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Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough September 2022- Wiki, PDF, Guide

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough

There is no denying that the game is challenging, and that you must get the right items in order to progress. However, you can avoid the frustration and get the desired items much quicker by reading a Treasure of Nadia walkthrough. This walkthrough reveals the best ways to fish, find the recipe chest, and skip dialogues. You will also learn how to get the talisman of the gods. So, don’t waste any time and start playing Treasure of Nadia today!

Fishing in Treasure of Nadia

The game offers a variety of fishing techniques that will help you earn in-game currency. Fishing in Treasure of Nadia is a great way to earn in-game currency while you complete quests. You need to find the right lures to attract the right types of fish. You must also know how to correctly use your bait, so you can avoid scaring away the fish. The game offers over 16 locations to visit and features voice acting and cinematic cutscenes.

A guide or walkthrough is available on the game’s website. If you want to try fishing in Treasure of Nadia without spending money, you can read the walkthrough before you play. You can also skip the dialogues by holding the left mouse button. Otherwise, you can click on the Skip button to skip the whole dialog. If you’re not familiar with the game, the Walkthrough will explain each method in detail.

Recipe chest

In the recipe chest in Treasure Of Nadia walkthrough, you’ll learn how to craft items. In the game, there are 12 beautiful ladies and several crafting recipes. You must collect the recipes in secret locations. After collecting the recipes, you can use them to craft items in the game. There are also three limited crafting recipes. Listed below are the locations where you can find them. These locations are very useful in the game.

Prayer of Remote Offering – This spell enables you to craft items from anywhere. It also gives you the ability to interact with Diana. It is best not to enable Automatic talisman selling. When you loot, talismans will be sold automatically. This can cause problems when you want to make a crafted item. You can turn this feature off to make crafting easier. To learn how to craft items in Treasure Of Nadia, check out the guide below!

Skip dialogs

If you are having trouble with the game’s dialogues, you can simply hold down the left mouse button and click the Skip button to skip a dialog. Alternatively, you can also press the Hide button to hide the dialogue entirely. If you want to skip all dialogs in Treasure of Nadia, you can check out a full walkthrough on how to do that. Just remember, if you are under 18 years old, you must be logged in to play this game.

This adult adventure game is a follow-up to the acclaimed Lust Epidemic. The storyline follows a young man who tries to fill the shoes of his late father. He has a companion list of 12 females and a treasure map of the world’s most famous ruins. If you want to skip dialogs and cut out the annoying chatter, you can use a cheat. First, you need to extract the Cheat Red Mod folder. Then, press ‘C’ to open the cheat menu and then hit ‘P’ to access the Scene Player.

Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

Right here we offer all the whole details about Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough in particulars so with out losing time let’s started.

Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough – V 03111 [1/2]

  1. Observe the prompts > Subsequent meet Diana (On Library)
  2. Merely go to Estero Key, then House, now go to Estero Park, the place it’s important to get the Stone of Talisman, lastly give it to Diana
  3. So any more, you’ll be able to acquire talismans park to get some free cash
  4. Attain to the lighthouse and speak to Albert, then go to “Full Mast Bar” to get some Liquor (Like Darkish Rum)
  5. Bar: Decide up the important thing – left, take the Sport ID in Janet’s House, you will have the important thing bar to open the door on the 2nd flooring, then have a look at the important thing in the midst of the room. If you lastly get the id, give it to Tasha bar
  6. carry the Darkish Rum to Albert lighthouse after which get the binoculars in return
  7. Merely Use the binoculars on the seaside, and now use them once more within the Estero key to get one Naomi’s coronary heart
  8. Meet the totally different women in Cape Vedra, then go to Physician’s workplace and speak to the administration, to the church, and to the Squallmart
  9. Give the talismans to Diana, then go to the parlor and obtain a message of 30$
  10. Go to Estero Park and see for extra talismans
image 345 treasure of nadia walkthrough

Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough – V 03111 [2/2]

