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Valak Client Hack | LOL Hacks Skin Auto Accept and More

This is League of Legends Valak Client Hack you can use LOL Skin Changer, LoL Auto Accept, Auto Ready, Auto Lane with these amazing features you will be enjoying this Free LoL Hack.

You can simply download this free LOL Hack and League of Legends cheat from Download button down bellow.

Valak Client Hack

With this Valak Client Hack latest version, you will have multiple features and exclusive lobby features in LOL game. Valak client is a really popular cheat for league of legends and it has nice features. You can open all skins with skin changers and learn more features from the cheat menu.

Features of LoL Client Hack

LoL Skin Changer – Module: Allow you to change your skin in-game. (Working in China version)
LoL Auto say: If enabled, say anything in all modes.
LoLAuto Accept: Accept automatically matches.
LoL Auto Rune: Set automatically runes
LoL Auto Pick/Ban draft/ranked: Ban/Pick in draft/ranked mode
LoL Auto Draft/ranked lane: Set prefrerred lanes in ranked/draft.
LoL Auto Spell: Automatically set spells based in selected lane.
LoL Insta Lock: Automatic pick your champion on normal game.
LoL Auto remove friends request: Remove automatically friends requests.
LoL Auto accept friends request: Accept automatically friends requests.
LoL Offline Chat: With this function you can pretend to be offline. Perfect tool for boosters!. It does disable the connection to the chatserver of LoL (which basically shows that you are on-/offline).

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Requirements ✔️

Net Core 5.0 (Download from original microsoft link)

Working in DirectX 11 and DirectX 9

Evolut Client LOL

Valak Client HackValak Client Hack

Well this is other version of valak client you can safely use this version.

How to use LoL Clients

Easy to use You can figure it out. Just Extract the files to desktop and run it.

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Download LoL Valak Client Free LoL Hack 2022

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