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Valorant Battlepass – Act 3 is Coming!

The Valorant Battlepass can be a great way for you to gain more content. There are many things to look forward too. Act 3 will be released on October 13, and promises to contain more content than previous updates. Act II is nearing its end. It’s crucial to grab any last-ranked win prior to Act Rank locks. The Act Rank lock will allow you to leave in style.

Weekly missions

Valorant members have complained that weekly mission are not being completed as expected and that their progress is reset randomly in between games. Riot, the game developer, acknowledged the issue but will not assist players who are struggling to meet the pass’s deadlines. However, those who manage to finish their weekly missions on time are pleased with the battle pass bonuses and additional XP.

You can earn maximum XP quickly with the VALORANTS Battlepass. This will give you unique cosmetics and bonuses. Weekly missions are a great way to level up quickly. Plan your gaming sessions accordingly. You can schedule multiple sessions each day if you wish to obtain a particular cosmetic. To get the desired cosmetic, you will need to plan your sessions carefully.

Artisan Melee

The Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battle Pass might interest you if you are looking for new skins or cosmetic items. You will have access to three new skins: Varnish, Artisan and Nitro. It also includes new melee weaponry. The Artisan melee fightpass will contain new weapon skins to the following heroes: Judge (Sheriff), Bucky (Bucky), and Stinger.

Valorant Battlepass

Artisan Foil Melee follows the theme of previous battle pass, falling under fantasy genre. The Battle Pass includes a free weapon cosmetic, the Artisan Ghost Weapon Skin. This skin can be applied to any Artisan melee-class weapon. It’s a cute and adorable weapon that you can unlock all five variations. You also get an Artisan Gun Buddy when you complete the battle pass.

RGX 11z Pro skins

The new season and episode of Valorant introduce Fade, a new character in the game, as well as a revamped battle pass. You can purchase a complete bundle of RGX 11z Pro skins to give your character a new look. However, you don’t have to buy the whole game. You can choose to purchase individual skins that suit your playstyle.

In the next episode of the game, a new set of Valorant’s RGX 11z Pro skins is available. These skins feature rotating mechanical parts and LED-lighting effects. They are designed for high-end gaming devices. Valorant’s October 2021 release of the RGX 11z Pro skin package was the first. The previous skin bundle contained Vandal melee and Frenzy melee skins, Guardian skins, and Stinger skins.

With each passing week, experience points increase

Each week, Valorant players receive three missions to boost their weekly XP. These missions require players to complete pre-set tasks in the game, such as using ultimates and buying new armor. You can do the missions several times to earn experience points. Experience points are increased with each week. These missions are easy to complete if you’re a regular player.

Daily quests, weekly XP increases, and winning unrated matches can all give you XP bonuses with the Valorant BattlePass. Weekly quests provide the highest XP boosts, while daily quests offer the lowest amount. Although you cannot farm for XP with the Battle Pass, it is possible to gain more by completing these quests. You can also get bonuses for using vehicles like a car to boost your gear.


Valorant Battlepass resets are imminent. Riot Games shared more information about Act 2 on September 4. Act 2 rank resets will be a reality, they confirmed. You will begin slightly lower than your Act 1 rank but this will soon change. In this expansion, Act Ranks are being introduced. To see their new rank, players will need three games.

Many players are having trouble with Weekly Valorant Challenges. Many players have discovered that their progress is reset randomly every game. Riot has admitted the problem, but it doesn’t help players who are already struggling with meeting pass deadlines. While it won’t help them, resetting their progress will give them more time to level-up. There are other methods to obtain the battle pass.

Fracture map

New content will be available in the upcoming Battle Pass, including a map called Fracture. This map will be available in the 3.05 update. The update will also bring new Episode 3 or Act2 content and a new Fracture map. Here’s what you can expect. – There will be more Fracture maps! What should you be looking out for in this battle pass, then? We have broken it down into character types.

The Valorant Battlepass’s newest map will feature an H-shaped battlefield and epic battles in its center. It will be an exceptional map! Although it is not known if the map will be included in the CSGO edition, you can see a preview at The Game Haus of the Fracture map! It’s possible you will get to experience it soon! Nothing can beat the excitement of watching the world change right in front you!

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