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Valorant Anti AFK & Bunnyhop [XP FARMER]

We share the cheat of the game Valorant Anti AFK and Bunnyhop [Misc Ware] under the in our game cheats segment.

Valorant’s Penalty system

Along with other features, Riot first introduced the AFK penalty system to Valorant in patch 2.02. This feature determines whether a player is AFK or not by studying their movement patterns. After one or two rounds of telegraphed movements, the system determines the player as AFK and disconnects them from the ongoing match until the player actively rejoins.

Valorant Anti AFK & Bunnyhop [Misc Ware]

This Valorant Anti AFK & Bunnyhop is a software that will help you stay afk in the game and not be distracted during the game. It also has a Bunnyhop feature so valorant can’t restrict your jumps, so this Valorant Free Hack gives you an added advantage in-game.

valorant anti afk - bunnyhop
valorant anti afk - bunnyhop

Valorant restricts in-game player movements like other games do. The reason is to make the game more difficult and allow people to use their powers equally.
But you members don’t have to. You can stay AFK in the game and have the Bunnyhop hack and just hold down the space key. Then, while you are in the air, you press D and turn the mouse to the left, then press A and turn it to the right, and you continue this movement continuously. As you can see, we don’t use the W key at all.

How to use – Valorant Anti AFK & Bunnyhop

  1. Download Free Valorant Cheat
  2. After Open Valorant Game
  3. After start as administrator Misc Ware v1.1.exe
  4. Enjoy
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