  1. Speak to Sophia on Mansion
  2. Ask Janet about Sophia at Janet’s home
  3. Then go to Kaley’s room, play with the window and use the binoculars, now take the empty bottle.
  4. Speak to Alia for Estero Key twice to get the Unknown treasure
  5. Present the Talisman to Diana, then return with Alia, and eventually obtain one Alia’s Coronary heart
  6. To get the chest key Estero Park > Left key, there may be additionally 1 web page to gather
  7. Speak to Ash at Squallmart
  8. buy the fundamental walkway 10$, primary fence 30$, and backyard flowers 20$, use them in your own home and name the Alia
  9. Purchase a ebook value of 60$ in SquallMart after which examine
  10. Discover the Jade Talisman Estero Park and provides it to Pricia at Parlor
  11. Purchase an outfit for Alia from Retailer

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 06112

  • Go to Estero Park and observe the two guys on left, then go upstairs and take the chest key
  • Search the Small Screwdriver on the east of the park, you’ll be able to see contained in the cave
  • Purchase the Well being Insurance coverage $60 At SqualMart and provides it to the administrator from Physician’s workplace
  • Go away and speak to Ash
  • Get to Janet’s home, wait till she leaves, get inside, climb the steps, then go to the toilet and revel in for +one Kaley’s coronary heart
  • Open Janet’s bed room door with the screwdriver and easily get the erotic ebook
  • Go to the massive library after which ask Diana concerning the ebook
  • Merely Take the ebook Like A Sinful Affair, Now speak to Naomi exterior and provides her the ebook
  • Purchase the drink *** on the seaside ( Mast Bar), now give it to Naomi (+One coronary heart)
  • Go to the church, from taking to the church-key, now open the chest, and tackle the web page
  • Give the important thing to Ash and get all photograph, Purchase an outfit value of 400$ for Naomi
  • Additionally, purchase backyard crops value of 200$, Name Alia requires 5%

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 09121

  • Speak to Aaliyah (Estero Park) and get the Shovel Shaft (left)
  • Observe Claire to the cave and benefit from the view
  • To any extent further you need to use the unique temple, provide objects and attempt to get higher objects in return
  • Speak to Emily (Squalmart) and likewise purchase the Shovel Head ($80)
  • Parlor > Yard > Take the cash (boy) and deal with the shovel
  • Give cash to Emily (+one coronary heart)
  • Speak to Diana (Library) and Ash (one photograph requires $250)
  • Promote ​​the stone talisman to the lady on the seaside when you decline her provide = $900
  • Now Physician’s workplace, Diana merely wants a excessive powered magnet
  • Click on on the chicken (parking), take the MRI room key (inside), take the chest key, and likewise the high-powered magnet (left room).
  • Give Diana a excessive powered magnet (+one coronary heart)
  • open the chest within the cave
  • Native Shrine – Makes use of: Jade Talisman, Shovel Shaft, Shovel Head
  • and deal with shovel, get extra: jade shovel
  • Present Prussia the silver amulet, when you don’t have it, get it from the unique shrine – use: silver ore and three stone talisman, and get: silver talisman
  • Purchase Emily a gown ($400), additionally purchase a reduction couch ($1,000) and name her

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 11122

  • Observe Alia (Estero Key)
  • Purchase a lighter and a pipe wrench (each $80) at squalmart
  • Use the lighter with Aaliyah (Estero’s) benefit from the scene and choose up the talisman
  • Use a pipe wrench to interrupt three vases (exterior library, exterior full mast bar, and out of doors lighthouse)
  • Go to the total mast bar, prime and repair the pipe with a pipe wrench and open the chest with the chest key (contained in the vase of libraries)
  • go down, benefit from the view
  • Speak to the man exterior the library, then to Ash (Squalmart), return to the library and speak to Ash once more (Squalmart)
  • Observe Kelly (Janet’s home) and benefit from the view

