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V Rising Research List 2023 Helpful Information

V Rising Research List

Before you can start researching in V Rising Research List, you must build a Research Desk in your castle. This will require eight Planks, 80 Stone, and 120 Animal Hide. Research books and Paper are also needed. You can also use random items. 50 Paper will let you discover random technologies. These can be used to unlock items in your inventory.


In V Rising, the Athenaeum is an important research workstation for unlocking high-tier recipes. Each discovery costs Schematics, and a Vampire adventurer needs 100 Schematics to unlock a late-game recipe. Players can obtain Schematics as container loot, or they can be crafted in the Paper Press. Players can also learn how to use the Paper Press, which is located in the Study.

Researching different technologies in the Athenaeum will allow players to unlock different floors of the castle. Some floors will require Scrolls to be obtained through random enemies, while others require Scrolls to be obtained. In addition to scrolls, players can also obtain research books in the lower tiers of V Rising by looting, smashing, and killing enemies.

After the player has collected the necessary materials, they can then proceed to the boss room. The boss room contains fodder enemies and obstacles that players must avoid. It is highly recommended to defeat the fodder enemies before fighting Raziel. It is important to note that Raziel deals huge amounts of holy damage, so it is recommended that players use long-range abilities when combating him. Using close-range combat against him will be fatal. Alternatively, players can use Power Surge to counter his head-draining attack.

Athenaeum contains everything needed for effective research

V Rising Research List

The Athenaeum is one of the most important parts of the game, as it contains everything you need for effective V Rising research. This building contains storage spaces and cosmetic structures that will improve your workbenches and equipment. You will also be able to research new technologies to unlock new furniture, weapons, potions, and more. Getting these resources isn’t always easy, but it is essential for progressing in the game.

The Athenaeum is a research workstation found in the game’s world, and it is one of the best places to find high-tier recipes in the game. However, each discovery will require you to spend Schematics, and you’ll need at least 100 to unlock the late-game recipe. The good news is that you can acquire these valuable resources in a variety of ways, including container loot, which can be easily crafted with the Paper Press, a crafting tool available in Study.

Aside from the Athenaeum, there are a number of other places that can be used to research new items. One of them is the Dunley Monastery, which is home to Raziel the Shepherd. Raziel deals huge holy damage, so it’s a good idea to craft Holy Resistance Potion before facing her. Another way to find research materials is by crafting items like Scrolls and Scourgestones. The Sawmill also sells Reinforced Planks, which is a great way to get the materials you need to start your research.

Duplicate tomes are useful

There are many ways to get the materials you need for your research. One option is to farm for paper in different locations. For instance, you can farm for paper in the Bandit Logging Camp and the Bandit Trapper Camp. You can also find this material in chests. There are many ways to research in V Rising, and you can use them to unlock new technology or recipes.

All Athenaeum Recipes Listing in V Rising

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To find new expertise, you would want to collect 100 Schematics. You may get the crafting recipe for Schematics by defeating . Then, head over to the Printing Press to craft them.

Now, let’s check out all of the sources to find in Athenaeum and their recipes in V Rising:


  • Jeweler Chamber Room
  • Jeweler Chamber Flooring


  • Bloodmoon Chestguard
  • Bloodmoon Leggings
  • Bloodmoon Gloves
  • Bloodmoon Boots
  • With the current Hotflix replace, 0.5.41669, Razer Cloak (Tier 3) has additionally been added to the record.


  • Sanguine Crossbow: 1 Darkish Silver Crossbow, 16 Imperial Threads, 4 Primal Blood Essence, and 12
  • Sanguine Sword: 1 Darkish Silver Sword, 4 Flawless Saphire, 4 Primal Blood Essence, and 12 Pristine Leather-based.
  • Sanguine Axes: 1 Darkish Silver Axe, 4 Flawless Ruby, 4 Primal Blood Essence, 12 Pristine Leather-based.
  • Sanguine Mace: 1 Darkish Silver Mace, 4 Flawless Topaz, 4 Primal Blood Essence, and 12 Pristine Leather-based.
  • Sanguine Spear: 1 Darkish Silver Spear, 4 Flawless Emerald, 4 Primal Blood Essence, and 12 Pristine Leather-based.
  • Sanguine Slicers: 1 Darkish Silver Slicers, 4 Flawless Amethyst, 4 Primal Blood Essence, and 12 Pristine Leather-based.

Place this stuff on a Woodworking bench to craft the above gadgets.


  • Nightstone of the Beast: 4 Flawless Amethyst, 8 Gold Ingot, and 1 Corrupted Artefact.
  • Shard of the Frozen Crypt: 4 Flawless Saphire, 8 Gold Ingot, and 1 Corrupted Atrefact.
  • Jewel of the Depraved Prophet: 4 Flawless Ruby, 8 Gold Ingot, and 1 Corrupted Artefact.

Place the gadgets in a Jewel Crafting desk to craft any of the above magic gadgets.


  • Potion of Rage: 1 Fierce Stinger Fish, 90 Hell’s Clarion, and 1 Water-filled bottle.
  • Witch Potion: 1 Swamp Dweller Fish, 90 Hell’s Clarion, and 1 Water-filled bottle.

Place the gadgets on an Alchemy desk to craft these consumables.

Because the Athenaeum analysis construction is unlocked late within the recreation, we nonetheless have quite a lot of grinding to do. We’ll replace the construction part with extra buildings as we get a phrase or unlock them.

Unlocking random items

Research in V Rising is an important part of the game. Research can unlock new items and recipes, so you need to be able to find them. To unlock new items, you must gather various resources, such as wood, animal hide, and stone, to build a Research Desk. To improve your research, you can also acquire paper and various tomes. Paper can be found in several places, while tomes can be dropped by enemies. Certain tomes are needed for certain recipes. When you gather 50x of each, you will unlock a random item or technology.

You can also unlock new items by spending 50 Paper. Spending 50 Paper on a random technology will give you a random item, while spending a tome will unlock a recipe. Once you have the tome, you can then use it to craft the random item. Once you have the recipe, you can then use it to make more items.

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