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Latest Vampire Survivors Tier List – September 2023

Vampire Survivors Tier List Tricks

In Vampire Survivors Tier List, you have to kill all the enemies to advance in the game. In order to do this, you must learn a few tricks. Here are some of them. First of all, you should know that Poe is a playable character, but there are also some secrets hidden in the game. Secondly, you should know that you can use Garlic as a good starting weapon.

Arca Ladonna is a playable character in the Vampire Survivors Tier List

Arca Ladonna is a playable character in the Vampire survivors game. She is placed in the A tier of the game and is a very effective character. Her weapon is the Fire Wand which deals tremendous damage. It is also able to transform into Hell-Fire. Arca’s cooldown is -5% until she reaches level 30.

Arca Ladonna’s weapons have a 5% cooldown reduction for every ten levels, up to 15%. She uses two weapons: the Laurel and the Pentagram. She is the latest character in the Vampire Survivors game. She has a starting weapon called Vento Sacro, which is a variation of the Whip weapon. She also has passive abilities which give her +20% MoceSpeed and +10% Curse. Her passive abilities are very useful when dealing damage, since they don’t cost a lot of energy.

Players can unlock new playable characters through gold coins. There are currently 24 official playable characters and four secret characters. There is also a playable character called Poncle. There are many enemies in the Vampire Survivors game, which players must kill in order to advance. Each enemy you kill will give you experience and passive bonuses. There are 136 enemies in the game, divided into 93 normal enemies and 45 bosses, which appear in map events.

Garlic is a good starting weapon in the Vampire Survivors Tier List

Vampire Survivors Tier List

If you are not yet in the advanced stages of Vampire Survivors, Garlic is a great weapon to begin with. It increases your base area by 2 and has good damage. It also increases your knockback and freezing effects. While this weapon is useful, it can also become a crutch if used too much. So, you should be careful when using this weapon.

Garlic is a great starting weapon for the Vampire Survivors Tier List, as it is extremely effective against the first creatures you encounter. Another good weapon is the fire wand, but be careful when using this weapon because RNG can make it nearly unusable. Nevertheless, it can melt enemies with its fire morph. Gennaro, for example, uses a knife. This weapon can deal heavy damage in a matter of seconds.

Garlic has a low damage output and a small radius, but is still a good weapon. Unlike some other starting weapons in Vampire Survivors, Garlic doesn’t scale well into the late game. It is best used for quick attacks and in the early game.

Poe is a playable character in the Vampire Survivors Tier List

Poe is a playable character in the Vampire survivors game. He starts with the controversial Garlic weapon, which does not morph like the Magic Wand, and whose damage drops sharply over time compared to other weapons. Despite this, Garlic has received some improvements and is now more powerful than ever. It also has additional power to push enemies back, but it remains primarily an early-game weapon. Unfortunately, Poe’s passives are not that great, with an underwhelming +25% pick-up radius and minus 30 health.

Poe’s initial weapon is Garlic, which increases pick-up radius. It has negative initial health, but this is meaningless unless you play the game for damage. You can also play as a secret character, called Exiviiq. Unlocking Exiviiq will enable you to play as Poe.

In addition to his passive, Poe can use different weapons depending on his class. While this passive isn’t very powerful, it can help you out if you’re stuck with a weak weapon or no weapons. This passive will also grant you extra experience. This passive will increase your experience when you use weapons, so make sure you use it wisely!

Vampire Survivors Tier List

image 304 vampire survivors tier list
S TierLedaHoly WandBegins with +5 Armor, -20% MoveSpeed, +100% Would possibly, +10% Space, & -10% Cooldown.
S TierPoppeaMusic of ManaBegins with 20% MoveSpeed.
Positive aspects +1% Length each Degree.
A Tier ArcaFireplace WandPositive aspects -5% Cooldown each 10 Ranges until Degree 30.
A TierChristinePentagramBegins with +1 Degree.
She has -50 Max Well being, -35% Would possibly, -25% Cooldown, & +30% MoveSpeed bonus.
A TierCrimson Loss of lifeLoss of life SpiralBegins with +100% MoveSpeed, 255 Max Well being, & +20% Would possibly.
A TierDommarioKing BibleHe has everlasting +40% projectile velocity & +40% length.
However at the price of -40% MoveSpeed.
A TierMortaccioBonePositive aspects +1 Quantity each 20 Ranges until Degree 60.
A TierPugnalaPhiera Der Tuphello &
Eight The Sparrow
Begins with +20% MoveSpeed.
Positive aspects +1% Would possibly each Degree.
B Tier KrochiCrossBegins with a Revival, revives with 50% Well being, & +30% MoveSpeed.
Positive aspects one other Revival at Degree 33.
B TierGiovannaGatti AmariBegins with +20% MoveSpeed.
Positive aspects +1% Projectile Velocity each Degree.
B TierCavalloCherry BombPositive aspects +1 Quantity each 20 Ranges until Degree 60.
? TiermissingN▯ Axe or Loss of life SpiralBase Stats are randomized each time
B TierPasqualinaRunetracerBegins with +10% Velocity.
Positive aspects +10% Velocity each 5 Ranges until Degree 15.
C Tier PortaLightning RingBegins with +30% Space &  -90% Cooldown bonus.
Cooldown will increase by 30% on each degree as much as Degree 4.
C TierImeldaMagic Wand Positive aspects +10% Progress each 5 ranges until Degree 15.
C TierClericiSanta WaterBegins with +0.5 HP/S, +50 Max Well being, +400% Space.
Loses Space by 100% each Degree until Degree 5.
C TierAntonioWhipBegins with +20 Max Well being and +1 Armor.
Positive aspects 10% Would possibly each 10 Ranges until Degree 50.
C TierLamaAxe Begins with +10 Max Well being, +10% Would possibly, +10% MoveSpeed, and +10% Curse.
Positive aspects 5% Would possibly, 5% MoveSpeed and 5% Curse each 10 ranges.
D Tier GennaroKnifeBegins with +20 Max Well being and +1 Quantity.
D TierRamba CarrélloPositive aspects +1 Quantity each 20 Ranges until Degree 60.
F TierPoeGarlicBegins with -30 Max Well being and +25% Magnet.
F TierExdashEbony WingsBegins with -23 Max Well being, -10% MoveSpeed, -10% Would possibly,
-10% Space, -50% Velocity, -10% Length, +10% Cooldown, & 100% Luck.
F TierToastiePeachoneBegins with -99 Max Well being, +20% MoveSpeed, -10% Would possibly, -10% Space,
-50% Velocity, -10% Length, +10% Cooldown and +100% Luck.

Exdash Exiviiq is a secret character in the Vampire Survivors

In the Vampire Survivors game, you can unlock a secret character by completing a few different quests. However, some of these quests require the use of special abilities or items to unlock them. In these situations, you need to learn the right strategies for using these items. Fortunately, there are a few ways to improve your character’s weapons.

The starting weapon for Exdash is Ebony Wings, but it can be improved with Peachone. This special character suffers from some stat penalties, including a lower base health, a shorter cooldown for weapons, and an increased chance to die. However, he does have one special ability, which allows him to rain down bombs on enemies. This ability is incredibly useful for builds that rely on critical attacks.

In addition to having a unique stat boost, Exdash also possesses the ability to heal himself. This trait can be used when you’re in a tough fight, or when you’re just looking to gain an advantage. While this secret ability is great for healing and defense, it’s useless against enemies that attack you from all directions. Therefore, you should be very careful when using Exdash.

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