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 14011

  • Library: Obtained additionally a damaged digital camera, a silver talisman, and a church-key
  • Go Church Open the door (decrease left nook) with the church key. Now Speak to Madeline, then take the chamber key and use it in one other room.
  • Estero Park: To discover a ginseng plant, a crafting recipe, and a circle, go left after which to the left
  • Circle and Hearth: You must activate 4 fires to activate the circle. There are two within the church (earlier than the chamber door) and two within the Estero park (one within the cave and the final from the circle to the suitable). Mild 4 fires and return to the circle to get one new work web page.
  • Physician’s Workplace: Eat the Ginseng Plant and Meet the Physician ($140), benefit from the view, and click on on Closet (decrease proper nook). then take the digital camera base and free screw from the left room
  • Tasha minigame: wait till he appears at you and clicks on the second alternative till you win and get a reward
  • Cave – Native Shrine: Small Screwdriver, Damaged Digital camera, Digital camera Base, and Free Screws Too
  • Give the digital camera to Ash (Squalmart), and meet him once more (Church)
  • Squalmart: Purchase all the pieces below $2,000 plus new put on and steel detectors
  • name Tasha and revel in the brand new scene

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Walkthrough V 16012

  • Go Church Speak to Ash, then go to squalmart
  • Estero Park: Go far, observe Claire, then acquire Philweed, additionally acquire Cockroaches and Ginseng Plant (overlook it if you have already got in keeping with our walkthrough). Lastly give Emily a plant of filweed and ginseng
  • Lighthouse: First speak to Diana (library), then go to the lighthouse, take the amulet (break the left vase) and work together with the chest and cellar signal. Discover the important thing within the seaside (decrease left nook) and open the chest to get a brand new web page.
  • squalmart: speak to ash > go to the library and put roaches in a field > purchase sunscreen (squalmart) and speak to diana (seaside) > speak to diana (the library), and eventually go to the library, climb the steps and purchase a photograph
  • (Estero Key additionally has an extra scene)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 19021

Squalmart: Speak to Pricia and Emily, then go to the parlor (yard), plant a ginseng in Prussia’s backyard (you will discover ginseng in Estero Park), and go to the parlor to speak to Pricia.

Library – Take the ginseng plant look exterior – lower-left nook, you’ll be able to promote it to Pricia at 250$

Janet’s home: Yard, then the lounge, speak to Janet and Naomi, go to the kitchen, and get some iced tea (fridge). Go up > Janet’s room and likewise take wine (nightstand) and shoelaces (rest room). Give Naomi and Janet wine, watch the scene, and go to Kelly’s room.

Lighthouse: Get a photograph at squalmart, go to Lighthouse > Basement, and speak to Albert twice: Broken Sneakers, Take Crate Web page, and Open Chest (Password 684)

Purchase shoe glue at squalmart, and discover the crafting web page at Full Mast Bar > Males’s Room. Search in

Kev (Crafting): The recipe for Stompin’ Boots is: Leather-based Gloves + Broken Boots + Shoeless + Shoe Glue. Stompin’ Boots, You Can Go From Toxic Bugs

Full Mast Bar: Carbon Shovel Shaft and Chest Key

Estero Park: Go the place the scorpions had been, and likewise choose up the Extremely Shovel Deal with, a Crafting Web page, and Golden Talisman. To open the chest it’s important to give the goose by antacid pill (squalmart)

To finish this replace you’ll want to speak to Diana (the library), purchase and invite outfits for Prussia (Squalmart) (curtains require $2,500 and Yard Timber $4,000)

