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Twitch Drop Auto Claim & Channel Points With Extensions in 2023 Helpful Information

How to Auto Claim Twitch Drops

There’s an easy way to automatically Twitch Drop Auto Claim. Earned only by watching live broadcasts, Twitch Drops can be exchanged for in-game items. These points expire once the store refreshes. To get around this, you can install a free browser extension from the Chrome Web Store. This extension has been praised by many Twitch users for its ease of use. However, it’s only available for desktop users.

Twitch Drops are earned only by watching live broadcasts

Twitch Drop Auto Claim

To earn Twitch Drops, you need to watch a live stream and complete a task to claim the reward. These tasks can take anywhere from a few minutes to two hours depending on the game. Once you’ve completed the task, your reward should be credited to your account.

Drops can be in-game items, consumables, or even access to games. Depending on the game, the items can be rarer or more common. While watching live broadcasts, you don’t have to actively engage in the activity. Sometimes you may simply be watching on the sidelines and remain a viewer even after the drop is over. To view a live stream with a Twitch Drops feature enabled, look for a tag “drops” in the search bar. Streams that have this tag are more likely to have a Twitch Drops system, and you can use filters to find them.

Once you’ve earned enough Twitch Drops, you can redeem them for in-game rewards in your game. Twitch Drops can only be redeemed on web browsers, not Twitch apps, so make sure to use your browser. In addition, you must watch a stream for a specified number of hours in order to qualify for a reward. You can check your progress by viewing the Twitch Drops tab in your web browser.

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They can be claimed automatically without user input

You can claim Twitch drops automatically without user input by installing a Chrome extension. These extensions are free and allow viewers to claim channel points and drops automatically. They can be accessed from the Chrome Web Store and have been praised by Twitch users for their ease of use. However, these extensions can only be used on desktops and are not available for mobile devices.

You will receive a notification on your screen when you earn a Twitch drop. Once you’ve claimed your drops, you can view your collection in your Twitch Inventory. It’s accessed from the drop down menu when clicking on the Twitch icon.

They can be exchanged for in-game items

Twitch Drops are a type of currency that can be exchanged for in-game items in games. However, there are some restrictions. The amount of Twitch Drops you can earn per account is limited and you can only get them once. Moreover, Twitch Drops cannot be earned from other sources. For this reason, you should choose your Twitch Drops wisely.

Twitch Drops are available in a variety of games. They can be in-game items, consumable items, or even access to game content. Twitch Drops are most commonly used to distribute exclusive rewards to Twitch users. The rarer the item is, the more Twitch Drops you can earn. Ensure that you test your Drops before activating them.

In order to use Twitch Drops to exchange for in-game items, you must have an account on Twitch. To do this, you should link your Twitch account with the identity service of the game you want to promote. In addition, you should also make sure to toggle the iOS app and game rewards to ON.

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Twitch Auto Claim Extension Explained

image 240 twitch drop auto claim

These add-ons will allow you to auto claim drops, bonuses, and channel points on Twitch.

  • Chrome users can try the ‘Automatic Drops & Twitch Channel PointsExtension offered by is used by more than 20K people.
    • Official description: Extension automatically claims Drops & Twitch channel bonus Points, no need to open chat or press any buttons!
  • Opera users can use the ‘Automatic Drops & Twitch Channel Points’ Extension is also possible.
  • Firefox users can use the ‘Channel Point & Drop CollectorAddon WeaselStizzorm.
    • Official description: Earn bonus channel points and claim Drops when you watch a Twitch stream.

This is possible thanks to Reddit threadThank you for your suggestions! This thread has multiple users who have tested it and confirmed that the extensions work. For more information, be sure to read the replies.

How to Use Browser Extensions and Add-ons

It is easy to add an extension or add-on browser.

  • You can open your mind to a variety of possibilities Neue browser tab
  • Visit the extension link.
  • Take a look at theOverview of the add-on.
  • A button will appear that reads “Add to ChromeOder Add to Firefox
  • Click on the link to open a pop-up containing all the information you need. Add Extension.
  • You will now see it. The symbol is located at the top-right section of the browserFind your other extensions.
  • Click here Puzzle symbol,Select the extensionAnd you’ll see data such:
    • You can claim bonuses through the extension.
    • Drops taken through the extension
    • Allow Sound Notifications to be enabled
    • Last claimed.
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Here’s a visual guide:

The channel points will be automatically collected so you can just relax and have fun (or do some work). You can also earn points by watching multiple channels simultaneously, which speeds up the whole process. Drops are the same. Once you reach the required watchtime, your reward will automatically be collected. The next reward will follow. Drops can only be obtained from one channel. Before you use extensions, make sure to review all features.

They expire when the store refreshes

Once you have collected a certain amount of Twitch Drops, you will need to reload your store regularly to keep your inventory updated. If you don’t do this, your Twitch Drops will expire after a specified amount of time. The amount of time varies depending on the value of the Twitch Drops. Some items are more valuable than others, such as special commanders or 3D styles.

Twitch Drops are rewards that are released to viewers for watching Twitch streams. These rewards are either free items, or they can be purchased or unlocked through a special process. Twitch Drops are also mission-based, meaning they will be released to viewers once the streamer completes a certain task or mission.

Twitch Drops are made possible by the Twitch API. This API informs Twitch game fulfillment services about Twitch viewers. Once you save a reward, Twitch will generate a unique ID. The ID will be exposed in the API as the benefit_id.

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