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Valkyrie Connect Tier List : Best Characters! September 2022

Valkyrie Connect Tier List

If you’ve recently started playing Valkyrie Connect, you’ve probably noticed the huge selection of heroes. But how do you decide which ones to play? Here’s a Valkyrie Connect Tier List that breaks down each hero’s strengths and weaknesses. It also gives you a good idea of which characters can maximize your game experience. And since you have hundreds of characters to choose from, you’ll want to make sure you select the best one to maximize your enjoyment.


The Valkyrie Connect Tier List contains hundreds of characters that you can use for your character selection. Since you’ll likely have a variety of enemies, your picks will need to be adjusted accordingly. Since you’ll probably be using more than one character on your team, it’s impossible to make a comprehensive list. But don’t despair, as there are several next-tier characters that you can use to min-max content.

The Valkyrie Connect Tier List is created by the community, and is based on the cumulative average of the top ten submitted tier lists. The higher tiers represent the best of the best. At the other end of the scale are the worst tiers. To add a character to the Valkyrie Connect Tier List, you must first log in to your account. Next, publish your tier list on the site.

Passive abilities

If you’re playing the Assassin spec, you might be curious about the Passive abilities she can equip on her character. These abilities provide a temporary 20% boost to the stats of all of her allied Aesir, as well as 50% damage reduction and an extra 15% MATK against all enemies. There are some key differences between Ysera and other spec’s passive abilities, however, and they’re worth exploring.

One of Valkyrie’s best traits is her mobility. Her VTOL Jetpack Passive gives her superior repositioning, but she cannot fire while flying. Her other passive ability, Skyward Dive, gives her teammates the same benefit. Her Missile Swarm Tactical also slows and stuns enemies. This makes her an excellent initiator. Ultimately, however, her passive ability is her biggest flaw, and she’ll be stuck in the S-tier for quite some time.

Story mode

If you’re just starting out in Valkyrie Connect, you’ll need to use a higher tier hero than you normally would. These heroes aren’t as powerful as the SS or SSS tiers, but they can clear most story content and missions. They’re also good for PVP, but you’ll need a lot of support to get them to the top.

While it’s possible to use some of the units in the game, it’s generally not recommended to use them unless you’re stuck in a tough situation. The tier-D units are generally slow and weak, and they should be used only when you have no other choices. As such, you should only use them when you’re really out of options. And remember to read the End User License Agreement before using these units.

Story mode characters

When using the Valkyrie Connect tier list, it is essential to choose the right character for each situation. Because Valkyrie Connect offers hundreds of characters, it is not possible to have a single valid list for all players. As a result, it is important to customize your picks based on the type of enemies that you will be facing. However, don’t worry – it is possible to max out the game using the next best characters if you don’t have a top-tier character.

When selecting characters, remember that each character has strengths and weaknesses. With the Valkyrie Connect tier list, you can create the perfect team for your style of play. Luckily, you can get new characters all the time. You can even collab with other games to create unique content. While there are dozens of new characters to unlock every week, there are also tons of ways to customize your team.

image 186 valkyrie connect tier list

Valkyrie Connect Tier List 2022

There are two types of Valkyrie Connect Tier List 2022. First PvE tier list & 2nd PvP tier List Well, in this post we cover all the best characters with there tier list & best heroes of Valkyrie Connect. We’ll tell you everything you’ve been impatient to know about your favorite characters.

You will love playing with characters such as Thor and Luki. While some characters are available right away, others will need to unlocked using diamonds.

Valkyrie Connect PvE tier list 2022

Here is the Valkyrie Connect PvE Tier List 2022.

SSS Tier List PvE

Kimono Maker Tsumugi, Savior Selene, Sunny Summer Noa, Catalyst Morphea, Byakuya Kuchiki, Nozel Silva, Lust Scion Authumla, Nine-Tailed Tamamo, Peaceful Mediator Elineige, Gallant Wolf Lupus, Virtuous Guard Lindworm, Catalyst Lodur, Sorceress Rumi, Raindropper Passo, Savior Kaworu, Savior Volfa, Savior Asuka & Eva New Unit-02a, Dark Pursuer Alfana, Restoration God Umukahime, Gentle Creator Takamimusubi, Truelove Freya, Ghostly Cenia, Vampire Lord Evileye, Savior Buri, Catalyst Ractinia, Angelic Hel, Fuegoleon Vermillion, Vindicator Gryffine, Summer Sands Celestia, Divine Creator Kamimusubi, Illusion Scion Esquire.