Walkthrough V 21022

  • Speak to Emily (Library) and get all of the books, then give her the Perennials of Cape Vedra
  • Go to Estero Park, then take the heavy twine (physician’s workplace)
  • Purchase a steel hook (SQUALmart), then mix heavy twine + steel hook to get a grappling hook, and use that to get crimson ginseng, then give crimson ginseng to Emily
  • Take the gaffer tape (Estero Park – on the left) with the grappling hook, then get the wrench grip (Cave – Estero Park – on the suitable).
  • Craft a pickaxe at Native Shrine: Wrench Grip + Gaffer Tape + Grappling Hook + Pipe Wrench (the crafting web page shouldn’t be on the left of the park)
  • Go to Estero Key, see the view, then go deep into Estero Key and use the pickaxe on the rock to enter the cave. Mild the bowl (Look left facet) with the lighter, now take the torch higher proper
  • Go to church, take the important thing to the chest and meet Madeline
  • Go to the church once more, undergo the left door, and break the pillar (proper) with an ax. then open the field and break the vase to get the pages and the cash
  • meet ash within the parlor
  • Eat Pink Ginseng, Go to the Physician and Pay $140 (You Can Discover the Plant in Estero Park)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 23031

  • Cave > Observe Claire and resolve the puzzle
  • Open the Ark of the Unknown Treasure and Present it to Diana (Library)
  • Speak to Tasha (Estero Park), then go to Janet’s bed room
  • Meet with Ash on the Full Mast Bar, now merely speak to Tasha on the bar
  • Meet Diana (the library) and take notes from her desk, then mild the sunshine bulb on the suitable and switch off the left
  • Use the key key on the field exterior the library (prime proper nook)
  • go to your bed room
  • Speak to Madeline (Her Room – Church)
  • See a stone close to a pillar? Break the pillar with the ax and put the stone on the opening (prime), then take the important thing to the chest
  • Estero Park > Left – Prime – Proper – Proper > Open the Chest

Walkthrough V 25032

  • Physician’s Workplace > Tomography Room > Take Authentic Container and Nitroglycerin
  • Craft the Rock Bomb: Fundamental Container + Nitroglycerin + Jade Talisman (Estero Park) + Silver Talisman (Estero Park)
  • Go to the west of the cave and use the rock bomb with the stone blocking the way in which
  • Mild the bowl on the left, acquire the cash and break the vase close to the exit with a pickaxe to get a extra primary container (bear in mind the place the chest is)
  • Construct one other bomb and use it in entrance of the earlier one
  • Snake puzzle: transfer the stone out of the way in which and cease the exit
  • Take the barrel and place the stone you positioned within the prime left nook of the display screen to exit. Take the important thing to the chest and open the final chest (close to the cash)
  • snake Jessica (physician)
  • speak to Janet (her home)
  • Go to Estero Key and speak with them. you should construct one other rock bomb there and use it
  • Speak to Kelly (Physician’s Workplace and within the Cave of Estro Park)
  • go the place you collected the cash and take the pirate diary
  • Present Diana the locket (the library), and Madeline (the church) the pirate diary
  • Purchase: Gown for Kelly, a ceiling job, recliner, and finish desk
  • invite kelly dwelling

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Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 27041

Speak to Pricia (Library) > Go to Estero Key > Purchase Kayak License Take a look at (Squallmart $250)

Kayak License Examination (Checklist) Reply: Sunscreen, West 15+ Knots, Bear and South Take the Ranger Take a look at

Observe the ranger (Estero Park) > speak to Diana (West > to the river), then place the stone on the plate to open the trail

Decide up objects on the new location and return with Diana

Return to the island and break the rock (exhausting facet) with the pickaxe to get some quartz

Go to the northwest facet of the park and break one other rock to get some fossils

Speak to Emily (SQUALmart), and purchase alumina

Speak to Ash (parking zone) to take a photograph

Craft the Ant Killer (Cave)

Merely go to your stock, then open the outdated map, and now get the chest key (below the tree)

Go to the island, kill the bugs with ant killer and take the maca plant. There’s a chest on the east facet of the island, get a web page to open it

Give the plant to Prussia (Parlor) > Go to Sofia’s Mansion > Speak to Diana (Library)

