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War Of The Visions Tier List September 2023 WOTV Tier List!

War of the Visions Tier List

When it comes to War of the Visions, the metagame is always changing, with new units constantly becoming more powerful than the rest. Older units become obsolete over time, and power creep affects them as well. With such a large number of units, it can become difficult to know which unit to play as. This article aims to answer that question by listing out which units are good for which jobs in the game.


As the first new character in the game, Tidus is one of the most useful characters in Final Fantasy X. His attack power is excellent, and he has multiple multi-hit Overdrives. He also has the rare ability to Blitz Ace, which makes him hit nine times. While Tidus lacks the brute force of other legendary warriors, he makes up for it with agility. He has a great dodge mechanic and can dish out lethal counterattacks with his sword. Additionally, he is the first character to get the quick hit ability, which is game breaking.


The top unit in War of the Visions is currently the Mediena, with many people saying it’s one of the best characters in the game. Although her PvE performance is lacking, she can be considered the top unit due to her damage deal and survivability. She also has a strong black magic ability, Flare, which deals huge amounts of damage to a single target. Moreover, she has a unique ability that boosts her teammates’ speed for three turns. This allows her to finish fights much faster and move through the levels faster.


A tier list is one of the most important tools for a War of the Visions player. It will show you which UR units you should prioritize upgrading and investing in. In addition, it will provide you with important tips and advice on how to deal with opposing units. These lists are organized by tier, and they are regularly updated to reflect the latest metagame. The following article explains how to use a tier list to get the most out of your War of the Visions experience.


Fryevia is a dps in the upcoming War Of The Visions expansion, and she is available in both FFBE and WOTV. She has 69 magic, which is a low amount for a magic based unit. However, she does have an attack modifier, which increases her offensive capabilities. Her slash ATK is increased to 15 and her skill damage multiplier is 45%. This class’s unique traits and passives make it a great choice for teams looking for a strong anti magic unit. In addition, Fryevia has a healer, Yuna, who can help her with any healing issues, and a White Mage kit, which will help her heal up quickly. Fryevia also has a regenerator that restores between 900 and 1k HP each turn

image 95 war of the visions tier list

Fryevia is a damage dealer with great survivability

The Fryevia is a damage dealer that specializes in long-range enemies. She has good mobility and high damage, as well as great evasion abilities. She’s one of the best spear units in War of the Visions, and her combination of high speed and damage is the perfect match for long-range opponents. Her weak point is her poor magic resistance, which makes her vulnerable to the magic meta. However, she’s okay against Kilphe, Salire, and Mediena. The damage dealer’s skills are somewhat messed up, so she’s not the best choice for all games.


In War of the Visions, the top unit is the Mediana. She has great stats and has good skills, making her an ideal choice for any army. A Mediana can handle most situations, making her the best unit in the game. The A-tier character is strong and can handle a variety of scenarios, but it may struggle against top-tier decks. This unit is one of the most versatile and best-rounded in the game, making it a must-have for any army.

War Of The Visions Tier List 2022 September

This page contains War Of The Visions Tier List which will help you get the best units.

One thing is certain about every Gacha game. Power creep is real and can affect the meta. This is normal, up to a point. New units are being released with amazing features and are a lot more powerful than their predecessors. That makes older units feel weaker in the long-term.

We will now take a look at War of the Visions’ units and attempt to rank them S to D.

The tier list can be changed at any time. This tier also includes EX work on units under consideration.

List of Tiers for units in War of the Visions. Sorted from S+ to B

One thing is certain, no matter what gacha game. Power creep is real and affects the meta. It’s to be expected to a certain extent of course. Every year, new units are released. Each time they are more powerful than the previous. The older units become somewhat insufficient over time.

This article will look at War of the Visions’ units and show you how to assign them to tiers that start from C to S+. Be aware that the EX job will be considered.

FFBE WOTV Tier List – September 2022

FFBE WOTV SS Tier 2022

Here We provide FFBE WOTV tier list 2022 update

SS Tier – Orlandeau

Orlandeau, a well-known unit, is a formidable damage dealer. He has great survivability and also amazing boasts impressive & long-range abilities.

Orlandeau is extremely long-range, has good passive ability, and high survivability but little mobility.


