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Enable Video Station Auto Indexing (2023)

How to Enabe Video Station Auto Indexing? and Use Video Station Synology indexing? This is short Tutorial for you. In case you have a video station and would like to watch it on your mobile devices, you should enable auto-indexing. The process is quite easy: all you have to do is go to Control Panel, Indexing Service, and click on Media Indexing Service. This will allow you to watch any video on your computer. Make sure that your computer is set up to support this type of service. It is recommended to enable auto-indexing if you are planning to use the device with multiple cameras.

How to Enable Video Station Auto Indexing

Video Station Auto Indexing

You can set up auto-indexing in Video Station with the help of Plex. Both applications will allow you to see all movies and boxsets on the server. Both of them will also show the metadata collected by the media server applications. You can enable auto-indexing if you want to view the content on your Android or iOS devices. Alternatively, you can enable auto-indexing and manually add movies to your video collection.

video station auto indexing

To enable auto-indexing, go to the Video Station settings. This option will allow you to choose how often the device will do this. You can enable auto-indexing when you add new movies to your account. Once you enable auto-indexing, you can start viewing the videos on your mobile device. This will automatically begin to index them in the database, giving you an easy way to find the best ones. You can even use your media server to watch them on your tablet or phone.

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Video Station Synology Indexing

The Video Station application helps users manage the videos on Synology NAS. You can stream the videos to multiple devices including TVs and media players. The software enriches your video collection with details. You can browse through your growing video library with filters and find recommended videos. This is a great way to expand your video collection. You can also add new videos to your queue by simply adding them to Video Station. The Videostation application is available on all Synology NAS devices.

video station synology indexing

The Videostation application indexes hundreds of dvd titles. However, it’s important to note that the application only indexes a few hundred titles. Because of this, you might end up with duplicates of the same movie title. If you’re concerned about duplicate titles, you can manually add them. You can also use an indexing service to monitor the /photo shared directory. This service monitors the photos and lets you add new ones.

In addition to being an alternative to Plex, Videostation can also index hundreds of DVD titles. It is important to note that this service cannot handle a large number of titles. If you don’t want to use Plex, you can always fall back on DS Video. This service works well and has a decent database. In some situations, you may have to correct a movie title if it’s already selected.




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