Walkthrough V 30042

  • Go to Full Mast Bar > Speak to Albert (Yard) > Have drinks (subsequent to Tasha) and provides:
  • Rum: For Albert’s
  • Whiskey: To the left man
  • Beer: For the Proper Man
  • Margarita: To the person within the center
  • Mojito: For the boy within the higher left nook
  • Purchase peanuts (SQUALmart) and return to the bar to get Tasha’s coronary heart > speak to Albert and Ash (parking zone) to take a photograph)
  • Speak to Diana (Cave) > Go to Janet’s Home
  • Rat Entice Recipe Substances: Plastic Wrap + Roach + Gaffer Tape + Fundamental Container
  • Plastic Wrap: Purchase it at squalmart
  • Cockroach: Catch It (Full Mast Bar > Rest room)
  • Authentic container: Break off vase discovered within the decrease left nook of the yard
  • Speak to Janet > Enter the home and speak to her once more > Examine the rat entice
  • Now you should make bombs to explode the wall within the lighthouse
  • Rock Bomb Substances: Nitroglycerin + Fundamental Container (discover it at Lighthouse) + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman
  • Use Rock Bomb on the basement of the Lighthouse (Blow up the Wall)
  • You may break the ground in entrance of the steps, do that to get the important thing to the chest
  • Go to Full Mast Bar > Yard > Open Chest to Get Pages
  • Purchase a gown for Jessica, see the final web page you bought, and invite Jessica dwelling

V 32051

  • Go to squalmart > speak to emily (when you didn’t earlier than) > speak to diana (library) > go to the cave with Claire and resolve the puzzle (see the answer within the earlier cave) > lastly discover the dolomite with the pickaxe take alongside
  • go down > go to the left and click on on the block (there are 6) > insert the tikpak artifact right into a shiny form > clear the stones below the steps to go looking a brand new web page, now take the pirate diary
  • Prime (skip): The chest is hidden below a tree, additionally take the crafting web page, mild the bowl (prime) with white sand, bait, and lighter
  • Full Mast Bar > Yard > Mild a Grill to Get Fly Ash
  • Cave: Craft Concrete (Stone Talisman + Fly Ash + White Sand + Dolomite)
  • Estero Key > Sam > Give Him Solids
  • House >Speak to Emily > Give her Pink Ginseng, Filweed and Maca Crops too
  • Naomi Calls After You Eat A Maca Plant > Physician’s Workplace > Pay 140 to the Receptionist
  • Church > Madeline’s Room > Give Her the Pirate Diary > Take the Cursed Shovel from the Subsequent Room
  • Finish of present replace, however you’ll be able to nonetheless craft:
  • Swift Shovel (Farm Talisman Sharp): Carbon Shovel Shaft + Alloy Shovel Head + Extremely Shovel Deal with + Silver Talisman
  • Pirate Shovel (even quicker): Cursed Shovel + Pirate Medal + Jade Talisman + Golden Talisman

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 34052

  1. Janet’s home > Kelly’s room (prime) > Squalmart, small screwdriver (left) > Take again Janet’s home > Kelly’s room (prime) > Use the screwdriver on her door
  2. Diane (Library) > Cave > Speak to the River (North Aspect of the Cave) > Go to the place the tiger was, flip left, choose up the digital camera, plant a tree, and burn the bowl too
  3. squalmern > Put three crops (Maca, Pink Ginseng and Philweed) within the container and speak to Emily
  4. Behind the Library (on the left) > Break the Pillar and place the stone on the highest proper nook, then take the Gothic Key
  5. Park (the place the tiger was) > go left > deal with the peacock with peanuts and take it to the library > lastly get the chest and the important thing to the web page

