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Type 100 Warzone Loadout in COD World at War (2023)

The Type 100 Warzone Loadout in COD World at War is Relatively Quick, Simple, Precise, Valuable, and Fast.

Type 100’s Relatively Simple, Fast, Precise and Valuable proficiency makes it a great choice as a Warzone Loadout. Although this weapon isn’t as powerful as Vanguard it is still an option for anyone looking for a versatile and pinpoint weapon. This article will show you how to unlock these proficiency point and why they are so important. Keep reading if the Relatively easy, fast, precise, or valuable proficiency is not something you’ve tried yet.

Very easy to unlock

COD: World at War – The Relatively Efficient Way to Unlock Type 100 Warzone Weapons is the first step toward getting better weapons. Once you have two primary weapons and one secondary weapon, it’s possible to start creating your ideal loadout. You can have a huge advantage over your competition by playing this game for free. You don’t need to spend a lot of time leveling up your characters. Unlocking a Type 100 Warzone Loadout takes only a few minutes.

Vanguard SMGs with Type 100 Warzone loads are extremely popular. It is extremely picky with a massive 7% damage and a huge 7% pick rate. This weapon allows you to deal with enemies close-quarters without being slowed by high recoil. The Type 100 is a lethal weapon in combat. It also comes with a number of attachments making it an excellent choice.


Most likely, you have been thinking about what to pack and what to avoid when playing Fast 100 Warzone Loadout. This loadout is designed to maximize mobility and time-to-kill at close quarters. You will need two primary weapons. One with more damage and one with greater range. You’ll need to attach the Recoil Booster attachment. This increases fire rate and reduces accuracy.

The Type 100 Warzone Loadout can be used for close-quarters combat. Although it does not have the most powerful SMGs on the market, the Type 100 Warzone Loadout is still a viable option and contains the most useful attachments. For the Type 100, you can also equip the Recoil Booster muzzle. Acrobatic perks are available if you wish to improve your efficiency in close-quarters fighting.

It’s so simple

The Precise 100 warzone loadout offers a dramatic increase of fire rate making it easier to fight opponents at close quarters. You can also add attachments to enhance its versatility. The Type 100 may not have been around for very long but it is steadily rising in the ranks as the best short range SMGs. We’ll be discussing the top weapons that can be used in a Type 100 warzone-loadout.

First, consider your weapon selection. Your best build will take time. It’s worth testing different options before you make a commitment to one. A Type 100, for example, can be extremely powerful but you will need to consider your preferences for other weapons. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision. Your play style will dictate the weapons you use to create your loadout.

Valuable proficiency

The Type 100 is one of the new weapons in Warzone. It can use Vital proficiency and caliber conversions. The versatile weapon is capable of achieving excellent time to kill and can even be dangerous in close quarters, if it’s used correctly. For more information on how to make a top-tier loadout click here.

image 27 type 100 warzone loadout

For those looking for a gun that does high damage per bullet, the Type 100 is an excellent choice. The Type 100 can handle a variety of targets and its recoil makes it almost unnoticeable. Kugelblitz can also increase the weapon’s damage. This ammo mod dramatically increases its damage output. Although the Type 100 is not a good choice against stronger zombies it is great for shooting cleanly on their back.

Quick kills in Caldera

The Type 100 is the best choice for quick kills in Caldera. This is a short range weapon that can be upgraded by caliber conversions, a Recoil Booster Muzzle and 8mm Kurz 48-round drums. The weapon’s incredible kick makes it a great choice for close-range battles. Once you have chosen your warzone loadout, your path to quick kills will be clear.

The Kar98k is an extremely lethal weapon and is very accurate. The sniper rifle is capable of killing an enemy in just one shot. The rifle can also be very precise and has the maximum damage range. It is extremely portable and a good choice for long-range assaults. We’ll be discussing the most important modifications to your warzone loadout in this article.

Vanguard has quick kills

Playing your favorite weapon can help you score quick kills on Vanguard. This small and powerful weapon is capable to destroying enemies in just a few shots. You can also use this loadout for quick kills at close range and medium distance. Your Type 100 can be made more accurate by using the Warubachi Rapid barrel (134mm) and a recoil booster.

