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Vault Locations Warzone September 2023 COD Warzone

How to Find Legendary Loot in Vault Locations Warzone

If you’re looking for tips on how to find legendary loot in Vault Locations Warzone, then this article is for you! I’ll also talk about Bunkers, Morse code phone, and Mercenary Vaults, which are all extremely useful. After reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking these locations! If you haven’t already, check out our Morse code guide for more information!

Golden Keycards

In Warzone 2020, players can obtain Gold Keycards at Vault Locations by looting supply chests, completing contracts, and defeating players with keycards. The most reliable way to find Golden Keycards is by completing Contracts, but looting crates can also give you this reward. Luckily, looting isn’t necessary to obtain Golden Keycards, as you can take them by killing other players. Golden Keycards can only be used once, however, and once you open a vault, they will disappear.

In Warzone Season 4, you’ll have to find Mercenary Vaults and Golden Keycards to unlock legendary loot. The good news is that these keycards can be found in loot boxes near any bunker. And since you can loot them from dead players, finding them in the Vaults can be a great way to level up your squad and find new loot.

Mercenary Vaults

The Mercenary Vaults in WarZone are located near the main sights and can be accessed with a Golden Keycard. However, players must be careful when approaching these vaults as they may be infested by unscrupulous players. If you are unsure of where to find the Mercenary Vaults, you can check out our guide to finding the best locations.

There are many Mercenary Vaults hidden throughout Caldera. To reach one, you must complete a quest that will grant you the ability to use a Golden Keycard. Once you have received your Golden Keycard, you will need to search through the various areas to find the Mercenary Vaults. You will be rewarded with weapons, killstreaks, and perks.


Bunkers in the Warzone are inaccessible for everyone, but they have some great loot! Bunkers in Warzone are underground areas that contain lots of loot for loot goblins. The new game update includes a number of new features that make them more appealing than ever, and players are already excited to find these locations! The Warzone is a competitive shooter, so you will most likely be competing with other players for the opportunity to explore these hidden locations.

The Warzone’s bunkers are numbered from 00 to 11. Six of them can be accessed using red access cards, but the 11th requires a code. If you know Russian numerals, you’ll need to figure out a puzzle to unlock it! If you’re looking for some better gear in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Bunkers are an excellent place to get it. Just make sure you unlock them all before it’s too late!

Morse code phone

Morse code phones are a great way to unlock the locations of various vaults in Warzone. There are several locations that contain these phones in the game, and you can find them in marked buildings, large buildings, and even airports. To access these vaults, you must first find the Morse code phone and enter the appropriate Morse code. When you have found a Morse code phone, the safe light will turn green and you should be able to enter the vault. The vaults contain cool easter eggs like the blueprint for the MP7 Mud Drabber.

The Morse code phone can be used to unlock the location of the 11th Warzone Vault and the Zordaya Prison Complex. It works by dialing *123456789* and then pressing the keypad. Then, you will be given a code to unlock the vault. This is an exciting addition to the game and will keep gamers playing it for hours! There are many other useful features of the Morse code phone, and you can find more on it in the comment section.

Where Are The Vaults Warzone >>

image 194 vault locations warzone
Vault Locations Warzone

If players want to get inside these shelters, they will need more than just the COD: Warzone bunker location. They also need a key card. Although they are rare, these key cards can be found in various loot boxes. Once a player has one, they can use it for any of the vaults in Call of Duty. Can: except Warzone One: Bunker 11.

Although Bunker 11 is closed in Warzone, players were able to sneak a peek through the doors using a drone. What they’ve found is that this vault has multiple rooms, a big red button, and a nuclear weapon, which could certainly point to a future for CoD: Warzone. While you wait for the future, you can still visit other Warzone vaults and get lots of loot.

Call of Duty Warzone is currently available on PC, PS4 & Xbox One.

Patch 1.21 also includes classic battle royale mode. This mode has killstreaks and no perks or loadouts. Infinity Ward appears to have become obstructed in its ability access safes. I’m talking about how to access these vaults and unlock the MP7 Mud Drabber Blueprint.

COD Warzone Vaults >>

Vault Locations Warzone

COD Warzone boasts 12 vaults. The first 10 can be opened using a Red Access Card.

Red Access Cards – How To Get >>

These cards are random, but you can find them anywhere on Verdansk’s map.

If you do find one, you will be able to go straight to any of the vaults below to gain access to some of the most famous loot containers.

If you find a card straight off the bat and don’t have enough money to drop the loadout, it might be a good idea to play early.

Vault Locations Warzone 11th Warzone Vault >>

The 11th vault is more challenging and requires teamwork as well as fast action.

You will find phones scattered all over the place. These are activation phones. You will need to find the Russian-speaking phone to talk to.

The phone will display 3 numbers, ranging from 0 to 9. If the phone doesn’t talk to you and only beeps, you’ll need to move to the next phone on the map.

COD Warzone Vault Activation Phone Locations >>

  1. Gora Dam Phone: Located inside large building with Helipad.
  2. Verdansk port telephone: located at the bottom left corner of the large building.
  3. Downtown Phone: This building is a tall triangle-shaped structure that can be seen from the street. You must be located a few floors below the telephone desk.
  4. Boneyard Phone : Located east the Boneyard hangar in Boneyard’s southern part.
  5. Novi Grazna Hills Telephone: Located at the marked location on the map.
  6. Airport Phone: Located in a building to east of the garage across from the street.
  7. Telephone number for TV station: In large room. It should be at the left desk if you enter from the front.

When you find the phone, be sure to pay attention how the numbers are pronounced. If you don’t speak Russian, you can look up translations for the numbers.

You must go to the Morsecode phone with these numbers, and speak to them in order that the voice instructed you.

It’s best to have your squad spread out and ask everyone to do it on time on a phone call before the zone shrinks. Here’s a map showing all Morse codes phones and the associated numbers.

Vault Locations Warzone Opening Vault 11 >>

Once all the Morse codes have been interacting with your phone correctly, you will be able to access Vault 11. This is located at the top right of the map above Military Base Fire House.

Once you’ve completed the necessary steps correctly, the safe light will turn green and you are able to interact with the keypad.

You will be able swing the door open and all the loot in the room, along with the MP7 mud Drabber blueprint, will be yours. There are also some interesting easter eggs, such as the creation of an Atom.

Conclusion >>

If you’re a Call of Duty gamer, you’ll love this post. Here you will find all the Vault Locations Warzone locations, Morse Code Locations, Activation Locations, 11th Warzone Vault and Red Access Cards.

Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island is a small, secluded area on COD: World at War. You can spawn in any of three Vault Locations on the map, but only a few are actually accessible. One of the more difficult Vault Locations is the Perseus vault, which can only be accessed by trekking to the Rebirth Island Vault. This Vault contains a wide variety of loot, from rare weapons to bioweapons.

Rebirth Island has Bioweapon Labs and Shower Rooms. The broken shower contains a Forgotten keycard. Once you find all three keycards, you can enter the vault to open it. In addition, the Red Room weapon blueprint can be found inside the bunker. The Red Room weapon blueprint is the next item you can purchase, as well as $8000 in game currency. Having all three keycards will give you a bonus Loadout Drop Marker.

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