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough – V 36061

  • Library > Observe Diana > Decide Up the Damaged Key
  • Church > Madeline’s Room > Proper Room > Open the Door (Gothic Key) > Go to the suitable and take the crate and the web page of the damaged key
  • Riddle: Be certain the rat will get into the hole the place the snake is sitting, however it shouldn’t meet it. If you wish to take away the snake, shoot arrows. Resolution: The crimson arrow ought to flip to the left once you faucet on the mouse, then take the damaged key (left)
  • Janet’s House > Squalmart (discover the final damaged key there)
  • Full Mast Bar > Janet’s Home (through Again Yard) > Cellphone Password (third room upstairs > Password=123)
  • Parlor > Photographs > Squalmart > Purchase Diana Gown

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 38062

  1. Tasha (Full Mast Bar) > Speak to Sofia’s Mansion: When the guards and digital camera aren’t watching, undergo the fence (the purple flower) and likewise break the highest vase to get the amulet (the opposite vases include the fabric). so break them too)
  2. Open the door with the important thing > go to squalmart after the scene and purchase alumina > then put together the ant killer: fossil algae + alumina + quartz + rusty key
  3. Go deep into the island via the cave, take scorpion venom and likewise use ant killer on ants
  4. Remedy the puzzle (it’ll be simpler when you go away and are available again a couple of instances) and take the important thing to the chest, bamboo, and fireweed
  5. Squalmart > Emily’s Lab (room on the finish of the shop) > Maintain Filweed in a container
  6. Speak to Emily (Seaside) > Purchase Love Potion (Squalmart) > Drink Love Potion, go to the physician’s workplace and pay for Jessica’s appointment

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Walkthrough V 40071

  1. Go to squalmart > parlor > full mast bar > physician’s workplace > squalmart and purchase a dart too
  2. Cave – Craft a Blow Dart: You’ll want Dart + Bamboo + Wings + Scorpion Venom
  3. Go along with Emily (Squalmart), then go to the cave (North-West), and after the scene take the Pirate Diary and the False Amulet
  4. Cave passage: the primary blocks the passage from the snake with a stone, the second stands on 2 circles to open the passage, the third strikes to the brand new location, takes the grand amulet, outdated wooden, and likewise opens the chest
  5. Give Claire the outdated wooden, then go to the parlor and provides the beautiful amulet to Prussia
  6. Go to the church and provides Madeline the pirate’s diary > get the chamber key > go to the suitable room utilizing the chamber key > take the toilet key and go to the place Madeline was
  7. Cemetery: Discover the important thing to the chest below the palm tree (to the suitable of the cemetery)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 42072

  1. Squalmart > Cave > Observe Pleasure (south of the cave) > Take note of the quantity and light-weight the bowl, a key will seem there
  2. Janet’s House > Her Room > Verify Her Cellphone Password (123)
  3. Estero Key > Naomi’s Home > Attic > Take Gaffer Tape
  4. Janet’s Home > Cave > Catch a Cockroach (He’ll Survive) > Faucet the Rock
  5. Craft the Rat Entice: Plastic Wrap + Gaffer Tape + Roach + Fundamental Container. Purchase plastic wrap on the retailer and take the unique container from the church when you don’t have one. Construct a Rat Entice When You Have All of the Supplies
  6. Lighthouse > Parks > Teleport > Tiger (on the suitable of the island) > To the suitable of the tiger is a vase containing the unique container
  7. Go proper and take the Pirate Medal, Chest, Bowl, Filweed Plant and Tikpak Treasure too
  8. transfer 2 stones below the palm bushes (will seem once you take the pirate medallion) (stand below them to know it)
  9. Burn the bowl and take the important thing to the chest from the place the quantity (cave) was
  10. Go away the park (teleport) and present Diana the Tikpak treasure, go away the home and get a message from Tasha

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 44081

Discover Crafting Scrolls within the Park: Rock Bomb = Nitroglycerin + Fundamental Container + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman

Go to Squalmart > Cave > Craft the Rock Bomb > Full Mast Bar > Fish for Jessica on the Seaside (when you fail to purchase the bait on the bait store)

Subsequent location > break base, get a primary container and return to construct one other rock bomb