The STG-44, aside from the MP-40 is the most popular assault rifle in Vanguard. It’s also an excellent secondary weapon. The weapon was nerfed by Raven Software in December 10, but it remains a popular choice for casual players looking to maximize their kill time. The MP-40 also has a high TTK, and when built out with the right attachments, it has a great damage output.

Are you looking to find Call of Duty Type 100 Warzone Loadouts This page contains information about the best type 100 perk options, as well as how to build your weapon.

Many weapons are competing for the top spot on COD Warzone’s Warzone Meta. It is not as large as it used to be, but it is still much more open than ever before. This COD Type 100 Warzone Loadout will be your go-to for all Warzone loavesouts.

Type 100 Warzone Loadout >>

A content creator TrueGameData that – as you can imagine – looks at game data to figure out which are the best Warzone weapons and the best SMGs and now come up with one of the best Type 100 Warzone loadout setups COD we have seen. Here is what you need to know so let’s start:

This Type 100 Warzone will make you a monster at short ranges. The Vanguard SMG’s most well-known muzzle option, TheRecoil Booster, is the best choice. The Warubachi 134mm rapid barrel significantly increases fire rate.

This perk will increase your speed and sprint time and give you a great deal. The gun doesn’t require a high magnification optical, so the Slate Reflector is a great choice for clear visuals and decent ADS speed.


The Type 100 Warzone Loadout in COD Warzone Pacific ranks as one of the finest and most powerful Vanguard SMGs you can unlock.

To get this highly underrated SMG, you must reach Level 29 in either Vanguard (or the in-game battle royale). To get the game, you must complete all levels. To do this quickly, use a Double XP Token.

Best Type 100 Warzone Attachments >>

After many hours of testing different attachments, the final build was chosen to provide more advantages at close quarters while not reducing its damage range.

Because it is similar to other loadouts, this attachment combination will be well-known to submachine gunners. The M1941 Hand Stop, theRecoil Booster and the Hollow Point Ammo Type are both extremely successful at controlling recoil.

Although it isn’t clear if this is the best COD Warzone weapon loading out, this Type 100 build will allow gamers multiple eliminations in densely populated Caldera areas in COD Warzone.

COD Best Type 100 Warzone Perks and Equipment >>

Gamers have the option to use Type 100 attachments in-game for combat, by changing the rest loadout.

Loadout is as important as selecting the best Perk combinations and the most powerful set of Equipment.

This Perk combination is a hit in COD Warzone Seasons, and it’s not likely to go away anytime soon. EOD increases resistance to large explosion damage. This is especially useful when grenades near. An in-game loadout can allow you to choose up 2 primary weapons.

The STG 44 can be used for large and versatile loads, which can be used in almost any in-game setting. Amped is the final Perk. You can switch easily between Type STG 100 and Type STG thanks to the faster weapon swap speed.

Type 100 can be useful in warzones

I have also used the Type 100 Vanguard SMGs within COD Warzone. It’s definitely one of the most powerful weapons in this category.

Its low recoil makes it easy to maneuver at close quarters and long distances. It can even inflict damage on Assault Rifles. If the MP40 or PPSH are not your favorite, there is the warzone Type 100.

COD: Warzone Season 3 Type 100 loadout >>

A gamer might want to use a warzone Type 100 in COD Warzone Season 3. There are many reasons. It’s an in-game killing tool that can be used quickly following the recent nerfs in Owen Gun. Gamers will strive to hit the target as often as possible to win the game.

Gamers need to be able to use the game’s weapon and move quickly in order for them land their shots. Gamers need to be able to move quickly, with a lot more movement, and they can do this by using a loadout. Moving quickly is important when an SMG is within close game range. The Warzone Type 100 is a great option.

This Type 100 Warzone Loadout Guide is a great resource. This guide will cover everything you need to know about warzone perk options, weapon build, and the best warzones of type 100.

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