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Velvet 7 has a wonderful ending and a new powerful story from Epting and Brubaker. This issue is timely, as the story grows and the main characters of the series become stronger. Epting gives secondary characters in the series more voices, making this issue well worth the effort. You’ll want the series’ rest after you read Velvet 7.


Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting, the best-selling creators for CAPTAIN AMERICA : THE WINTER SILVER, have created a stunning Velvet issue. This issue is a love letter for the genre. It combines cool narration with fluid action. Epting and Brubaker don’t hesitate to break with conventions, be it in the travel sequence, which is condensed, revolving, or Velvet’s personality.


Epting Velvet’s first issue was a success, and Brubaker as well as Epting continue to use their strengths to deliver a thrilling spy thriller. Although the series remains a must-read for comic fans, this issue is especially strong. Epting voices secondary characters and the story overall is exciting. Epting’s artwork is an outstanding highlight of the series. The artwork in this issue stands out.

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Twitch ban

Some Twitch fans are furious at a recent ban. Twitch had Velvet_7 banned from Twitch’s website for five weeks because she broadcast “sexually suggestive content.” Twitch later confirmed that her claims were false and she later denied them. Some people believe Velvet was targeted due to her body and outfit. Twitch should be sorry for its actions and clarify their policies.


You are not the only one who loves Kaceytron, a Twitch streamer on Velvet 7. The streamer’s female counterpart is more than just a pretty’stylist,’ she is also an activist. She is an activist who fights against sex trafficking, and promotes female empowerment. For the past few days, the video star has been a hot topic. She is proud to support many organizations that assist women, as a former lesbian.

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