Church > break this wall with a rock bomb

Go to the situation, and likewise take the damaged key and spike boot from contained in the vase (break it). Then teleport to the park and take the beautiful amulet from the hidden vase

Take the Damaged Key (West of the Island) and craft the Pirate Key = Pirate Medal + Gran Talisman + Damaged Key + Damaged Key

bear in mind the place you threw the stone, now you’ll be able to open the chest with the pirate key

Go to Diana > Sophia’s Mansion > Cave Puzzle:

Discover the primary web page right here:

Remedy the second cave puzzle precisely like this:

To finish this replace take the Philweed plant (above, below the palm)

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Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 46082

  1. Go to Library > Teleport to Estero Park > the place the place the bonfire is on the suitable and head upstairs and take the way in which up
  2. Library > Behind Library > Chest Key (higher left nook) > Janet’s Home > Her Room (2nd flooring) Take a bathe
  3. Estero Key > There’s a web page the place the Claire occasion was held > Get the Jasmine, Philweed Plant and likewise open the Chest to get the web page
  4. Profile of ladies (+1 profile of Aaliyah) > West of Estero Park (Orange Mild)

Walkthrough V 48091

  1. Janet’s home > Kelly’s room > squalmart (purchase soy sauce) > give it to Janet (Janet’s home)
  2. Library > Estero Key > Janet’s Home (through Yard) > Cemetery
  3. Estero Park (Teleport) > Get Gun Utilizing Whip Janet > Stock Choose Outdated Musket, Then Small Screwdriver to Get Gunpowder > Go By Bees (Reply) > Faucet the orange vivid mild and use the whip > go to the river (south) flip left > use the whip on the highest rocks to get the important thing to the chest
  4. Teleport to the start of the half> go left to the tip of the trail> then the river (up)> click on on the orange mild (below the palm tree)
  5. Faucet on Lighthouse > Gun > Use Ammo on it
  6. Go left (new location) > take the crypt key, learn the diary and likewise open the chest with the important thing > don’t overlook to take the crafting web page (to arrange the Jasmine Therapeutic massage Oil)
  7. Cemetery > Use the Crypt Key (Chapel Door) > Take the Damaged Key, Rosa Moss, and likewise break the vase to get the Gold Amulet
  8. Craft Jasmine Therapeutic massage Oil: Jasmine + Rosa Moss + Fundamental Container + Love Potion > Then Give It to the Presie (Parlor)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 51092

  1. Estero Park > go to the park entrance > there might be a view > take the machete and go up > take the outdated capsule and go up > use the wonderful machete to easily lower the bushes and now maintain going
  2. Go to the brand new location within the cave (you went there with the crew in earlier variations) > 2 Rosa Moss and choose up a cockroach
  3. Checklist > Cellphone > Speak to Diana
  4. Teleport to the park and go the place the outdated bullet was > A couple of conferences with Diana and Claire > Go up > Take the gaffer tape and the grand talisman > Burn the bowl > The important thing to the now locked chest is contained in the cave, down
  5. Go down the river > then left > use the machete to chop down the bush within the lower-left nook and choose up the tikpak artifacts
  6. Cave (the place the stone with the Tickpak artifact is) > Use the Ticpak artifact to put it
  7. go dwelling > then sophia’s mansion (via the fence) and provides her the tikpak artifact
  8. squalmart > purchase plastic wrap and go to a primary container
  9. Cave > Put together the Rat Entice (Plastic Wrap + Gaffer Tape + Roach + Fundamental Container)
  10. go to the park (the place you distracted the jaguar with the mouse) > use the machete to take the lady’s profile
  11. Squalmart > Give Emily the Rat Entice > Physician’s Workplace > Squalmart > Purchase Multivitamins (use them in a room with the women)
  12. Purchase an outfit for Claire, invite her dwelling and use the brand new web page
  13. Right here’s one other lady’s profile:

