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Vampire Survivor Cheats

This article will give you the latest Vampire Survivor tips. This article will talk about Hidden Characters, Achievements, Custom Skins. This article also contains a guide to building. Find out how to get started and what you can expect. You can also see other articles in the series.

Hidden Character

If you’re looking for a secret hidden character in Vampire SurvivorsYou’re in luck This game features 11 characters. The only way to unlock hidden characters in this game is to enter a code. Type x-1viiq into the text box to unlock Exdash. A unique sound effect will appear. After entering x-1viiq, you will be asked to confirm that Exdash Exiviiq is added to the Character Selection screen.

A list of characters will appear after you have selected your character. While these characters may have different abilities, it is possible to view their statistics and see them before you choose them. These options make it easy to choose a character. This code can increase your chances of dealing serious damage. This code can be used to help you decide which characters to play.


Vampire Survivors’ first update introduced the Lama, a brand new weapon. Six achievements will help you find its location. Other improvements include enhancements to characters and changes to Mad Forest’s collision system. The developer will port Vampire Survivors to the standard engine game engine. This will allow for more content, and shouldn’t cause any hardware issues.

There are many ways to unlock Vampire Survivor achievements. Most achievements are quite easy, but some may require more effort. You’ll find the game far more enjoyable than you expected! It is well worth it. All achievements can be found in the guide or on the page. You might need to take a while to unlock all achievements, especially if you are just starting out.

Construction guide

This guide will help you choose the right weapon. This guide will show you how to maximize your damage and help you get through the roguelike. Gems are a great way to increase your weaponry or level. The Weapon Evolution Chart can help you decide which items will work best for your build. These are just a few tips.

You can unlock new weapons by using an armor and weapon evolution guide. This roguelite lets players gain experience by collecting XP at defeated opponents. You can choose to equip a new weapon, or keep your existing one. You will need a mystery object to upgrade your weapon. This guide will assist you in unlocking the gear and accessories of your weapon.

Unlocking secret characters

There are two ways to unlock secret characters within Vampire Survivors. You can search the common folder for their names or do certain tasks. After approximately 30 minutes of gameplay MissingNo is unlocked. Exdash Exiviiq can also be unlocked by death. To access the character, type “x1viiq” in the main menu.

“x-1viiq” is the secret code that unlocks Exdash Exiviiq’s character on Vampire Survivor. The code can only be entered in the text box. You should enter the code quickly. Once the code has been entered, it will make a particular sound. Enter to locate Exdash at the character selection screen. Then you can take him to battle.



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