Short Villain to Kill A Review 2022

Villain to Kill is a web comic that follows the exploits of Cassian Lee and Gwon Gangu, two brothers with conflicting personalities. The comic first ran on Naver in February 2021 and was later added to Line Webtoon. This web comic is a great read for fans of anime, manga, and video games. It also shows how bullying can turn into a persona worthy of killing. It follows the story of the two brothers as they struggle to live up to their names and protect the Harmony of their planet.

Villain to Kill A Review

Villain to Kill

Cassian learns that his soul was possessed by a boy who drowned him, and has a dark past. He learns that his former life has been spent killing villains, and uses his new-found power to protect innocent people. The only problem is that he’s being hunted by the villains, and he must use his powers to save the hostages from the evil forces in order to save them.villain to kill

The story starts with Cassian’s awakening in the body of his dead brother, Gangu Gwon. His body was robbed by a group of school bullies, and his soul was transferred into it. To save the hostages, Cassian must use his powers to become a villain, but must avoid being hunted by the rival clan. As a result, he must use the same techniques as Moros to kill the villains.

Villain to Kill



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