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 54101

  1. Use the pickaxe to interrupt the library (again > left), the place you spawn > Open the library with the Libraries key
  2. Squalmart > Speak to Michael (Parking) > Purchase Cleansing Oil and Silver Ore > Craft Loaded Muscat: Cleansing Oil + Outdated Bullet + Outdated Muscat + Silver Ore
  3. Park (the place the tiger was) > Meet Ash to take a photograph > Take Gunpowder, Pirate Medal, Damaged Key, and Movement Detection Digital camera
  4. Parking > Give Michael the Digital camera > Squalmart > Meet Aaliyah > Full Mast Bar > Janet’s Home (Her Room) > Lighthouse > Go Down (Crypt) > Use Ammo on the Gun > Go to Open House > Take the Gothic Chest Key, Open the Damaged Key and Chest (Diary + Hints)
  5. Church > Madeline’s Room > Higher Room Proper > Gothic Key Open chest
  6. Chest Key = x4 Damaged Keys to Open Closed Chest Craft
  7. (*) After the damaged key disappears: teleport down and west till the map is over (the identical the place you attain with the boat), it’s close to the water (because of Participant 1!).

Walkthrough V 56102

Library > Teleport to the Jungle > Head north till you discover a cave > go left to the third palm tree (beginning on the suitable) after which go up

Park > flip left to the tip > go north

Bar (Meet Claire) > Full Mast Bar > There’s an orange mild on the left facet of the constructing (from the palm bushes), take it (Profile of Pricia)

Again to the Cave > Puzzle: Click on on 3 circles on the similar time to maneuver Claire down and Diana to the left nook, then stand on the circle > On the left is a damaged key, off a cliff

Additionally, take the chest key (on the circle to the suitable of the chest) > and one other key within the second cave (use the teleport), on the left facet of the steps

squalmart > bat store > purchase a prime proper field (prices $5,000), additionally purchase silver othe (when you don’t have one)

Craft: Damaged Dehumidifier + Small Screwdriver + Silver Ore + Gold Talisman

Give Emily a dehumidifier (SQUALmart) > Exit the shop, transfer to a different location and return to the shop > Go to the shop’s parking zone.

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 58111

Physician’s Workplace Get Nitroglycerin from Jessica

Parlour > Get Lotion from Precia

Shops > Purchase x4 Fundamental Container

Craft Rock Bomb: Nitroglycerin + Fundamental Container + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman

Teleport to the brand new cave (Final Replace) and blow up the center rock with the Rock Bomb > Come inside and take the Aloe plant, additionally use the pickaxe to get the important thing to the buried chest

Exit > Go Left > New Cave (Final Replace – Claire and Ash) > Teleport

Lighthouse > Basement > Take Kelly’s profile on the way in which > Blow up a stone block blocking a hallway > Open the chest (Burial Chest Key) and likewise learn the crafting web page

Craft Aloe Potion: Aloe Plant + Shea Butter + Ginseng Plant + Fundamental Container

Physician’s Workplace > Give Jessica the Aloe Potion

Janet’s Home > Upstairs > Sophia Mansion > Library (Speak to Diana) > Parlor (Jessica) > Squalmart

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 60113

This Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough is at present engaged on it

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associates, hope you want this text on this article we offer all of the details about Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough and likewise present you the whole information for higher understanding and utilizing this your gameplay as effectively.

Get talisman of the gods

The talisman of the gods is a rare item, and can only be obtained when you reach the 90th level in a specific type. This item can also be looted from corpses. Players can also sell it to the Filthy Woman in the Valley of Defilement. If you want to sell it as soon as you find it, turn on Automatic talisman selling. This will automatically sell the talisman as soon as you find it. This feature does not apply to Ancient Puzzles.

You can use the CTRL+F to search for the guide online. There are several sections with walkthroughs for the game. Some of these sections are for crafting, fishing, plants, and Ancient Temple puzzles. Some sections are easier to read than others, so a picture or two can help. This walkthrough for Treasure Of Nadia is intended for players who don’t speak English, so it may not be suitable for English speakers.

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