Valorant Announces New Gaia’s Vengeance Skin Bundle Finisher

Valorant Announces New Gaia’s Vengeance Skin Bundle Finisher

Valorant has yet to announce a new Gaia’s Vengeance skin bundle. The Valorant skin looks similar to Hivemind’s Ruination bundle, so it is safe to assume that the new skin’s price will be comparable to the Ruination price. You can expect the new skin at the same price once the current Bundle ends.

Valorant’s Gaia’s Vengeance Skin Bundle

A new skin bundle for Valorant is coming. It will include skins that can be used with Valorant weapons. This bundle will cost approximately 7,100 Valorant points, or 75 USD. This bundle will include an exclusive gun buddy and player card. Purchasers will receive an additional participant card and spray. This is what you can expect from the bundle.

These skins for Gaia’s Vengeance will be based off some of the most well-known weapons in the game. This skin set will be accompanied by new weapons like Marshal and Vandal. A new melee weapon, the Guardian, can be unlocked. The bundle also includes unique VFX that can be used to inspect and attack enemies.

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Unique Valorant Bundle finisher

The new season will release on March 1, 2022. With it, there will be new content including a premium bundle called Gaia’s Venom. Tigris was the last premium skin bundle for Valorant Episode 4 Act 1 in January. Gaia’s Vengeance will be the next premium skin bundle and will be available with Episode 4 Act 2.

The Unique Valorant Bundle will be a melee weapon that comes in four color variations and a tree-like style. The goddess Gaia, also known as the mother earth, is the inspiration for the skin’s colors. The skin will come with four options and four different colors. These will cover the character classes Ghost Marshal and Vandal. The bundle will include a melee-axe, an exclusive card for players, and a charm & spray.

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The Gaia’s Vengeance skin package is coming to VALORANT. It comes with a variety of skins for Valorant weapons. You can purchase it with Valorant Points. The bundle can be purchased starting March 1st for 7,100 VP, or around $80 USD. This bundle is not available for free and can be used once only.

Gaia’s Vengeance skin package includes a new season of Valorant. The skin set is inspired by the Enchanted Forest and includes three weapon variations and four upgradeable levels. As you level up each weapon, you get new details. Each weapon also receives a special finishing animation with the skin bundle. The Gaia’s Vengeance Skin Bundle Finisher will cost approximately 7,100 Valorant points.

Release date

Riot Games will unveil a new skin for the game, GAIA’S VENGEANCE, during Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 March 1st. This skin line is one of four new skins in the game. Gaia’s Vengeance skins are inspired by fairytales’ magical forests. They will be available separately or as part the Gaia’s Vengeance bundle.

The Gaia skins, which will replace the Undercity bundle, will be available in some regions starting 1 March. The skins can be purchased in the Valorant shop and will feature a crystalline and silver theme. They won’t include melee or operator skins. If you are interested in these skins, keep an eye on the release date.

Package deal

Battle Royale is getting the Gaia’s Vengeance latest skin bundle with Episode 4 Act 2 Battle Pass. The new skins have the same stunning aesthetics of the Hivemind x Ruination packs and will cost around 7,100 VP. The bundle will include three weapon variants and the skin of Valorant Gaia. The skins come with four upgrade levels. Each weapon gets new details as the player progresses through each level. Each weapon variant has its own finishing animation. The Package deal includes a participant’s card, spray, as well as a crystal gun buddy.

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The Gaia’s Vengeance skin bundle includes a variety of skins suitable for popular weapons and melee. Each skin comes in three variations. Each gun comes with four upgrade options that add new details such as the kill banner or finisher. The skins have a tree-like design and additional power crystals. The name of the bundle is based upon Gaia, a Greek goddess who represents Mother Earth.

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