Valorant Duelist Class Guide – Choosing Your Duelist in Season 1

You can easily get confused when you first play with Jett, Reyna, or Phoenix. This article will help guide you in choosing the best Duelist for you. Continue reading for more information. Compare the pros & cons of each Duelist Class. The Duelist class is the right one for you, regardless of whether you are a support Duelist or a guns-blazing Duelist. It also explains the weaknesses and strengths of each member.

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Jett is an entirely different duelist from the rest. Jett is VALORANT’s most prominent competitor. Jett’s popularity may not be known to everyone. All these reasons make Jett worth your time. 1. It’s unique in its gameplay, which sets it apart from other duelists


Reyna is a great duelist and easy to understand. Reyna can be used in the same manner as other Reynas. Take damage and heal. You can use leer when you push sites. Reyna is difficult to master, but there’s a way to improve your game and become an even better duelist.


image 391 Duelist

Raze can also be used to initiate, duels, or duelist. He is capable of causing chaos and destruction in enemy teams. Raze can help his team share points if used correctly. Raze can do damage in any fight, even though his mobility and speed aren’t as good as Jett or Phoenix. Raze can clear choke points.


The Phoenix is one among the duelists. It has a British accent. This character is often associated with fire, particularly its ultimate that looks like a phoenix. Duelists are highly skilled at attacking and defense, and can also be very aggressive fighters. Duelists can be much more aggressive than the other agents. Duelists can still offer an option to teams who want to fight at the frontlines due to their high combat skillets and healing abilities.

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Yoru, a duelist, is highly skilled but also deceptive. She can exploit a weakness in communication or judgment to cause major damage to an enemy team. She also has an auto moving tie she can use in order to sneak up on the enemy team. She isn’t sure if she is sneaking onto an enemy team or teleporting to an area that does more damage.

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