image 238 unable to connect to server 2k22 elevator

Unable To Connect To Server 2k22 Elevator Not Working Bug Solution

Unable to Connect to Server 2K22 Elevator Fix

If you are experiencing the infamous “unable to connect to server 2k22 elevator bug,” there are a few easy ways to fix this problem. Restart your Xbox One or PlayStation 4, or restart the game after visiting another area. This particular issue usually arises after you’ve visited a cruise ship or another area.

NBA 2k22 Elevator Does Not Work (Unable to Connect To Server) Fix

Unable To Connect To Server 2k22 Elevator Not Working Bug Solution

Try again going to the elevator

After the error occurs, you can move away from an elevator in the promenade to fix the NBA 2k22 Elevator Not Working bug. After you have moved away, try to return to the elevator. The bug should be fixed after a few attempts.

Invite a friend to fix the NBA2k22 Elevator Not working Bug

image 380 unable to connect to server 2k22 elevator

You can also try your in-game phone. Browse through your friends list on your phone. Check your list to see who is currently playing NBA 2k22. Send an invitation to your local friend if you find someone. This will allow you to join forces and make your move to the desired area. The number of friends on your list will determine the solution. They must also be available online to join you in the game. You should also remember that this is only a temporary solution to the bug.

See Other Lifts

Although this bug affects all elevators, some players noticed that the My Court elevator is less affected by the bug. However, this elevator can only allow you to visit the rec. The elevator in the practice facility appears to be more resistant to the bug. Make sure you check it out.

For the Elevator Not Working Bug, wait for updates

You can also wait for any updates by NBA 2k22’s developer. Their official website is here. Twitter Keep checking this page for any updates or bug fixes. This bug has been reported by many players so you can expect a fix very soon.

These are the solutions to the NBA 2k22 Elevator problem. If none of these solutions work, restart the game and check your internet connection. However, this bug will be resolved quickly.

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