SS Tier List PvE

Mari & Eva Unit-08, Mari & Fafnir, Catalyst Melveryn, Lightning God Raika, Honest Thief Mikagura, Time Knight Chrossy, Sun God Asuka, Acrobat Kururu, Catalyst Shinji, Axe Maiden Elicia, King, Terrible Tornado, Summer Scion Frigg, Snowy Bell Reim, Oath God Var, Wise God Snotra, Water Wolf Hati, Poetry God Bragi, Spirit Master Allion, Beloved Bowman Etios, Spear Knight Geirrod, Demiurge, Moon Bunny Mikane, Summer Parasol Raspi, Eve Horn Raspi, Fortune Fox Fu-Mei, Catalyst Mari, Tamer Aemyna, Jubilant Dielle, Shining Moon Kaguya, Lethal Bikini Sasha, Dark Star Helblindi, Imperial Servant Taoyun, Cannon Master Canon, Envy Scion Misato, Mavis Vermillion, Mecha Marksman Schutz, Gloxinia, Apocalyptic Rei, Vindicator Gratias, Cannon Mama Eleanor, Misato & AAA Wunder, Chemist Famir, Vindicator Managarm, Kagamine Rin, Innocent Maiden Ciel, Elf Queen Quarys, Catalyst Sveid, Mad Pumpkin Mogthrasir, Misery Magus Ipsum, Vindicator Levina.

S Tier List PvE

Envy Scion, Night Conjurer Luka. Musician Musika. Fox Spirit Izuna. Match Girl Elena.

A Tier List PvE

Alchemist Matisse, Raven God Muninn, Wave Daughter Hronn, Valkyrie Svipul, Disc-Bearer Mona, Catalyst Vios, Kyudoka Mizuki, Teasing God Byleist, Bomber Pallone, Flower Girl Flora, Summer Seas Kaguya, Empress Miku-boda, Zeref, Cool Summer Radgrid, Vampire Killer Vendetta, Vindicator Hrimthurs, Mermaid Marmalade, Spellsword Dielle, Valkyrie Verdandi, Valkyrie Rei, Hunting God Hodr, Seraph Reginleif, Phoenix Vidofnir, Valkyrie Hrist, Adventurer Granfelt, Disaster Box Dora.

B Tier List PvE

Mai Shiranui, Gunslinger Wolfgang, Wondrous Alice, Panda Girl Levin, Dreameaters Livy & Lo, Hange, Sweet Summer Urd, Kimono God Vali, Bowman Etios, Royal Guard Siluria, Kagamine Len, 6th Angel, Ken, Feline Defender Clawdia, Megurine Luka, Fate God Vali, Falconer Arnaud, Succubus Liciela, Noble Noebel, Cannoneer Canon, Ninja Momiji, New Year Ymir, Madoka Kaname, Thread User Luviria, Godmother Yvette,

C Tier List PvE

Sea Dragon Ofnir. Red Hood Souffle. Great Archer Lyrist.

D Tier List PvE

Hunter Bertha. Infantry Mermaid Lorelei. Traveling Trader Corona. Smiter Medjed. Archer Lucio. Spirit Bird Hraesvelgr.

Valkyrie Connect PvP Tier List 2022

Here we you can see all PvP tier list characters with there element & type

S Tier List PvP

They are the most powerful characters of Valkyrie Connect. These soldiers are extremely valuable because of their incredible stats, synergy, utility and ability to work with any squad.

A Tier List PvP

These are the best characters who have little power and can only be with S-tier heroes.

B Tier List PvP

They are admirable, but are hindered by a few weaknesses. With enough resources and the right setup, they can still cause havoc on opponents.

C Tier List PvP

Valkyrie Connect Heroes who don’t stand out but still incredibly effective in-game.

D Tier List PvP

These characters are only marginally appropriate for Player vs Player content. Use them only if you don’t have any other options in the Valkyrie Connect game for a specific position.

