Undead World Tier List September 2022 Survival Hero Ranked

Undead World Tier List September 2022 Survival Hero Ranked

Undead World Tier List

When playing the game, it’s always helpful to know which Undead World heroes are the best. If you’re new to the game, this list will show you which heroes you should watch. While it’s not a definitive list, having a sense of which heroes are good can help you set up your team and progress. Don’t feel limited by the list, though, and you should continue to enjoy the game.


If you’re new to the Undead World game, you might be wondering how to choose the best hero to play with. Luckily, this Undead World tier list can help. Each of the characters has different strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll need to know which heroes are best suited for your team. The Tier List for Undead World was originally created by Cristina Mesesan and has since been updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

The Meredith hero is considered a S Tier hero. She grants thick shields to all of her allies, and her healing herb skill gives all of them an increase in health and defence. She also reduces enemy movement speed and silences them. Her signature equipment is a helmet, which provides damage protection and stun resistance. If you can’t afford to spend the time upgrading her other skills, you might want to try the S Tier hero.


The Undead World Tier List is based on the strength and abilities of the hero, primarily on the game’s core combat. Heroes are ranked according to their performance and abilities, and are grouped into three categories: A-Tier, SS-Tier, and HM-Tier. These tiers are based on the overall performance and abilities of the hero, and include both offensive and defensive roles.

In this Undead World Tier List, you can find the best defender, healer, and support character, Abigail. She heals your allies, and resurrects her dead friends to deal massive damage. Other top tier units are Astra and Conor. Conor and Abigail provide excellent survivability and DEF boosts, and Gabriel is an offensive tank with taunt effect, self shield, and HP heal.


The Undead World Tier List is an excellent resource for players to determine which heroes are more effective than others. It breaks down the heroes based on their abilities and performance, and is divided into A-Tier and SS-Tier. This tier list is useful in deciding which heroes are best for certain situations, since they can play multiple roles. But be sure to check out the other lists as well.

A tier is populated by the best survivors, while B tiers feature the more moderate characters. A-tier characters are excellent to employ, but their flaws prevent them from reaching the upper tier. Characters at the B and C tiers fall somewhere in the middle and are not very useful. A-tier characters are more powerful than their B-tier counterparts, but are not nearly as effective as A-tier heroes.


If you’re looking for an undead character to play, there are many great options in the S Tier. Not only is he the best hero in the game, but he can turn the tides of a game or bring victory when you need it most. His versatility and power make him ideal for any game mode. You should definitely upgrade him and play him as much as possible to get the most out of him!

As a DPS, you’ll want to focus on the offensive abilities of this hero. His signature Armor grants massive damage reduction and a 95% defence boost. Kieran can also stun enemies to reduce their defences. Regardless of the type of content you’re looking to play, Kieran will shine. A good slayer will be able to deal massive damage and knock back or stun enemies with his devastating attack power.

Abigail is a good support unit

Image 231 Undead World Tier List

If you’re new to the game and want to build a strong support team, you’ll want to check out the Undead World Tier List first. The tier list helps you to figure out which heroes are worth adding and which ones you should leave out. This article was written by Cristina Mesesan and was updated by Pocket Gamer Staff. Please note that this is not an in-depth guide. You’ll need to experiment with your team to find the best balance for your team.

As a support unit, Abigail provides significant hp recovery and SP boosts to her allies. Her signature equipment lets her deal massive damage and stun her enemies, and her skills reset cooldowns so she can spam her AOE skills. While she’s an S Tier hero, she’s a good choice for PvE story content. Her skills can help you stun and knock enemies back. She also can install traps and mines, which boost her attack, evasion rate, and SP.

Undead World Tier List – Hero Ranked

Image 5 Undead World Tier List

This Undead World Hero Survival Tier List was created based on the current game. It categorizes characters into five levels. Level 1 includes characters that we consider the best.

Level 2 features decent characters that can perform well in multiple game modes. Level 3 features decent characters that, while they can be used in the middle of the game (but not as well as Level 1), we feel are better than Level 1.

Battles at level 4 have average rated heroes with average performance. Finally, level 5 has below-average characters.

Before moving on to the next undead class list, you should first understand the roles of the heroes. The Melee RPG heroes or characters are skilled at combating enemies close to range. He also has high HP and DMG stats. T

The ank RPG characters can be used to taunt enemies and take most DMGs. AoE RPG characters can deal with enemy DMGs on the field.

Support characters can be used to support allied RPGs. Ranged roles characters are positioned on the baseline and can cast a lot of DMG against enemies.

Undead World Hero Survival Tier List – Best Heroes List

Melee – Undead World Tier List

Melee Heroes, short-range attackers that can inflict heavy damage through slashes and hits, are called Melee Heroes. Place these friends at the front lines to watch them dominate.

Area of Effect – Undead World Tier List

AoE (or Sphere of Influence) heroes are heroes who deal damage and specialize in attacks covering wide areas – hello, explosions!

Support – Undead World Tier List

Supporting characters are vital heroes who don’t deal much damage, but heal and heal their teammates, helping the team survive and lead to victory.

Range – Undead World Tier List

Ranged heroes can attack from far away with bows and other weapons. Although they are a bit squishy, they can inflict some serious damage from the base.

Tank – Undead World Tier List

Tank Heroes are great at providing a shoulder to cry on and, of course, leading in-game charges. They are strong survivors and can protect their friends by creating a strong barrier.

Undead World Bonuses and Factions

There are many factions in the Undead World. Each has its own personality type and attitude. It is important to choose characters from specific factions in order to unlock certain perks or progress.

Certain bonuses are also available to Undead World factions when they are joined in a particular way. You will receive +20% damage increases if you combine the following:

  • blue banshee in beehive
  • Collegium and hive
  • Collegium with Sugar Reaper
  • Sugar Bitters with Blue Banshee
  • Gungir is the best way to change
  • Convert with gungiro

If you use multiple heroes of the same faction, you also get a bonus.

  • Two heroes of the same faction: HP + 5 %, Attack power + 5 %
  • Three heroes of the same faction or two heroes from separate factions: HP + 10%, Att power + 10%
  • Four heroes from the same faction – HP + 15%, Attack power +15%
  • Five heroes of the same faction: HP + 20, Attack power + 20

How to find more undead world characters

The canteen sells money, tickets to recruit, and tickets to join a faction. This location can be unlocked after you have completed chapter 2 of your main campaign.

If you cast copies of a character you already have, you can merge the two to create an improved version with high rarity and stats similar to Genshin’s constellation system.


This guide covers Undead World Tier List to help you choose your favorite character type. We also include all the Factions Bonuses as well as World Bonuses. We will discuss the Undead World’s tiers and rank each hero by type. Then we will tell you to Overthrow this zombie scourge. Undead World, a fantastic game that you can download easily from play store.

Jones is an average defender

In the Undead World, you have up to five heroes that can be used in team battles. To choose the best heroes, check out the Undead World Tier List. After that, it’s time to decide what heroes you should add and which ones you should leave out. This Undead World Tier List was written by Cristina Mesesan and updated by Pocket Gamer staff.

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