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Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List 2023 Helpful Information

Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List

Vampire Survivors is a video game where players are given several types of weapons to use to help them survive. The Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List helps players decide which weapon is the best. Having various weapons available gives players a variety of experiences and boosts their replay value. However, not all weapons are great, and not all weapons are equally effective.

Yatta Cavallo

Yatta Cavallo is one of the playable characters in Vampire Survivors. She begins the game with a Cherry Bomb, but will get much better with upgrades. Once leveled, she can use this weapon to damage enemies in a wide area. She’s an excellent starting weapon with a great range of damage and protection. Moreover, the cherry bomb’s area of effect means it will kill most enemies around her.

The Cross is a powerful weapon in Vampire Survivors. It’s similar to the original Castlevania games, and it’s an excellent heavy damage weapon. It shoots out a spinning cross that deals a large amount of damage and can easily go through enemies. This weapon is also an excellent choice for clearing paths. When equipped with the Heaven Sword, it transforms into a massive sword that deals massive damage. It can also do critical hits.

Imelda Belpaese

Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List

The weapon of Imelda Belpaese is one of the most useful in Vampire Survivors, but it doesn’t have the best passive. While it increases sustain, it doesn’t kill enemies for very long. Instead, it gives you more exp, which is helpful in the early game. However, some characters have better passive bonuses and can outclass Imelda’s weapon.

Imelda Belpaese has a powerful magic wand that can be used to auto-target enemies. This magical weapon is not a strong choice for early game play, but her passive ability gives you 30 percent more experience. While her weapon is slow, her kit more than compensates for this.


When you’re playing Porta, it’s best to start with a high-quality starting weapon. You can also find a decent upgrade item. The stat increases from the Lightning Ring are great, but it’s a bit slow and has inconsistent results. If you’re more interested in a passive, Porta’s passive ability Paqualina is a great choice. This ability increases projectile speed by 30 percent every five levels. It doesn’t count towards your level cap, but it’s a good choice for early game play.

When choosing a weapon for Vampire Survivors, it’s important to prioritize items that synergize with each other. There are two main builds, one of which is focused on passive upgrade items and the other on omni-builds. The first build, Mortaccio, prioritizes a lot of passive upgrade items like the King Bible and the Magic Wand. In the other build, Arca prioritizes items that increase her chance of success. However, she has the lowest health of all the characters.

Shadow pinion

The Shadow Pinion is a high-damage melee weapon that can be used by vampires and other undead. Players must survive fifteen minutes to unlock it. After that, they can evolve the weapon into the Valkyrie Turner, which combines the Shadow Pinion and Wings. The Shadow Pinion is available in the Vampire Survivors game for Mac and Windows.

While the Shadow Pinning can be very powerful, it’s not very versatile. You can’t fire it at enemies while running, and it can only be used by characters who can build up their attacks. It can also be very slow, so it’s not a good option if you’re always on the move.

Clock Lancet

In Vampire Survivors, the Clock Lancet is one of the supporting weapons available. It is the starting weapon for Iguana Gallo Valletto and is obtained by collecting Orologion. This weapon can be evolved into the Infinite Corridor. This weapon fires a line of freezing beam around the player, freezing enemies in its path. It can also be boosted with bonuses to Duration and Cooldown. Taking the Infinite Corridor tier will increase its range and allow it to be used as a counter-weapon. This weapon has an increased cooldown, which is also beneficial for your Vampiric Survivors build.

Vampire Survivors has a wide variety of weapons that players can equip. Because of their diverse capabilities, it’s important to make the right weapon choice. Not all weapons are equal in terms of quality, but they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List is helpful for identifying the best weapons for your character.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List

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This is not a complete Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List. It is possible that some of your most favorite weapons are in a different tier. That is OK, as long you like the weapons that you use in the game. Let’s quickly review this list.

La BorraS Tier
Unholy VespersS Tier
King BibleS Tier
HellfireS Tier
Cherry BombS Tier
Santa WaterS Tier
Holy WandS Tier
Magic WandA Tier
Thousand EdgeA Tier
KnifeA Tier
Death SpiralA Tier
AxeA Tier
MannajjaA Tier
Heaven SwordA Tier
CrossA Tier
Fire WandA Tier
Song of ManaA Tier
CarrélloA Tier
Bloody TearA Tier
Thunder LoopB Tier
WhipB Tier
RunetracerB Tier
Lightning RingB Tier
Clock LancetB Tier
Beautiful MoonB Tier
PentagramC Tier
Gatti AmariC Tier
BoneC Tier
Soul EaterD Tier
GarlicD Tier

Santa water

Santa Water is one of the more basic weapons in Vampire Survivors, and its basic effect is to rain down holy water bottles from the sky, damaging enemies. However, the weapon can be boosted by upgrading to a higher tier for more damage. While the damage done by Santa Water is fairly low, the effects last a long time. In addition, you can use it to kill mini-bosses in a hurry.

The A rank of the Vampire Survivors weapon tier list is home to many potentially excellent armaments and firearms. These weapons tend to have commendable characteristics and abilities, and rarely disappoint. In addition, they come with several powerups to improve their effectiveness. The primary characteristics of A-tier weapons are their damage dealing ability, range, duration, and speed. They also reduce HP, and have decent piercing power.

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