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V Rising How To Delete Local Saves Files In 2023? Helpful Guide

How to Delete Local Saves File in V Rising

V Rising How To Delete Local Saves? When playing V Rising, you might want to delete your local saves file. The problem is, the save files are very difficult to remove. You must either manually delete the files or use the cloud option. In this article, you’ll learn how to delete saves files in V Rising.

Delete local saves in V Rising

If you don’t want your previous saves to stay on your hard drive, you can easily delete them. To do so, you can find your save files by using the File Explorer. In order to do this, simply press the Alt key to open the File Explorer, then select View> Show Hidden Items.

You’ve probably heard that deleting your saves in V Rising isn’t an easy process, but it’s still possible. First, you must disable the Steam Cloud option first, so that you don’t save your data when you’re not playing. This will ensure that you don’t save your game files accidentally.

Once you’ve done that, you can then delete your character and the save files. You can also do this to play the game offline. You can also use a save manager such as LocalLow or Stunlock Studios to help you manage your saves.

Delete cloud saves in V Rising

V Rising How To Delete Local Saves

The latest hotfix for V Rising by Stunlock Studios introduced the ability to delete cloud saves. Private game saves can now be moved to and from the Steam Cloud. This makes it easier to pick up game saves from different computers. The new feature also allows players to remove server history from the Continue Game menu.

V Rising save files are stored in the C:/Users/(profile name)/AppData/LocalLow/Stunlock Studios/VRising/Saves folder. The time that they were last updated is shown in red on their respective files. If the saves are outdated, the game will fail to load from the main menu.

You can also delete your cloud saves from the userdata folder on your Steam account. In order to do so, you need to log into your Steam account.

Delete saves manually in V Rising

In V Rising, you can’t delete local saves from the game’s main menu, but you can delete them from the game’s folders on your PC. You may want to delete these files to make room for new characters or remove old characters. Here’s how to do it.

First, go to the game’s settings, then select the Local Saves option. Click on “Manually delete local saves file”. Once you’ve selected a location, click “Delete”. Once you’re done, you’ll notice a new folder.

You may also have to copy and paste this file to a different folder. If you’re using a Mac, however, it isn’t a good idea because copy pasting won’t work in the AppData folder. In addition, you need to know which saves you want to remove.

In order to do this, you need to go to the “Local Files” section of V Rising’s properties. Then, check the “Public” and “Private” connections. Once you’re done, click “OK” to save your progress.

How to Delete Save Files in V Rising

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V Rising How To Delete Local Saves Files? You can delete your local V Rising save files by going to C:/users/(profile name)/AppData/LocalLow/Stunlock Studios/VRising/Saves/. Make sure to confirm the file you need by checking its last ‘updated’ time to make sure you are deleting the right one, and you’re done. It will appear the next time you try to resume. There will be a red cross symbol (X) to indicate that it is cleared in-game.

To begin, on your desktop press Win+E. Then, select ‘This PC’OpenLocal DiskYou will need to know where V Rising’s save files are located. You must then choose Users, then click on your User’s name. Next, select AppData. If AppData somehow doesn’t open or show then press the Alt key in File Explorer (for Windows 11 it should be visible on top bar), go to View > Show and ensure Hidden Items is enabled.

Next open LocalLow,Open the door. Stunlock Studios folder from the AppData Menu. Save data will be accessible in the V Rising Folder located under Saves. You may also find default settings for Server Settings here. Here you will find the 14 Auto Save directories and the Session ID file. You can also delete files from this page. Always make sure to cross-check the file names and ‘updated’ time to make sure you are deleting the right one.

Delete saves in V Rising

If you’ve been playing V Rising and are having trouble loading your game, you may want to delete your local saves file. This will help you make room for new characters or get rid of characters you no longer like. Here’s how to do it: first, open the V Rising Folder, under “Saves.” Within the Folder, you’ll find 14 Auto Save directories and a Session ID file.

Once you’ve found your save file, you’ll find individual folders for the most recent autosaves and the date the file was created. The date is in the date modified folder. Make sure to back up your save file directory. If you have lost progress, this will be a great way to restore it.

Another way to delete V Rising saves is to disable Steam Cloud and play the game from the beginning. You can also disable Steam Cloud to avoid the game from saving your game automatically. However, you should make sure that you don’t forget to disable it again before making new saves.

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