Valkyrie Connect Characters Details 2022

Valkyrie Connect A+ Characters

Battle God Thrud – Thrud is a great performer and has been awarded the A+ for his skills. He is able to use magic to his advantage and defend himself in all areas. Thor and Thrud share some similarities, and he also has very well-rounded stats.

Hrungnir –Hringnir, another Tier List A welcome addition, is also welcomed. This Valkyrie hero has a strength that is comparable to the rest of the list. Hrungnir is a formidable defenseman and has an exceptional paralysis effect, which makes him a standout.

Valkyrie Connect A Characters

Twin Blade Liesa –Due to its high level of damage and attack, it can break through A Tier list characters. He has a fantastic record against Heim/Thor, and other players, due to his phenomenal attack power as well as his quick damage output.

Moon God Mani – This character is highly respected for his ability to dream him up in the arena. He can put his enemies to bed for a long period of time. The gem is strong in healing power and has a powerful defense mechanism. He has a low level of damage and attack, which puts him on the A Tier list.

Count Draculoki – Draculoki is a real killer and inflicts severe damage on his enemies. He is a unique character because of his high damage output. They have a very reasonable survivability due to their “lifesaver” signature trait. In various missions, Count can excel at fighting bosses.

Valkyrie Connect B+ Characters

Christmas Treezai – Christmas Treezai is ranked second on Valkyrie’s best characters list. He’s a great player, but sometimes he acts silly. Christmas is a well-known confused player. He is bisexual and often makes poor decisions. Treezai is a 3 turn game. It has nothing special.

Valkyrie Connect B Characters

Trickster God Loki –We know you want to know more about Loki, the best player. Loki is a unique character that has many incredible abilities. He can trick or dodge enemies and is an amazing performer.

He’s usually a weirdo character who judges everything based on the entertainment he gets from the other characters. This incredible character is extremely ruthless and holds a sword in both hands. He knows how to make the most of it. Loki, as mentioned previously, is an eccentric character who sleeps in Alfheim’s woods.

Valkyrie Connect S Characters

Omnipotent Odin –He is an incredible character, who can amaze players by the magic he casts upon his enemies. He is a formidable opponent. Odin is easy to use and won’t take you much time to learn to play with it.

His weak physical defenses make him vulnerable against his rivals. To get the best out of Odin, you must improve his defense.

Guardian God Heimdall – The Guardian is one of the few characters that can exist in a pure tank state. He is a great choice because of his high defense and HP.

He is, in spite of some flaws in his moves and techniques, one of the most valuable characters that players have.

Thunder God Thor – Thor is another favorite character in the game. His strengths outweigh his faults.

He is a powerful healer and has a strong defense that torments opponents. To cast all his enemies out, he also has strong paralysis powers. His paralyzing effects have helped him win many battles.

Witch Gulveig – He has the most powerful magic attack of all the characters.

She can’t stop her attacks from becoming uncontrollable and very difficult to control. Plus, she’s very agile and there’s not much her opponents can do about it. He can also use a short-range attack to make it more effective in certain areas.

Valkyrie Connect S- Characters

Lady Freya –Lady Freya is a balanced character with extraordinary abilities. At level 1, his magical ability power maxes out at 200, it’s amazing! His strategy is not perfect despite his amazing magical abilities.

He can use his short-range attack to inflict severe damage on his enemies. He also has low security, which often leads to him being in serious trouble.

Here’s our Valkyrie Connect Tier List for 2022. Use our Valkyrie Connect Tier list to choose the best characters for PvP.

Note that the Valkyrie Connect tier lists are based on our opinion and may change in the future. You can download Valkyrie Connect game from the Google > Play Store and the Apple > App Store.

Arena characters

There are some great Valkyrie Connect tier lists available to players, but not every character is worth the effort. The tier list global includes all types and classes of characters, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before starting a new game. Here are a few of the more popular Valkyrie characters:

There are two types of Valkyrie characters on the Valkyrie Connect Tier List: PvP and PvE. The PvE tier list is divided by the level of the character. You can use either one, or use both, depending on your strategy. The PvP tier list also includes searchable names so you can narrow down the choices by type or enemy type. Once you know what level each character is, you can start leveling.

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