S Tier – Lucia

Lucia has strong long-range attacks and is good at killing tanks heroes. It also has very high raw stats but has a low magic defense.

S Tier – Rain

Rain excels at tank magic. He can use his limit burst in his first move.

S Tier – Miranda

Miranda is a strong support spell caster. Miranda can use Limit Burst in the first turn. She also has great survivability. However, Miranda needs to be fully awake.

S Tier – Mediena

Mediena can adapt to any kind of content. It is also one of the most powerful agricultural units in the wotv world.

She is excellent at auto farming, she can use limit burst on the first turn, she has a flare spell by the end of the game that’s amazing .

She is weak in the late-game car arena and has limited survivability.

S Tier – Sterne Leonis

Sterne is one the most prolific single-target damage players in the game. He can attack enemies far away due to his Shuriken ability.

He is very vulnerable to single-target damage and has good mobility. However, he has poor survivability.

S Tier – Frederika

Frederika is strong enough to fly kites at enemies, with strong first shots. She is strong in sand, but slow in farming, and has long-range attacks.

S Tier – Gilgamesh

It has strong Kotetsu abilities, good buffs, is very useful for farming. However, it must be at least level 80 in order to shine. It is also very difficult to limit breakage.

S Tier – Ayaka

Ayaka shows her true potential & power in Tower mode and sometimes on certain PvP arena teams. She is the most powerful healing and polishing unit and can deal magic damage. She can only be used to build towers and PVP.

S Tier – Engelbert

It is the best tank in the world. It can weaken enemies, and reduce damage to 1. It is only compatible with units that are high in damage.


A Tier – Fryevia

Fryevia is able to revive two enemies at once and is skilled in taking down long-range opponents.

A Tier – Viktora

It is the most versatile spear unit, with high mobility and damage. However, they can be easily killed.

A Tier – Kitone

Kitone is very mobile and has excellent evasion skills. He doesn’t have good ranged attacks.

A Tier – Ramza

Ramza is a strong magic and physical damage dealer, as well as the ability to grant powerful buffs. He can deal both magic and damage. It has many advantages.

A Tier – Yerma

You can do impressive damage in a large area to your enemies by taking on the Viking sub-job. He is able to use a variety of offensive capabilities, has good mobility and can survive.

A Tier – Thancred

Thancred can be attacked from afar and is capable of surviving. There is no limit to the explosion power.

War Of The Visions Tier Coming Soon

War Of The Visions is the heartbeat and many War Of The Visions Tiers are coming soon. The good news is that an event which includes Aerith and Barret as well as Cloud and Tifa will be launched in the near future. As soon as they are tested, we will add them to the tier list.

Reddit War Of The Visions Tier List Reddit

Reddit also allows you to obtain War of the Visions Tier List. Reddit War of the Visions page has the latest updates. Simply search for this page and you will receive the latest information.

Reddit usually has the most up-to-date War of the Visions page. However, if you don’t find any updates regarding War of the Visions Tier List Updates or new Features, you can follow their fan pages.

Reddit offers benefits for members who join the wotv fanpage. These include updates and news about new tiers.

Reddit Page: War Of The Visions Tier List RedditCheck Here

How to Reroll In War Of The Visions

Rerolling around again in War of the Visions can be a bit of a tedious process, so we’ve put together a handy guide to walk you through the steps.

  • First, complete the tutorial
  • Take the ten initial summons
  • Collect rewards for additional Visoire
  • Get a few more!
  • If you don’t get the units you want, just delete your account and repeat the steps above until you get a good kit

After completing the tutorial you will be granted ten summons free of charge. You also get many login bonuses and crystals when you create a new account in War of the Visions.

After using those tickets and crystals, if you don’t like the units you received, you can delete the account and repeat the process.

You can also skip the tutorial part and the whole process shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete and get new units.

War Of The Visions Tier List – Review Video

For a better understanding, here is War Of The Visions Tier List Video


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Mediana is a damage dealer with great survivability

When it comes to maximizing your character’s performance, you need a strategy that works for you. War of the Visions’ Tier List will show you which units are best suited for the game’s different modes. It will list the strengths of each character from TIER S to TIER D, from beginner to veteran. In addition to the average score for each character, the list also contains commentary about the advantages and disadvantages of each character.

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