou Lost Word Reroll For iOS Users >>

  • First, delete Touhou lost word game
  • Next, install Touhou Lost Word Game
  • Now, complete the tutorial.


Touhou Lost Word is an amazing  game that really shines on its summoning aspect. This is what makes it stand out from other gacha games. Gamers don’t have to worry about rate roll, as they are the same for all your in-game Friends. What’s more, the game kicks off with the gamers already having more strong units in their in-game team, so you are sure to really enjoy the game right off the bat.

Understanding your Friends is another important thing. Both stats and element affinities are crucial to creating a great team. This will increase your chances of beating your opponents and helping you progress in the game story.

If you have never played Touhou Lost WordGame is not over yet. You can play the Touhou Lost Word game on Android and iOS.

Yuuka Kazami

If you are looking for a character with the most potential for upgrade, you might want to consider Yuuka Kazami on Touhou’s official Tier List. With a massive amount of damage and a devastating last word, Kazami can deal a huge amount of damage in a short fight. She also possesses an unmatchable Elemental Break, making her one of the most potent nukers in the game.

Touhou Lost Word features five character tier lists, each representing a different type of character. Each tier shows which characters are the most powerful and how to improve their levels. Each character’s tier is constantly changing, so you should check out the Touhou Lost Word Tier List to determine how she will fare in the game. The game is a lot of fun to play and can be a great way to improve your character’s abilities.

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