Vampire Survivor Cheats and Tips in 2022

Vampire Survivor Cheats

Vampire Survivor Cheats and Tips

Vampire Survivor Cheats

If you are looking for the latest Vampire Survivor cheats and tips, this article is the right place to go. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Hidden Character, Achievements, Custom skins, and a Build guide. Read on to find out how to get started and what to expect! And of course, don’t forget to check out the other articles in this series, too.

Hidden Character

If you’re looking for a secret hidden character in Vampire Survivors, you’re in luck! This game features 11 playable characters, including a hidden character that can only be unlocked with a specific code. To unlock the Exdash, type in x-x1viiq, and you’ll hear a unique sound. You’ll then want to go to the Character Selection screen and check that the Exdash Exiviiq is there.

When you choose your character, you’ll see a list of different characters. These characters all have different abilities, but you can still view their statistics and check them out before choosing them. These options can help you make your character selection a bit easier by giving you a better starting character. This code will enable you to increase your chances of dealing critical damage by a significant amount. You can also use it to prioritize which characters you want to play.


The first update to Vampire Survivors introduced a new weapon, the Lama. You can find clues about its location in six new achievements. Other changes include buffs for existing characters, tweaks to the collision system in the Mad Forest, and minor optimisations. The developer is also working on porting Vampire Survivors to the standard game engine. This should allow for more content to be shown on screen without causing hardware issues.

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There are many ways to unlock the achievements in Vampire Survivor. The majority of achievements are quite easy to get, but some require a little more time. In the end, the game is more fun than you ever thought possible! It’s well worth the time invested. A guide or search page will help you get every achievement in the game. However, if you’re just starting out, you might need a few hours to unlock all the achievements.

Build guide

This build guide will help you decide what weapons to use, as well as how to use them. It will also explain how to maximize your Damage stats, which will help you survive the game’s roguelike style. You’ll be able to increase your level and weapons by gathering gems. The game also has a Weapon Evolution chart that can help you determine which items are best for your build. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

A good weapon evolution guide will show you how to unlock upgraded weapons and armor. In this roguelite, players level by picking up XP gems from defeated enemies. Then, players can either equip a new weapon, or they can use the same weapon they already have. To upgrade a weapon, the player needs to use it in conjunction with a mystery item. This guide will explain how to unlock the items and gear needed to get each weapon or item.

Unlocking secret characters

There are two ways to unlock secret characters in Vampire Survivors: by finding their names in the common folder or by completing specific tasks. MissingNo can be unlocked after playing for 30 minutes, and Exdash Exiviiq can be unlocked by defeating Death. Then, you can enter “x-x1viiq” in the main menu to access the character.

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The secret code to unlock the character Exdash Exiviiq in Vampire Survivor is “x-x1viiq.” There’s no text field for entering this code, so players should type it in quickly. As a hint, the code will make a specific sound when the character is unlocked. Find Exdash on the character selection screen and press Enter. After that, take him into battle.



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