Valorant New Agent Robot KAY/O Abilities and More

Valorant New Agent Robot KAY/O Abilities and More

Valorant New Agent Robot KAY/O Abilities and More

In this article, we will discuss the KAY/O Abilities and More of the Valorant New Agent Robot. This radiant hunting robot has a frag grenade, a flash grenade, and a combat stim. These abilities can make KAY/O a valuable ally in battle. Hopefully, we will see more of KAY/O in Valorant’s Episode 3.

KAY/O is a radiant hunting robot

The sixteenth agent of the Valorant Protocol will be KAY/O, a robotic warrior with abilities that make the enemy use weapons instead of abilities. She will also come with an ability-disabling toolkit. The robot will be released along with a new episode and battle pass. The game’s storyline is based on the Day’s of Future Past storyline.

KAY/O’s main ability is a massive energy blast, causing enemies to take damage from it. When KAY/O uses his ultimate ability, it sends a wave of polarized radianite energy, which suppresses enemy agents. KAY/O goes into “destabilized” mode when it’s downed, but if his teammate revives him, he can return to combat. As long as he’s revived quickly, KAY/O is an excellent choice for a tank.

KAY/O is programmed by the Kingdom Corporation, which was hostile to the Radiants. Security bots for the corporation started publicly hunting the Radiants, so KAY/O was salvaged from a smashed security bot. The robot’s purpose was to protect both the human population and the Radiants. However, after being defeated by the Radiant team, KAY/O becomes an invaluable ally to the Valorant cause.

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He has a flash grenade

In the latest video game, Valorant, the newest agent robot is KAY/O. The robot’s abilities make it an excellent choice for players who want to use their skills to neutralize enemies. With a knife to chuck and the ability to suppress enemy abilities, KAY/O is the perfect choice for an aggressive playstyle. This new character is sure to delight fans of the FPS genre and fans of other games.

The cinematic for the upcoming Valorant Episode 3 reveals a mirror Earth where humans and other agents fight each other for the world’s radianite. The world is plagued with dangerous Radiants, and KAY/O is a member of this secret organization that aims to protect it. But could KAY/O become rogue? This character may have the power to save the day.

He has a frag grenade

Valorant has announced the release of the new agent robot KAY/O. The tactical team-based shooter will feature KAY/O’s abilities, including the ability to silence enemies. The new agent will be released alongside the Valorant’s upcoming Season 3 update, Episode 3, Act 1.

Image 26 Valorant New Agent
valorant new agent

In the game, KAY/O is a bright, shining hunting robot with great tools for initiating fights and shutting down enemies. With its unique ultimate, KAY/O is terrifying to enemies, especially when they’re out of position. It also caters to the aggressive playstyle and helps the player create space for teammates to attack. KAY/O is a very good choice for those who love to rely on gunplay.

The main ability of KAY/O is suppressing energy. When the agent reaches zero health, it will enter downed mode, allowing him to trade with his enemies and come back to life after being revived. The ability makes KAY/O a great weapon for the Valorant team. When used well, it can help defeat enemies in a sniper or other enemy team.

He has a combat stim

The reveal trailer for the upcoming new Valorant video game is out, and it paints a very gloomy picture of the world the robot inhabits. The game’s cinematic opens with KAY/O fighting in a war-torn global hellscape alongside the sinister Reyna, and then the character shouts out the phrase, “TIME TO KILL SOME RADIANTS.” The word ‘radiants’ comes to mind, and the trailer implies that it was created by the evil Killjoy.

A final ability of KAY/O explains the mechanics of the Valorant in a way that was a major spoiler months ago. This ability, called Null/CMD, causes KAY/O to overcharge, and emits energy pulses around his body that suppress enemies for a short time. Overloaded KAY/O can be revived by teammates, but corpses must be tended to until its Null/CMD timer expires.

Valorant’s newest agent is a robot named KAY/O who has the power to suppress the abilities of his enemies. The Valorant new Agent will be part of Valorant’s Episode 3 new update, which should also be accompanied by a fairly large patch for the game.

KAY/O is a starter, which means he’ll be great at making his way over sites and breaking through enemy defenses. One of KAY/O’s abilities allows him to throw a special knife that blocks enemies from using his abilities – an effect called suppressed. His Ultimate has something similar, but it exits his body. KAY/O’s Ultimate also gives him a Combat Stim when used, and if he dies during Ultimate he’ll have a chance to be revived by a teammate.

Valorant New Agent

Valorant Robot KAY/O suppression effects are his most unique, KAY/O’s other two abilities should be just as useful. The flash can be charged to make it more difficult for enemies to see from far away. He also has a grenade that does a tremendous amount of damage when players are at the center of a cluster.

KAY/O will be available on Valorant Live Server from 22 July. Check out all the features and capabilities of their kit before they arrive.

Riot presented a teaser of Agent at Summer Games Fest 2021 ahead of the release KAY/O.

Additionally, after the teaser aired, the official Valorant Twitter account was ‘hacked’ by Killjoy, suggesting that the new agent may be one of his creations.

Valorant Give Back Bundle

Valorant has created a novel way to engage players and give to the society. There are a few stages in the Give Back bundle that players must participate in.

The voting phase is the first. Players will need to vote on which skins they want from July 2-7 in order to be able to return to the game.

On July 16, the Valorant Vote skin winners will be announced. Players can buy the bundle that has been voted most from July 22 through July 8. 50% of the proceeds of weapon skins sales and 100% of accessory purchases go to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund in partnership with Impact Assets.

KAY/O Ability Kit

Here you will get all the ability Kit and other details of the New Valorant Agent so without vesting time let’s start.

E — Zero/Point

Get a suppression knife. Toss the fire. The blade sticks to any surface it touches, winds up and stuns everyone within its range.

Q — Flash/Drive

Flash grenades are available. Fire to throw. A short fuse explodes following the flash grenade, blinding all those within its range.

Remarkable mechanics

Right-clicking the FlashBang will throw a charged flash. It causes it to cook for just 1 second.

C – Frag / Ment

Get an explosive piece. Toss it. It sticks to the floor, explodes repeatedly, and causes lethal damage in the center.

X – Null / Cmd

Instantly overload with polarized radionite energy. This energy powers the KAY/O, and emits large energy pulses. These pulses suppress enemies for a brief time.

remarkable mechanics

KAY/O is effected with Combat Steam when it’s overloaded
KAY/O may be killed by an overloaded weapon. This causes him to fall and then enters an unstable state. Allies can freeze and revive him.


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