Upcoming Pokemon Go Events

Upcoming Pokemon Go Events

Upcoming Pokemon Go events

You may be interested in attending a variety of Upcoming Pokemon Go Events. These include the Incense Day, Weather Week, and Research Breakthrough reward. You can read this article if you are interested in learning more about the game. Don’t forget Rayquaza Day and Incense Day! Perhaps you want to capture a shiny Alolan Geodude. You should be familiar with the events in Pokemon Go before you start collecting ingame items.

Research Breakthrough Rewards

Research Breakthrough rewards can be a great way to increase your Poke Ball stocks in Pokemon Go. Field Research tasks can be completed to earn specific rewards. These rewards range from Poke Balls to Pokemon encounters. Research Breakthrough rewards can only be earned by completing one of these tasks per day. They can also be saved for future use.

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Incense Day

Incense Day is a great way to get your Pokemon in the latest mobile games. Incense Day will allow players to catch various Pokemon attracted to Incense on Sept. 5. These Pokémon include Larvitar and shiny versions of Onix. These rewards can be claimed in the Today tab on your Pokemon Go account. You must act fast! Niantic will offer only a small number of Incense this day.

Weather Week

In this latest Pokémon Go event, Niantic has released the official features for Weather Week. These features include shiny Pokemon and new avatar items. You also have the chance to hatch Rainy Castform. To earn more Stardust, players can complete the following tasks. The events take place from September 10-17.

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If you’ve been waiting to battle a legendary Pokemon, you should look for Upcoming Pokémon Go events featuring Rayquaza. Rayquaza, a legendary Pokemon has good stats, but it lacks fast attacks or a charged move. It is better to use it in a raid than to be thrown into Ultra League. Rayquaza doesn’t match up well to the other Pokemon in either the Master League, Ultra League, or the Ultra League.

FurretWalk Weekly Exploration Challenge

The Furret Walk Weekly Exploration Challenge is the name of the new Pokemon GO event and challenge. This meme has been referenced. Although no details have been given, it is likely that the event will be global. There will be regional events tied to the buddy system. Here are some suggestions for how to prepare for this event. For a full breakdown, please read on. Take the furret-walk and explore new places in Pokemon GO!

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