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All Walking Mausoleum Locations in Elden Ring 2023 Helpful Guide

Walking Mausoleum Locations in Elden Ring

The Walking Mausoleum Locations in Elden Ring, tortoise-like creatures with a bell hanging from their belly, which traverse the open world. They are part of the Lands Between, a world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki. Players can use them to travel to different locations, repeating the rewards they have received when fighting demi-god bosses.

Finding a Walking Mausoleum

Walking Mausoleum Locations in Elden Ring

If you’re looking for a challenge in Elden Ring, then finding a Walking Mausoleum is a great place to start. You’ll find the Walking Mausoleum near the Weeping Peninsula, which is the starting area of the Elden Ring. It’s in the middle of an expansive field. This structure is very difficult to take down on your own, so you need to summon a spirit horse to assist you. You can use the spirit horse Torrent to ride between the legs, while your spirit horse Tarnished will run as far as possible when the Walking Mausoleum is falling.

The Walking Mausoleum is an item in Elden Ring that has a sell value of 40,000. It’s located in the southwest, near the beach shore. Once you get it, you can use it to duplicate Remembrance, which is a powerful tool in the game. You can also exchange it for the Grafted Dragon or Axe of Godrick.

Getting a reward from a Walking Mausoleum

In Elden Ring, you can get a special reward for stopping a Walking Mausoleum. These huge turtle-like creatures appear around areas where demi-god bosses have been killed. You can kill them by attacking the gray matter that grows around them. The mausoleums are not aggressive, but they will hurt you if you run into them.

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There are seven Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring. The first one is the Weeping Peninsula, south of the Third Church of Marika. The second one is located in the north of Liurnia, east of Testu’s Rise. The first one is a rare mausoleum that can only duplicate Remembrance once. If you don’t want to waste your time trying to duplicate this mausoleum, you can use Gravitas to remove the glowing white barnacles.

A Walking Mausoleum can duplicate a Remembrance that you have obtained, or it can duplicate a Remembrance you’ve obtained from a demigod boss. There are seven mausoleums in Elden Ring, and you can only duplicate one per playthrough. To get a Remembrance from a Walking Mausoleum, you must clear gray skull-growths from the path and collect a coffin. The Walking Mausoleums will duplicate one Remembrance per mausoleum, so be sure to make a careful choice before you buy.

All Strolling Mausoleum Areas in Elden Ring

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In whole, there are 7 Strolling Mausoleums in Elden Ring. They’re Large Buildings with large lengthy Stone Legs. Though they transfer round they are usually in the identical space. They’re scattered all through the Lands between and right here is the place you could find them.

  • Within the Weeping Peninsula, a bit of Southeast from the Tombsward Ruins which is on the Northeast of the Peninsula.
  • In Liurnia of the Lakes, Southwest from the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Grace. It is usually Northeast of Raya Lucaria Academy, within the waters.
  • Once more in Liurnia of The Lakes, right here two of them might be discovered within the Mausoleum Compound Grace in Uld Palace Ruins, north of the Church of Vows. Remember the fact that these two Strolling Mausolea will solely duplicate the Remembrances of Non-Shardbearer Bosses.
  • In Mountaintops of the Giants, simply outdoors of Fort Sol. It is going to be discovered on the north aspect.
  • Within the Consecrated Snowfields, Northwest of Ordina. You can see it subsequent to the Apostate Derelict Grace. Beware as this Strolling Mausoleum will assault you with Magical Bombardment.
  • Within the Deeproot Depths. It is going to be close to the Anonymous Everlasting Metropolis Grace.
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Get to any of those Strolling Mausolea and it is possible for you to to duplicate a Boss Remembrance. Though you possibly can’t simply go up there, you’ll have to cease them. To take action, you’ll have to take away White Skulls both on the Legs or on the Mausoleum itself. These Skulls will appear to be Barnacles that develop on Whales. When you clear them, the Strolling Mausoleum will cease and dropdown. Now you possibly can enter it and work together with the NPC inside. Remember the fact that you possibly can solely duplicate one Remembrance right here solely as soon as. After that, you can’t duplicate anymore from this Mausoleum. So watch out along with your choices.

Finding a Walking Mausoleum in Liurnia of the Lakes

A Walking Mausoleum is an item found in the game Elden Ring. A player can find one by walking through the area north of the Raya Lucaria Academy and north of the Mausoleum Compound Site of Grace. Once a player has a Walking Mausoleum, they will hear the sounds of it ringing across the land with every step. You can find one in Liurnia of the Lakes outside of the town center and near the Crystal Tunnel and Raya Lucaria Academy. If you use a Torrent to go there, you’ll be able to hear the walking Mausoleums while they are nearby.

Finding a Walking Mausoleum in Liuronia of the Lakes can be difficult, but it is possible. The first one is the simplest to access. The second one is a more difficult one to reach. This one contains skulls on the upper level. You can’t just walk up to it though, as you have to navigate it first. Another way to get to it is to find a Gravestone, which sticks out of the cliff.

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